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JobDescriptionAndResumeExamples.Com offers some of the best collections of job descriptions and resume examples, samples, and templates on the Internet, which are free to access by employers, job seekers, workers, managers, and other professionals who need to produce such documents.

Job description examples can be used by both employers and people looking for job to understand exactly the duties and responsibilities each job demands, and the peculiar abilities and qualifications needed to excel on it.

With little modifications to suit your business situation, these templates can be a vital tool to getting the best performance from your staff and keeping your business running smoothly.

We also have lots of free resume templates here that you can use in writing your resume. You certainly need a good resume to be able to get an interview appointment in the face of tough competition for jobs these days, so take advantage of our professionally prepared resumes.

What is a Job Description?

A job description is a list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that an employee is expected to perform for assuming a job position in a company.

Employers looking for someone to hire usually describe the available job by publishing the task, duties and responsibilities such a person will be expected to perform when they join the organization.

In addition to the tasks expected to be performed, a job description also contains the minimum requirements in terms of knowledge, competence, skills, educational qualification, license, and sometimes physical requirements that are needed to perform effectively on the job.

A Job description is created by performing thorough analyses of the job, including looking at the various tasks associated with it, ensuring that the tasks are realizable. It also includes looking at the competence and skill set required to perform the job effectively.

Writing a Job Description

There may not be a need to start your job description writing from the scratch
as you can use any of our job description templates on this website for free.

We have lots of templates and samples of job descriptions that cover a wide range of positions. All you need to do is to edit, modify, and adjust them to suit your company’s peculiar needs.

However, if you want to write a job description from the scratch, here are the steps to follow:

A job description can be divided into the following sections: job title; job summary; list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities; minimum requirements in terms of knowledge and skills; minimum educational requirements, certification, license.

Job Title: this is the first thing in a job description.

Job Summary: the job is briefly explained here, stating who the position reports to, highlighting key tasks and responsibilities and scope of the position. The reader should have an idea of what the job entails from the summary section.

Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities: this is where you list the required tasks, duties, or responsibilities of the position, making sure that they are clearly and unambiguously stated, and are realizable.

Ideally, job descriptions should contain a short list of tasks to be effective, however, if the position entails lots more important duties to perform then they should be included.

Minimum Knowledge and Skills Requirements: this section contains the competence level required to perform in the position.

The minimum knowledge, expertise, skills, and abilities needed for the job are stated here.

Minimum Educational Requirements, Certification, and License: this is where you state the minimum educational qualifications, including professional certifications and licenses needed to hold the position.

In addition to the above sections, a job description can also sometimes have the Physical Requirement section where such things like the ability to lift heavy materials, sit or stand for long are required and stated.


Getting a job, especially in today’s tough job market requires having a good resume. Studying examples of well written resumes can help you to understand how to prepare your own and increase your chances of getting the job.

Using professionally written resume templates as a guide in writing yours enables you to create your resumes whenever you need to apply for a vacant job position.

You will not need to hire any one to write it for you and so save money. If you are not able to pay a professional writer to prepare a resume for you, you can still produce good resumes for yourself simply by taking some time to study samples written by experts.

On this website, you will find lots of free resume examples across different industries, which you can use as templates in writing yours. Studying resume samples makes writing them easy.

You could see how the different sections of the resume are put together.

You could also see how the contents are carefully presented and communicated to the employer, who must find it irresistible.

The more you study resume templates, the more you develop the needed skills in writing persuasive and effective resumes.

If you are working on becoming a professional resume writer, the examples we have on this website can also be of value to you in developing your skills.

The resumes here are created with the right keywords for each position.

When you have the right keywords for your industry in your resume, it becomes easy for search engines to pick it up when an employer performs a search for your position or industry.

The Benefits of Job Descriptions

Having a job description is beneficial to the employer, job seeker, and the employee in various ways.

To the employer: publishing a detailed description of the job position an employer wants to fill is the first step to getting the best person for the job – it enables potential candidates to screen themselves so that only those with the required qualifications, abilities and competence, and who are prepared mentally, psychologically, and physically to perform the listed tasks or duties and work cordially with other people whose job functions will relate with them can apply for the job.

Another benefit to the employer is that giving an employee their job description makes it easy to hold them accountable on the job, and to practically assess their performance and enforce sanction discipline when necessary.

It enables the organization to run smoothly as the employees know exactly the duties they are expected to perform in the company or organization without waiting for anyone to remind them of it, just as they know who to report to and the limit of their responsibilities.

With a well detailed job description, there are no clashes of responsibilities among staff. It can also provide a basis for the organization to work out a fair pay and grading structure to employees, and also to develop effective recruitment, training, and development policy for the organization.

For the job seeker: job descriptions allows them to determine if they are qualified for the job or not, and if it is something they will want to do.

Also, by reading job descriptions and noting the required qualifications needed to perform on certain job positions can be a motivation to both employees and job seekers to develop themselves career wise to be able to qualify for targeted or higher positions.

For the employee: a job description enables them to be more focused on the job.

They know exactly what their job entails and ensure they perform their duties without failing.

Job Description Examples, Samples, and Templates

>> Accounting Technician Job Description Example: Accounting technicians work includes revising accounting records and ensuring they are correct.
>>Legal Receptionist Job Description Sample: Receptionists working in a law office provide clerical assistance to
>> Medical Insurance Verification Clerk Job Description Sample: These workers verify and enter patients’ information relating to insurance coverage at a hospital or retail pharmacy store.
>> Kindergarten Teacher Job Description Sample: The responsibilities of this teacher include promoting the academic and social development of pupils in elementary school.
>> Hospital Social Worker Job Description Example: The duties of a social worker in a hospital setting include providing psychosocial support to individuals and groups dealing with acute, chronic or terminal illness.
>> Head Cashier Job Description Sample: This person is the leader of the cashier team who provides support to the team and helps with duties relating to transaction.
>> Child Social Worker Job Description Sample: The job includes protecting children from neglect and maltreatment, and abuse.
>> Nurse Practitioner Job Description Example: The duties of this position entails administering care to sick, injured or disabled patients, including giving advice on skin maintenance and disease prevention.
>> Dental Technician Job Description Example: He/she prepares prostheses for dental patients.
>> Family Practice Nurse Practitioner Job Description-example: The person holding this position provides holistic and continuing healthcare service to all groups of individuals.
>> Catering Server Job Description Example: The role of the individual working in this position includes providing satisfactory banquet services.
>> Business Operations Manager Job Description Example: This individual is responsible for directing and controlling the operations of firms.
>> Business Analyst Job Description Example: The analyst provides objective evaluation of a business and proffer suggestions to improving its efficiency.

Free Resume Examples, Samples, and Templates

Below are some professionally written resume examples and samples that you can use as templates in making your own resumes whenever you need to send one to a prospective employer.

>> Certified Nurse Assistant Resume Example: The resume template highlights ability to provide exceptional nursing care using acquired knowledge and skills needed for performing basic nursing assistant functions.
>> Electrician Resume Example: Sample resume for seeking a job as electrician in a food processing company.
>> Dental Assistant Resume Example: This template highlights passion for delivering quality healthcare service in a patient-focused setting.
>> Retail Sales Manager Resume Sample: Experience leading sales teams in achieving targets is a major selling point to emphasize when writing a sales manager resume.
>> Retail Sales Person Resume Sample: You need to show in your resume your interest in giving customers a great shopping experience at your store.
>> Cashier Resume Example: A resume template for job in a growing retail chain, highlighting people skills in providing top-notch customer service.
>> Sales Representative Resume Example: A resume for the position of sales rep in a challenging work setting, emphasizing exceptional ability to drive sales growth.
>> Certified Medical Assistant Resume Sample: Emphasizes experience, knowledge, and ability in performing nursing functions and rendering great care to patients.
>> Registered Nurse Resume Example: Highlighting experience and expertise in providing nursing functions make the registered nurse resume strong.
>> Waiter Resume Sample: Ability to provide efficient and professional service that ensures customer satisfaction should be emphasized in your resume as a waiter.
>> Retail Pharmacist Resume Example: Adequate experience and ability to provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to patients make the resume for this position more compelling.
>> Realtor Resume Example: Emphasizing experience in mortgaging, customer service,property management, and other related fields make the resume more attractive.
>> Office Assistant Resume Example: This resume template strongly communicates the ability to render excellent service to the manager for the smooth operations of the office, which makes it more appealing to the potential employer.

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