Director Payroll Services Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 2, 2023
Director Payroll Service job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Director Payroll Services handle the delivery of payroll functions. Image source:

This post provides exhaustive information on the job description of a director payroll services, including the tasks, duties, and responsibilities they commonly carry out.

What Does a Director Payroll Services Do?

The person in the office of director payroll services is in charge of handling the delivery of payroll functions that balance the necessary service levels to high level legislative compliance and employees.

The director payroll services job description entails working with Global Head of Payroll to choosing vendors and guaranteeing that they are functioning at the consented procedures.

The payroll services director supervises the running structure of the payroll location in order to avoid material break resulting from erroneously making inappropriate payments.

He/she offers advice and works together closely with human resources on territorial initiatives and their duties to ensure there is an integrated effort between the two functional locations and guarantee proper agreement and understanding of duties and roles.

The director’s role also includes supervising payroll accounting, payroll and payroll tax for their organization.

He/she may manage other payroll staff and be delegated with appointment duties.

In addition to this, directors in charge of payroll services may also carry out internal and external audits in relation to payroll while ensuring that the payroll unit complies with legal and company standards.

He/she may also assist in automating the payroll process, improve payroll software and rectify any payroll issues.

The ability to solve problems is a paramount aptitude to be effective in this position as the director payroll services assists in reassessing and enhancing payroll procedures as required.

In situations where members of staff have problems with administration of payroll, the director should have the ability to give explanations for the problem, rectify any affiliated errors and guarantee that such error does not repeat itself.

Director Payroll Services Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Specifically, the director payroll services will be expected by employers to effectively carry out the highlighted duties and responsibilities shown in the sample job description below.

  • Manage the diverse audits like internal and employment tax audits and also guarantee compliance with organizational procedures
  • Function with Global Payroll and supplementary Regional heads to create optimized standard system interfaces to reduce data control problems that will assist in improved control structure
  • Head the team in acquisition of legal entity and other forms of company initiatives to ensure speedy implementation
  • Establish formidable team that can oversee efficient customer service, operational risk and handle the vendor relationships to forward payroll efficiently across the locality
  • Sustain a strong association between human resources employee mobility, business finance, human resources benefits and compensation accounting to guarantee that their payroll procedures, information and needs are aligned for optimum efficiency
  • Organize the total incorporated duties including payroll processing, payroll taxes, evaluating and improving procedures and policies and also carry out internal regulations, system evaluation and upgrade
  • Maintain the required vendor associations and adherence
  • Guarantee payroll tax payments are strictly in compliance with appropriate local, state and federal tax laws
  • Harmonize payroll affiliated prevalent ledger accounts.

The job description example above can also be useful in making a resume that can win an interview for the payroll services director’s position.

Director Payroll Services Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

The following skills, talents and qualities will qualify a prospective applicant for the post of a director payroll services:

  • Requires a Bachelor’s degree with mastery of employment regulations which authorizes compliance with the country’s principles
  • Prior experience with executing and evaluation of internal controls targeted at minimizing operational risks
  • Unique working knowledge and at least nine years practical experience in a sizeable payroll department, five of which must have been spent in supervising a regional unit in the finance enterprise
  • Conversant with accounting, most especially, compensation accounting.