Global Payroll Process Director Job Description Sample

By | September 2, 2023
Global Payroll Process Director job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Global Payroll Process Directors ensure processing of their organizations’ payroll in all countries. Image source:

Global Payroll Process Director Job Description Sample

What Does a Global Payroll Process Director Do?

The global payroll process director will submit reports to the global human resources unit and join forces with implementation teams and corporate finance.

The role of this position is to ensure accurate and prompt processing of the organization’s payroll precisely in all countries.

The global payroll process director will function with management and his/her job description will include executing and developing global payroll process and regulation as the company keeps on advancing.

This will involve actively participating with the implementation team to acquire new payroll platforms as well as develop and document processes for company payroll across diverse territories and within all company essence.

He/she will also be in charge of driving and developing the global payroll processes of the company.

This role is delegated the responsibility of executing and developing global payroll strategy and for leading and describing time operations as well as global payroll functions, once it is substantiated.

The director global payroll process will also be accountable for facilitating and developing a global payroll governance procedure to supervise and direct selection of business case projects and payroll vendors.

He/she will guide direct local human resources in organizing local payroll functions for the locations which are not included in the global solution.

He/she will also take up the responsibility of all ventures affiliated with the settlement and arrangement of global payroll, corporate card administration and expense tool oversight.

He/she organizes responsibilities on highly intricate projects with broad latitude for autonomous judgment.

The individual in this office gives account to the human resources director and oversees the global payroll group.

Sample Job Description for the Global Payroll Process Director Position

The job description sample for the post of global payroll process director as shown below consists of important duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually carried out by the individual who works in that position.

These duties and responsibilities can also be used in creating a resume for the position.

  • Function closely with payroll providers to guarantee that processes are leveled up and deliverables are achieved
  • Oversee and develop personnel payroll
  • Guarantee prompt, precise and accurate completion of global payments, procedures and funding
  • Evaluate and audit all payroll components, wire requests and journal entries
  • Function closely with the monetary team on diverse elements of the period-end close procedures
  • Cooperate with the human resources on diverse elements of analytics, on boarding, compensation, benefits etc.
  • Harmonizes all organizations bank accounts and general ledger peculiar to payroll promptly
  • Records all regulations and processes in validation of regulatory prerequisites
  • Guarantees that all internal controls as recorded in monetary, audit and internal processes are adhered to
  • Operate the implementation and development of payroll procedure in collaboration with Thread Leads and Project Leadership
  • Offers industry proficiency in aiding the organization’s decision making process
  • Head the execution of global payroll resolution
  • Organize hand-off and consolidation with other stakeholders
  • Establish and supervise a tactical plan for expense and payroll at the organization.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of a Global Payroll Process Director

The global payroll process director will be required to possess most or all of the following to be qualified for the position:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in human resources or related field, including accounting, finance, and business administration
  • A minimum of seven years of outstanding experience in the payroll profession in an international payroll environment setting
  • Advanced knowledge of working with diverse human resources, third party and internal payroll system
  • Capability to develop an amiable partnership with human resources and accounting responsibilities
  • Familiarity with MS Word, Excel, and other common applications used for payroll processing
  • Strong aptitude for time management, in addition to excellent organizational ability to attain closing and payroll deadlines.