Information Systems Analyst Job Description Example, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Information Systems Analyst job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Information Systems Analysts carryout analysis and develop designs for execution on information systems. Image source:

Information Systems Analyst Job Description Example, Duties, and Responsibilities

What Does an Information Systems Analyst Do?

An information systems analyst is an IT expert, highly skilled in making analysis and creating designs for implementation on information systems.

The systems analyst’s role in an organization is to evaluate the compatibility of information systems in relations to stipulated outcomes, and work with users, software operators and programmers in order to achieve good results.

The information systems analyst job description entails designing new IT solutions to facilitate business outcome and productivity and overseeing the development of business models and applications.

He/she will be responsible for developing information systems and modifying these systems to meet user expectations and specifications.

Other duties they perform include creating and designing manuals and machine procedures and the specifications needed for entry of data, updating, and reporting program within the system.

In an attempt to meet client specification, these analysts work closely with their clients, while evaluating their current business applications and data flow, and in the end, intimate the client about their findings, and seek their opinion in creating a desired and better IT solution.

They also play the role of an architect in an information system by developing specific solutions to users’ problems and determining the technical feasibility of their solutions, as well as estimating the costs to develop and implement them.

Highly knowledgeable in IT programs, the information systems analyst creates various prototypes of the system, to ensure that the end result will be similar to the final specifications of reports that have been previously evaluated.

An experienced Analyst leaves no doubt in users’ minds as to what is being developed, and will insist on users evaluating and approving every detail.

They provide specific designs and price estimations of new systems and applications, giving an exact description of the operations they will carry out, and the way data will be viewed and received by the users, and then showcase these designs to the client for approval.

If approved by client, they work together with them to bring the solution to reality.

Information Systems Analyst Job Description Example

Here is an example of the job description of an information systems analyst, showing a list of key duties, tasks, and responsibilities which most people working in that position usually perform:

  • Work closely with internal and external clients
  • Carryout analysis of clients’ existing systems
  • Make sure that client requirements are translated into highly specified project briefs
  • Identify possibilities for systems solutions to suit both technical and business suitability
  • Create accurate proposals for modified systems
  • Make provision of project feasibility reports
  • Identify application problems and evaluate procedures and processes
  • Implement solutions by creating and evaluating alternative solutions
  • Check and confirm results by testing programs
  • Facilitate operation by training client personnel
  • Create opportunity for reference by recording activities
  • Improve skill and knowledge by participating in further educational opportunities, reading specialized publications, and participating in professional organizations
  • Make sure that budgets are strictly followed and meet deadlines
  • Create a testing schedule for the complete system

Information Systems Analyst Resume Preparation

To prepare a resume for seeking the job of systems analyst, the job description sample shown above has the needed information in making the work history section of the resume with some modifications.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Responsibilities – for the Information Systems Analyst Position

Here are some of the key requirements, including skills and abilities systems analysts are usually expected to have to be able to perform efficiently and effectively on the job:

  • Exhibit good knowledge of computer operation
  • Good analysis skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to initiate new ideas
  • Good communication skills.