Receiving Clerk Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Receiving Clerk job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Receiving Clerks perform various tasks, including checking and unloading incoming shipments.

This post provides complete information on the job description of a receiving clerk, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does a Receiving Clerk Do?

A receiving clerk is the person who checks and unloads incoming shipments at a warehouse, a large retail store or distribution center.

His/her job description entails verifying that the correct amounts and types of items were shipped. It also involves inspecting the goods in order to ensure their quality.

After examining the order, the clerk then stores or stocks the items in their appropriate places.

Receiving clerks are responsible for contacting shippers directly if a problem or discrepancy is found and keeping careful records.

Generally, clerks at large and busy facilities are mainly responsible for manual labor duties.

They unload shipments from trucks, remove and dispose of packaging material, operate forklifts, stock items and hand trucks.

A receiving clerk is expected to have excellent vision and be in good physical condition. Organizational skills is also essential to make sure receiving tasks run smoothly and that items can be found easily whenever they are needed.

Clerks who work in smaller facilities oftentimes handle a larger set of responsibilities, like thoroughly checking shipments against original order forms so as to ensure the accuracy of the orders.

They often open boxes in the presence of delivery persons so as to make sure all items are intact and not damaged.

Their roles may also include making payment arrangements and signing for shipments as well.

Receiving Clerk Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The receiving clerk will be expected to perform some or all of the duties, tasks, and responsibilities shown in the job description example below for their companies:

  • Count, weigh or measure items of incoming shipments in order to verify information against invoices, orders , bills of lading or other records
  • Assemble cardboard or wooden containers or select preassembled containers
  • Insert items into containers
  • Examine and unpack incoming shipments; record shortages and reject damaged items
  • Route items to various departments
  • Examine incoming shipments to ensure they meet specifications
  • Operate lift truck or hoist shipments from shipping and receiving platform to storage area
  • Check in inbound inventory and administer the processing
  • Trace and track shipments to ensure timely delivery
  • Responsible for monitoring the returns process
  • Sort, count, identify, verify and track all material by utilizing the Syteline to maintain accurate inventory records
  • Verify receipts and log them according to required procedures
  • Investigate and resolve situations where items received are not properly documented in the daily receipt log
  • Regularly enter inventory data into Syteline on a timely basis
  • Assist management in recycling material in the warehouse
  • Cooperate with representatives from other departments in the organization to provide warehouse information as requested
  • Perform regular material warehouse audits to ensure that material is undamaged and maintained neatly throughout the warehouse
  • Advise management of cycle count issues on a timely basis
  • Ensure that all documents and material received in the warehouse are of satisfactory quality
  • Safely utilize forklifts cum power jacks to move warehouse materials according to proper safety instructions and as directed

Receiving Clerk Job Description for Resume

The work experience section and other sections of the receiving clerk resume can be prepared using information about the functions and responsibilities of the position from the sample job description given above.

Receiving Clerk Requirements: Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for Career Success

Below are minimum requirements, including qualifications and qualities people vying for the post of receiving clerks should have to be employed by most employers.

  • Previous experience with safe operation of forklift
  • Previous experience with stretch-wrap equipment
  • Must be able interpret documents such as operating and maintenance instructions, safety rules, and procedure manuals
  • Ability to calculate mathematical values
  • Must have a working knowledge of Internet software usage, order processing systems, inventory software and word processing software
  • Must be knowledgeable in warehousing procedures
  • Ability to give attention to detail is a must