Payroll Job Description Examples

By | September 1, 2023
Payroll job descriptions
Payroll staff have different job descriptions depending on the job and position they occupy. Image source: online-debt-consolidation-loan

Payroll Job Description Examples

The payroll is an important department in a company. It handles all issues relating to payment of salaries and wages to employees for the services they have rendered over a given period of time.

It also covers taxes and other necessary deductions taken from employees’ pay.

The job description for payroll professionals differ as there are different aspects of payroll services, with different professionals handling them

Here are some of the major payroll occupations and their job descriptions:

  • Senior Accountant Payroll Job Description Sample

The senior accountant payroll position handles audits, and analyses payroll and accounting data.
The job description of the senior accountant responsible for payroll entails preparing reports and reconciling, estimating, and compiling company payroll into general ledger. Read more.

  • Associate Director of Payroll Job Description Example

The associate director of payroll is responsible for managing and overseeing all operations and activities relating to payroll and staff, for multiple payrolls and vendors.

His/her job description is to ensure that all payrolls within his/her designation are accurately and timely processed, and that they comply with applicable regulations and laws. Read more.

  • Senior Payroll Tax Specialist Job Description Sample

The senior payroll tax specialist will work on an organization’s tax compliance, income taxes, tax planning, and processing of tax returns.

His/her job description entails assembling all necessary government documents with regards to taxes and providing explanations to pressing tax issues. Read more.

  • Senior Payroll Operations Analyst Job Description Sample

The job description for the individual occupying the position of senior payroll operations analyst usually entails organizing activities and processing operations concerning payroll.

This professional therefore must have sufficient knowledge of payroll to be able to train the less experienced members of the team. Read more.

  • Senior Payroll Coordinator Job Description Sample

A senior payroll coordinator is charged with the responsibility of ensuring payroll processing, and making sure there is confidentiality and honesty processing payroll related data.

This person’s job description will entail reporting to the payroll manager and functioning in unison with retail stores and other units inside the company to guarantee prompt and accurate delivery of payroll as at the time of payment, by making use of ultimate software with outsource or in-house models. Read more.

  • Payroll HR Specialist Job Description Sample

The job description of a payroll HR specialist mostly involves supervision of the daily functions of an organization’s human resources operations.

For instance, the individual working in this capacity will screen, conduct interview, appoint and dismiss staff. Read more.

  • Payroll Service Coordinator Job Description Sample

The office of a payroll service coordinator is a nonexempt post in which the individual is in charge of accurate and prompt processing of monthly benefits and payroll processing for the organization, efficiently, precisely and confidentially.

His/her job description will involve organizing payroll data such as taxes, insurance to be withheld, number of hours worked and staff identification number from time sheets and other records. Read more.

  • Payroll Specialist Job Description Sample

The payroll specialist assembles the payroll and time data for organizations.

They work in offices where their job description involves utilizing spreadsheets and other administrative programs to ensure that staff members are remunerated for the number of hours they work. Read more.

  • Payroll Consultant Job Description Sample

An expert payroll consultant will be in charge of guaranteeing the successful execution of payroll solutions.

He/she will offer execution and product proficiency to their commitments.

The payroll consultant’s job description entails working together with customers to comprehend their business prerequisites and help in testing and configuring the organization’s payroll solution plan. Read more.

  • Payroll Sales Associate Job Description Sample

The payroll department in any organization consists of a staff or more depending on the size of the organization.

The job description of payroll sales associates usually involves imputing and recording of all modifications that affect a sales employee’s payroll. Read more.

  • Payroll Tax Implementation Coordinator Job Description Sample

The payroll tax implementation coordinator ensures the addition of new customers into the organization’s payroll tax system while maintaining high standards for promptness, and veracity; and offers fresh customer support to the tax implementation unit.

In this office, his/her job description will include processing of payroll tax with focus on the company’s costing, accounting and tax configurations. Read more.

  • PeopleSoft Payroll Managing Consultant Job Description Sample

As a professional, the PeopleSoft payroll managing consultant will be required to organize the profitable implementation of payroll resolutions.

The typical individual occupying this position is conventionally accountable for adding implementation and proficiency to their duties.

His/her job description entails associating eagerly with clients and discovering their business needs, thereby measuring, programming, and configuring PeopleSoft resolution plans. Read more.

  • Payroll Supervisor Job Description Example

The payroll supervisor is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that payroll is processed timely and with precision.

He/she will answer queries from any of the business heads and will be accountable for ensuring that work load is stabilized and that team members are functioning with accuracy.

The payroll supervisor’s job description will entail keeping the team inspired and ensure togetherness and efficiency. Read more.

  • Payroll Assistant Job Description Sample

The payroll assistant works full time performing duties involving data entry and organization of payroll, often weekly or twice in a week.

This office is usually positioned in the department of human resources and will work in association with the accounting group.

The duties that make up the job description of most payroll assistants include ensuring the prompt and precise payment of employees’ salaries or wages in line with state and federal requirements, as well as making appropriate and correct deductions from them. Read more.

  • Payroll Clerk Job Description Sample

The payroll clerk is responsible for organizing and setting up employee payroll data and handling the number of hours worked.

His/her job description also entails designing and forwarding paychecks according to the number of hours spent in working. He/she also rectifies all paycheck errors. Read more.

  • Payroll Analyst Regional Finance Job Description Sample

The job of the payroll analyst regional finance involves associating with Global Payroll Provider (GPV) to guarantee suitable execution of payroll in all regional countries.

His/her job description will also entail consistent discovering of advantageous openings to enhance the payroll process, with the target of improving the company’s standardization, user experience, and effectiveness. Read more.

  • Payroll Administrator Job Description Sample

The payroll administrator has the responsibility of making sure that individuals and personnel are paid accurately and at the appropriate date.

The payroll administrator’s job description may entail functioning directly to meet stringent payment deadlines and giving useful suggestions on the forms required for use in diverse situations. This may include issuing of tax refund or putting claims on maternity fund. Read more.

  • Payroll Accounting Specialist Job Description Sample

The payroll accounting specialist is in charge of duties relating to processing payroll throughout his/her designated region for his/her company, and will guarantee precise and prompt processing.

The typical job description for an individual working as a payroll accounting specialist entails responsibility for client billing, processing of payroll, as well as client payables. Read more.

  • Payroll Accountant Job Description Sample

The payroll accountant role offers a dynamic and creative work environment where the individual joins with a team in charge of preparing payroll for company staff.

The job description for the individual occupying this position may involve evaluating payroll data, income statement accounts, preparing journal entries, and reconciling and analyzing payroll affiliated balance sheets. Read more.

  • Payroll Manager Job Description Sample

The payroll manager job description entails guaranteeing accurate delivery of payroll to the organization’s workforce.

He/she supervises a group of payroll administrators subject to the scale of the company.

The duties of this position include monthly or weekly payroll runs, guaranteeing that staff and employer PAYE are organized and paid promptly. Read more.

  • Payroll Tax Manager Job Description Sample

The payroll tax manager offers input into an organization’s payroll tax policies standards.

He/she is primarily in charge of the company’s adherence to all payroll related local, state, federal, and other applicable foreign tax laws and procedures.

His/her job description includes handling payroll vendors associated with the filing and preparation of payroll tax returns. Read more.

  • Hotel Payroll Supervisor Job Description Sample

The hotel payroll supervisor is expected to give support to daily operations of the payroll process and utilize payroll trending and historical data to give suggestions to the payroll manager.

The main duties that make up the job description of a hotel payroll supervisor entail compensation of human resources, and benefit functions. Read more.

  • Global Payroll Process Director Job Description Sample

The global payroll process director will submit reports to the global human resources unit and join forces with implementation teams and corporate finance.

The role of this position is to ensure accurate and prompt processing of the organization’s payroll precisely in all countries.

The global payroll process director will function with management and his/her job description will include executing and developing global payroll process and regulation as the company keeps on advancing. Read more.

  • Director Payroll Services Job Description Sample

The person in the office of director payroll services is in charge of handling the delivery of payroll functions that balance the necessary service levels to high level legislative compliance and employees.

His/her job description entails working with Global Head of Payroll to choosing vendors and guaranteeing that they are functioning at the consented procedures. Read more.

  • Business Payroll Sales Representative Job Description Example

The business payroll sales representative is normally part of the sales force in a firm providing payroll services.

Their job description entails developing and implementing marketing plans to acquiring new customers, keeping old ones, and generally achieving and surpassing sales goals. Read more.

  • Payroll Project Manager Job Description Sample

The payroll project manager is responsible for planning, ranking and implementing payroll projects by functioning with all relevant parties.

His/her job description involves developing the necessary project records, earmarking project duty objectives and promoting assignments which are consistent with meeting the objectives. Read more.

  • Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk Job Description Sample

The job description of the accounting clerk responsible for billing and payroll functions in a company usually involves administering, directing, and coordinating all duties relating to payroll and billing processing for the firm. Read more.