Payroll Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Payroll Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Payroll Managers render prompt and accurate payroll service to companies’ work force. Image source:

This post presents complete information on the job description of a payroll manager, to increase your knowledge of the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly carry out.

What Does a Payroll Manager Do?

Payroll managers are responsible for guaranteeing accurate delivery of payroll to organizations’ workforce.

The payroll manager job description entails supervising a group of payroll administrators subject to the scale of the company.

It also involves monthly or weekly payroll runs, guaranteeing that staff and employer PAYE are organized and paid promptly.

The manager of payroll is also responsible for handling the organization’s benefits and pensions, as well as organizing staff records and payroll accounts.

He/she is also in charge of guaranteeing that there is accuracy in every personnel’s pay.

The role of this manager will also include utilizing audits and spot checks to ascertain that payroll distributions are accurate and promptly handled.

He/she may focus on a specific aspect of an audit such as adherence to government regulations.

Many times, he/she might be required to carry out intricate analysis of queries from the executive manager.

Payroll managers usually expend enormous part of their working period summarizing trends, writing reports, answering queries, and designing progress reports.

They offer new ideas to top management in areas like creating a new incentive framework for giving out bonuses.

Since the individual for this post is expected to handle his/her own personnel of specialists and support them, he/she will be obliged to write performance evaluation reports.

He/she will prepare his/her departmental budget and write reports on progress to ensure that he/she is still within the expected bottom line.

Payroll Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

As shown in the sample job description below, payroll managers are usually required to perform the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which are vital to the position:

  • Head a unit of payroll administrators and in this case, will be in charge of ensuring that they perform their jobs accurately, manage and operate the required payroll reports to assist the organization’s accounts.
  • Supervise and handle the process of payroll for the company, and if possible at a departmental level as necessary.
  • Inspect and audit all total payrolls to guarantee that awards and legislative compliance are observed.
  • Guarantee that any of the organization’s benefit programs such as bonuses, pensions or medical care are handled effectively and efficiently.
  • Perform computation of payment and harmonization of group tax.
  • Ensure a balance of monthly accounts and forward reports to the organization’s accounting unit.
  • Handle systems and recommend modifications or upgrades as at when necessary.
  • Forward management reports, associate with human resources personnel with regards to new appointments, dismissal and other applicable issues.

Payroll Manager Job Description for Resume

A good and effective resume for the post of manager of payroll duties can be prepared using the contents of the job description example above.

Manager Payroll Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

The highlighted skills, abilities and qualities below form an integral part of the qualifications employers usually require from applicants to consider them for the post of payroll manager:

  • Must be trained to degree level, and may be required to also possess relevant human resources certificates related to payroll.
  • Contemporary understanding of and experience with payroll related compliance.
  • Be an excellent communicator as well as a commendable team player.
  • Ability to discharge tasks effectively under intense pressure and attain targets, as well as being proficient in time management.