Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities – #1

By | September 3, 2023
Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerks perform billing and payroll duties. Image source:

Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk Job Description Sample – #1

What Does a Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk o?

An accounting clerk is responsible for billing and payroll functions in a company.

The accounting clerk job description usually involves administering, directing, and coordinating all duties relating to payroll and billing processing for a firm.

The accounting clerk, who reports to the Office Manager, will ensure data is accurately entered into the Information System so as to enable accurate billing of client services and payments to employees for services rendered.

He/she will ensure the maintenance of employee guidelines for both federal and state on issues such as employment and termination, insurance, payroll, and the company’s policies and procedures.

He/she must be able to respond swiftly to changes in workload and reschedule assigned work as may be necessary so as to remain efficient and effective on the job.

The role of the billing and payroll accounting clerk also entails ensuring that all requirements are kept updated and maintained to satisfy standards set by regulatory bodies.

This is achievable by verifying and tracking reports using Informax to examine all requirements.

He/she will relate with the Accounts Manager and communicates with him or her on issues relating to errors in billing or payroll as quickly as they are noticed.

The billing and payroll accounting clerk is also expected to show proactive attitude and professionalism in dealing with applicants, employees, colleagues, customers, and clients whom they are usually in contact with.

Sample Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk Job Description

The following sample job description shows a list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities usually handed to individuals working as accounting clerks, specializing on billing and payroll duties in many companies.

  • Collect, calculate, and enter data, thereby maintaining payroll information
  • Ensure regular update of payroll information by making entering such as changes in exemptions, deductions from savings, insurance coverage, transfers at the department or division, and job title
  • Ensure reports are prepared by gathering earning summaries, taxes, leave, deductions, wages not taxable, and disability
  • Clarify liabilities relating to payroll by carrying out the following calculations: employee income (state and federal), unemployment, employee social security taxes, employers social security, and payments for workers compensation
  • Ensure differences in payroll calculations are resolved by gathering and evaluating relevant information
  • Responsible for providing information relating to payroll to management and the general public as may be requested, as well as answering questions from them
  • Carry out payroll operations by adhering to standard practice, company policies and procedures that have been established
  • Ensure company and staff information is kept confidential so as to protect payroll operations and win the confidence of employees
  • May be asked to perform other duties that are important to the smooth running of the company.

Making a resume for the position:

A resume is usually requested by employers from applicants for them to be able to properly assess the applicants and decide if they are suitable for the position or not.

Writing a resume is a big issue with some people, however, using information about what billing and payroll accounting clerks do from the job description example above can make it easier producing a resume you can use to hunt for the job.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Post of Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk

To be effective on the job, billing and payroll accounting clerks need to have or develop the following skills, knowledge, and abilities, which most employers will likely be looking for to qualify applicants for position when they have a vacancy to fill.

  • Minimum of High School educational qualification; further trainings and experience, as well as a college degree is usually preferred
  • Experience and proficient working with Quickbooks, as well as with MS Office package, including Excel, and MS Word
  • Expert knowledge of all state and federal human resources laws, including wage and tax laws
  • Ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, with all levels of management and employees
  • Proficient working under pressure and independently, with the ability to work on multiple tasks together without losing attention on details
  • Strong experience of processes involving billing and payroll functions
  • Ability to comprehend and execute a set of instructions correctly; be creative in finding solutions to problems, and be accommodating to new ideas.

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