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How to Make Top Scores in Situational Judgment Tests

How to Make Top Scores in SJT

The Situational Judgment Test is an exam that you will probably be required to take if you are seeking a job as some employers make it part of their recruitment process.

To make a great score in the Situational Judgment Test, you need to learn about what it entails and prepare thoroughly for it.

The Situational Judgment Tests are psychological assessment tools used by employers/recruiters/ to learn if a candidate will be able to handle certain challenges they may confront in carrying out their day- to-day job functions.

The tests will present you with hypothetical, yet realistic situations you may find yourself in while carrying out the duties of the job that you are applying for and expect you to decide what you would do or the decisions you would make in such situations.

Types of Situational Judgment Tests

There are different types of Situational Judgment Tests; learning about them will help you to prepare effectively for them.

They include:

  • Administrative
  • Call Center
  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Supervisory
  • Firefighter
  • Police
  • Nursing

The type of Situational Judgment Tests you will be expected to take will depend on the job position that you are applying for.

How to Prepare Effectively for Situational Judgment Tests

You can prepare effectively for Situational Judgment Tests and make a top score, which increases your chances of being hired for the job by taking lots of practice tests.

By engaging in practice tests, you will become familiar with the nature and format of the tests, learn answering the questions correctly, and improve your work rate.

We have partnered with a global leader in the pre-employment service industry who has helped millions of candidates over the years pass their Situational Judgment Tests to help with yours.

They have packs of free Situational Judgment Practice Tests you can use right away.

So, start your preparation now; improve your knowledge of the tests, learn how to answer the questions correctly, and increase your speed in the exam: Situational Judgment Tests

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