Compounding Pharmacy Technician Job Description Example

Compounding Pharmacy Technician job description, duties, tasks, responsibilities

Compounding Pharmacy Technicians work with pharmacists in compounding prescriptions for patients. Image source:

Compounding Pharmacy Technician Job Description Example

The Compounding Pharmacy Technician’s job description involves working with pharmacists to compound prescriptions to meet the patient’s special needs.

Pharmaceutical compounding is the practice whereby a pharmacist creates pharmaceutical products from his or her pharmacy to meet the specific need of an individual patient.

They do so by combining or processing various ingredients to arrive at a formulation that best serve the need of the patient, which they couldn’t get from the available drugs in the market.

For instance, in a case where it is difficult for a patient to take in medication in solid form, the pharmacist may compound the drug into liquid form so that it can be administered to the patient.

Another scenario that shows the importance of compounding medications is when a patient is found to be allergic to certain components of the drug that they need.

To eliminate the offensive ingredients from the medication, the pharmacist can compound the medication without the components the patient is allergic to.

To assist the pharmacist in this practice is where the compounding pharmacy technician comes in. Compounding pharmacy technicians are actually pharmacy technicians that have specialized in the area of formula preparation.

Over time on the job, they have garnered immense knowledge of all relevant compounding guidelines, such as and standards, and state compounding pharmacy law.

They have also gained enough skills and experience to ensure that quality assurance standards are maintained in product preparation and compounding procedures, as well as in packaging and labeling of products.

In some pharmacy, the job description of the compounding pharmacy technician also entails those tasks that the pharmacy technician would normally do, such as front desk duties.

Example of Compounding Pharmacy Technician Job Description

Below is an example of compounding pharmacy technician job description, showing a list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities an individual holding the position would be expected to perform as part of their job description:

  • Weigh ingredients correctly and process them following the provided formula worksheet specifications
  • Ensure correct formula preparation according to the prescription following quality assurance guidelines
  • Make sure the pharmacist on duty has confirmed the formulation in accordance to the script before starting compounding preparation
  • Ensure compounds are prepared in accordance to formulation and that all relevant compounding guidelines and quality standards are maintained
  • Weigh and measure suitable chemicals to prepare different kinds of compounds including suspensions, creams, solutions, ointments, capsules, and suppositories
  • Package and label prepared compounds in suitable dispensing tool
  • Place and confirm that the beyond use date on the patient’s product label is correct
  • Send prepared compound and documentation to supervising pharmacist for verification and sign off
  • Ensure that all sterile products are tested following 795 & 797 requirements
  • Execute quality assurance procedures on assigned randomly sampled scripts and document results following standards
  • Responsible for daily cleaning and logs in accordance to established policy
  • Perform daily confirmation that all equipment are working well, including capsule machines, counters, and cleaning balances
  • Perform filling and unloading of the dishwasher
  • Ensure all equipment, including freezer/fridge temperatures and weights on scales at work station are verified and maintained every morning
  • Ensure that all relevant steps in each compound are verified with the supervising pharmacist
  • Teach and mentor pharmacy technicians
  • Take part in relevant training
  • Take part in departmental meetings, as well as in relevant educational programs
  • May be asked to handle special projects as well as perform other duties that may be assigned.

Minimum Requirements, Knowledge and Skills for Compounding Pharmacy Technician Position

Here are key requirements, including knowledge, abilities, and skills most employers require from applicants vying for the position of compounding pharmacy technician:

  • Two years and more experience working as compounding pharmacy technician
  • State licensed Pharmacy Technician in good standing
  • Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)
  • High school diploma
  • Strong knowledge of and standards and all relevant USP compounding guidelines
  • Ability to work according to all USP compounding standards
  • Knowledge of State laws regulating pharmaceutical compounding practice
  • Strong knowledge of product preparation, compounding, packaging and labeling as well as quality assurance standards
  • High proficiency in computer usage
  • Effective oral and verbal communication, with co-staff, pharmacists, and the public
  • Strong ability to perform optimally in a team setting
  • Ability to excel performing multiple tasks at the same time without making errors
  • Yearly training in OSHA, HIPAA, and in pharmacy procedures and policies.

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