Payroll HR Specialist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Payroll HR Specialist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Payroll HR Specialists duties include processing and allocation of payroll. Image source:

This post presents in-depth information on the job description of a payroll HR specialist, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they perform.

What Does a Payroll HR Specialist Do?

Payroll HR specialists are responsibilities for the supervision of the daily functions of an organization’s human resources operations.

The payroll HR specialist job description entails screening, conducting interview, and appointing and dismissing staff.

It also involves assisting in advancing the organization’s performance evaluation process and function as the main connection for professional hiring.

As a payroll administrator, his/her responsibilities also entails processing, organizing, and allocating payroll, while setting up salary framework.

His/her tasks will fall under enhancement of staff, training and encouraging professional development programs and making the staff aware of health care benefits and insurance retirement.

Payroll HR specialists are also expected to sometimes be in charge of performing on the job training and fresh recruitment, and so must possess mastery of speaking to both small and large audiences.

Employers also make it mandatory for candidates in this specialty to possess an understanding of local, state and federal recruitment laws, fundamental computer and math skills.

He/she should be knowledgeable in utilizing spreadsheet applications, retrieval and storage software.

Virtually most organizations desire that the payroll HR specialist possess a bachelor’s degree on courses which cover areas of labor economics, organizational structure, collective bargaining, accounting and industrial psychology, which are valuable for getting ready for a career in the payroll human resources field.

Additionally, the individual seeking this position should possess outstanding interpersonal, writing and oral expression dexterity, and should be able to relate with different aspects of an organization.

Payroll HR Specialist Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Below is a list of vital duties, tasks, and responsibilities which usually make up the job description most employers would hand to newly hired payroll HR specialists to perform.

  • Handle a sizable base of payroll customers on all products, including check endorsement, tax pay, and pay link direct deposit reporting in order to attain customer payroll, human resources, and staff benefit requirements
  • Connect everyday with clients in line with set programs in order to collect payroll data, such as tax allocations, salary modifications, specialized payments and staff deductions or modifications
  • Organize all human resources payroll affiliated data fundamental to process and attain appointment agenda
  • Offer quality customer service to maintain utmost level of customer retention
  • Organize knowledge of the payroll processing systems and modifications in wage tax regulations to develop a confidential relationship with customers
  • Associate with state, local, and federal tax organizations in lieu of customers to find solutions to issues
  • Handle and organize a constructive working relationship with customer agencies and other staff to enhance a service image
  • May take part in organizing departmental training sessions to develop and empower staff
  • Process payroll for the organization on an Internet based platform every week
  • Secure time sheets, certify accuracy, and prepare them within organized time limits.

Payroll HR Specialist Job Description for Resume

Information from payroll HR specialist job description example above can readily be used in making a resume for the position when a resume is needed for applying to an organization where vacancy exists.

Payroll HR Specialist Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

Possession of the following qualifications, talents and aptitude will enhance the performance of the payroll HR specialist in his/her role:

  • A degree in accounting, business, finance or other affiliated courses
  • A minimum of five years experience of payroll for multi state employers and international organizations
  • Familiarity with Ms Office dynamics or equivalent experience of database management
  • Expertise in the use of PC, Word, Outlook and Excel
  • Outstanding dexterity and aptitude in verbal, writing, and organizational functions
  • Display of professionalism in maintaining confidentiality
  • Display of dexterity and empathy in functioning in a sequential work environment