Payroll Accountant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Payroll Accountant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
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This post presents in-depth information on the payroll accountant job description, to help you understand the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they perform.

What Does a Payroll Accountant Do?

The payroll accountant role offers a dynamic and creative work environment where the individual joins with a team in charge of preparing payroll for company staff.

The individual in this position will also be entitled to the opportunity to engage in projects.

The job description of the payroll accountant involves evaluating payroll data an income statement accounts, preparing journal entries, and reconciling and analyzing payroll affiliated balance sheets.

The candidate in this office will render assistance involving taking an evaluation of the required accruals.

He/she will record payroll entries in the general ledger and function as a back-up for the payroll tax accountant.

The duties of payroll accountants also include carrying out necessary payroll tax payments, enlightening staff on income tax withholding and other necessary deductions, as well as filing payroll tax.

They will also be in charge of auditing payroll procedure and performing corrective actions as required.

The accountant, specializing in payroll issues will also be responsible for testing system upgrade or tax to ensure adherence to internal policies and payroll principles.

A payroll accountant is employed to process payments to staff promptly.

There are several categories of payroll accountants and thus diverse levels of experience and enlightenment are essential.

At least a minimum level of understanding of mathematics and basic accounting principles will be a necessity for this job.

The major function of the accountant for payroll is to organize payment to staff, which is dependent on the scale of the company.

He/she can function in duties ranging from fundamental office responsibilities to precisely maintaining manifold payroll accounts.

The organization of entry deductions with ledger entries are however based on the position of the payroll accountant.

Payroll Accountant Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The job description sample below shows a list of vital duties, tasks, and responsibilities payroll accountants are mainly required to perform.

  • Carry out reporting, technical and administrative functions in staff benefits and payroll aspects
  • Guarantee precision of company payroll by reviewing departmental pay authorizations and validating reductions from wages
  • Handle the settlement of salaries and wages through the accounts structure and develop periodic payroll reports for the labor department and other organizations
  • Evaluate payrolls for conformity with organization’s budget, staff wages and policies, withholding regulations such as internal revenue service policies for withholding and reporting, as well as record keeping assessments
  • Handle personnel and pay documents for the company staff to guarantee precise integration of such documents with the benefit and payroll systems
  • Make use of computer to handle, program, and retrieve information for reports and analysis
  • Preserve awareness of prevalent principles and regulations relevant to payroll, benefits and retirements, and guarantee prompt and precise processing of payroll benefits, claim payments and insurance benefits
  • Give suggestions on modifications in payroll policies and procedures
  • Supervise modifications in regulations and laws relevant to payroll which calls for organization policy modifications, and inform the administrator of the company
  • Handle continuous contact with head of departments programming personnel as well as Federal and State agencies
  • Offer technical assistance to company departmental staff
  • Organize interdepartmental billings of additional benefits

Payroll Accountant Job Description for Resume

Information from the above job description example can also be used in preparing a good resume that can be effective in gaining a job interview appointment for the position.

Payroll Accountant Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

To perform his/her tasks successfully, the accountant for payroll will be expected to possess the following outlined skills, abilities and knowledge by most employers.

  • A minimum of 2-4 years of payroll experience with a relevant first degree with concentration in accounting or other finance related field
  • Ability to maintain an optimistic, professional and credible attitude
  • Ability to efficiently solve problems by utilizing quality communication skills
  • Meticulousness with focus on quality customer service with capability to manage manifold deadlines and priorities