Senior Accountant Payroll Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Senior Accountant Payroll job description, duties, tasks, and responsiblities
Senior Accountants Payroll perform various duties including analyses of payroll and accounting data.

This post provides complete information on the job description of a senior accountant payroll, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically perform.

What Does a Senior Accountant Payroll Do?

The senior accountant payroll handles audits and analyses payroll and accounting data.

The job description of the senior accountant responsible for payroll entails preparing reports and reconciling, estimating, and compiling company payroll into general ledger.

This role is also saddled with the tasks of carrying out general ledger account reconciliation, as well as other accounting operations.

The person in this position usually makes use of random sampling and audits to establish the veracity and expeditious management of payroll distributions.

He/she may be restricted in operation to specific area of audit like observance of government regulations, and at times may be obligated to work on complicated interpretation of questions on payroll issues from high ranking executives of the firm.

In most organizations, the senior accountant in charge of payroll will also be obligated to make sure that there is smooth delivery of payroll to the company’s workforce.

Most times, he/she is in charge of a set of payroll accountants as determined by the capacity of the organization.

His/her duties also include ensuring processing of payroll weekly or monthly, organizing employer and staff PAYE matters and ensuring prompt payment.

He/she will be held accountable for monitoring the payroll pensions, benefits, and personnel records pertaining to the company.

The senior accountant of payroll is involved in leading a team of payroll accountants in order to ensure that the team functions with accuracy.

This will also lead to handling and supervising the necessary payroll reports so as to aid the organization of the company’s accounts.

He/she is mandated to deal with issues of balancing of monthly payroll accounts and sending the reports to the company’s accounting department while managing systems or giving suggestions on upgrades as required.

Senior Accountant Payroll Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The tasks, duties and responsibilities highlighted in the sample job description below form the day to day job functions of a typical senior payroll accountant.

These duties and responsibilities can also be used in creating a resume, which can be used in accessing vacant payroll accountant jobs in senior positions.

  • Ensure accuracy, analysis, and timeliness, as well as compliance with GAAP prerequisites, making use of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Oracle modules
  • Work on reconciliation of accounts, audits and analysis of operational data every month to guarantee accuracy
  • Summarize trends; acknowledge queries; draft reports, and create reports on development
  • Manage processes like fresh recruitment, premium, terminations, nonattendance etc.
  • Process and post journal records for accounting, account receivables and payroll
  • Suggest fresh ideas to the management in aspects such as organizing modification structure for personnel
  • Work on 941tax liability harmonization to the conventional ledger postings and collate comprehensive operator wage information for incorporation into the National Transit Database yearly reports
  • Carry out research and process pension report for Trust administration on a yearly, monthly, and biweekly basis

Senior Accountant Payroll Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

The following talents, aptitude, and qualifications will be of great advantage to an individual aspiring for the post of a senior accountant of payroll:

  • A first degree in accounting, finance or affiliated courses from a validated and credible college or university
  • An active CPA license will be an edge
  • At least four years of practical experience in General Ledger Payroll accounting, actual accounting and operating with auditors inside or outside the organization
  • At least four years operational experience utilizing accounting software packages such as Oracle financial systems
  • Display of proficiency in GAAP, general payroll practices, as well as federal tax regulations and policies
  • Ability to organize workload and time effectively, including prioritizing details, organizing, focusing, and planning