Senior Payroll Coordinator Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Senior Payroll Coordinators job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities perform payroll processing, ensuring strict confidentiality. Image source:
Senior Payroll Coordinators perform payroll processing while ensuring strict confidentiality. Image source:

This post presents exhaustive information on the job description of a senior payroll coordinator, including the tasks, duties, and responsibilities they typically perform.

What Does a Senior Payroll Coordinator Do?

A senior payroll coordinator is charged with the responsibility of ensuring payroll processing, and making sure there is confidentiality and honesty processing payroll related data.

The senior payroll coordinator job description entails reporting to the payroll manager and functioning in unison with retail stores and other units inside the company to guarantee prompt and accurate delivery of payroll as at the time of payment, by making use of ultimate software with outsource or in-house models.

The role of this position is to process payroll for the organization’s corporate entity.

The senior payroll coordinator must possess outstanding customer relations, communication skills, analytical dexterity, a solid ethic about duties, as well as being committed to team and organization’s objectives.

He/she is expected to organize efficient processing and evaluation of payroll data, comprising differentials, terminations, rate changes, payroll deductions, adjustments, and several other related payroll operations to ensure accurate completion according to organization policy, as well as local, state and federal policies.

Other duties he/she will perform include initiating, analyzing, and forwarding diverse payroll affiliated information.

The lead payroll coordinator will also carry out audits to verify internal payroll control system to guarantee accuracy of data.

He/she will equally confirm that all information is accurate, and forward any associated issue or matter to the relevant authorities.

Senior Payroll Coordinator Sample/Example/Template

The sample job description for the post of the senior payroll coordinator below shows a list of important tasks, duties, and responsibilities the holder of the position is usually mandated to perform in most establishments.

  • Work on payroll for manifold multi-state retail partners, comprising commissioned sales force
  • Input and process data from time sheets into a digital payroll system so as to estimate and prepare biweekly payroll
  • Evaluate and audit new hires, deductions, net wages, paid time off, etc.
  • Analyze and review staff information to guarantee the right application of local, state and federal rules in all the states where operations are carried out
  • Work out deductions, child support and all paperwork
  • Ensure completion of payroll tasks, as well as other government reports as necessary
  • Initiate diverse reports compromising detailed ad hoc reporting as required by diverse business units
  • Work as subject matter professional on issues relating to payroll
  • Offer assistance to payroll managers with regards to quarterly and annual process
  • Give response and solve matters concerning manager and associate payroll
  • Handle, organize, and evaluate payroll every week or twice in a week with the use of standard procedures and processing
  • Evaluate and find solution to issues emanating from interfaces to payroll process
  • Work on balance sheet schedules affiliated with payroll and accomplish research on items which require reconciliation
  • Work on adjusting accrual entries on a weekly and biweekly basis

Senior Payroll Coordinator Job Description for Resume

The job description example shown above can also be useful in sourcing information for writing a resume for the post.

Senior Payroll Coordinator Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

The following skills, knowledge and aptitude will be useful for the senior payroll coordinator in enabling him/her perform designated duties with ease.

Most employers usually look for these attributes in prospective applicants when hiring.

  • A college degree is necessary with minimum of 2-5 years experience in payroll processing
  • Strong preference for possession of FPC (Fundamental Payroll Certification) or Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)
  • Practicable familiarity with utilization of ultimate software (UltiPro) or similar Internet based payroll system
  • Commendable customer service dexterity and outstanding skills in Excel
  • Solid ability to concentrate on details and organize work for extra hours as required
  • Display of professional appearance and disposition