Payroll Sales Associate Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Payroll Sales Associate job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Payroll Sales Associates perform various functions, including summing up payroll sales. Image source:

This post presents detailed information on the job description of a payroll sales associate, to help you learn the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the role.

What Does a Payroll Sales Associate Do?

The payroll department in any organization consists of a staff or more depending on the size of the organization.

The duties and roles of payroll sales associates differ from firms to firms and in certain instances are minimal, while in other situations, they can be quite extensive.

The job description of payroll sales associate usually involves imputing and recording of all modifications that affect a sales employee’s payroll.

The associate also communicates with other sales personnel with regards to modifications in payment and information on benefits.

Conventionally he/she is responsible for estimating, key-punching, as well as summing up payroll sales.

This associate must also be involved in balancing payroll data and will be required to sum up or validate the number of hours on timecards.

He/she will work with top executive payroll staff in actualizing all tasks with regards to the payroll designated.

The associate reports to the payroll manager and is accountable for prompt and precise handling of payroll and staff garnishments for the company at global locations.

He/she offers contributions to any pay matters incited by team members.

One very core aspect of the role of a payroll sales associate is his/her involvement with sales staff payroll records where he/she is mandated to update and handle sales staff salary and payroll information.

He/she renders assistance to other payroll team members with payroll operations as required.

He/she utilizes judgment and self reliance to identify solutions to issues within defined procedures and policies.

The individual here is in charge of ensuring quality, precision, and promptness of his/her work.

Functioning under direct administration, the payroll sales associate organizes and handles payroll input to a well computerized system.

He/she contributes to the preparation of payroll checks and gives solutions to staff, and also attends to supervisor’s inquiries regarding issues of payroll.

The successful candidate will be mandated to undergo a backdrop check which includes, but not restricted to criminal history check, education validation, and employment verification before his/her employment is confirmed.

Payroll Sales Associate Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The job description sample below shows a list of important duties, tasks, and responsibilities which payroll sales associates are commonly required to perform by most employers.

  • Find solution to sales irregularities by analyzing and assembling data
  • Offer payroll sales information by treating requests and inquiries
  • Work on establishing team effort by executing affiliated results as required
  • Handle staff dependence and safeguard payroll sales functions by keeping information in classified form
  • Offer sales payroll assistance and relate cordially with all team members
  • Relate and converse efficiently with sales team members to process and carry out research on modifications
  • Organize sales reports and inquiries as required

To write a resume for the post, which is usually requested by employers for employment consideration, the job description example above can be found useful in supplying relevant information to preparing the document.

Payroll Sales Associate Requirement: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

To carry out this job successfully, the payroll sales associate must possess the following essential qualities, skills, and knowledge:

  • A minimum of General Education Degree (GED) or college degree is mandatory
  • At least two years hand-on experience performing finance or payroll associated tasks
  • Must exhibit knowledge of diverse auditing and payroll software programs, as well as Ms Office packages
  • Must exhibit dexterity in contributing to team impact by achieving expected results as required
  • Ability to maintain staff reliance and guarantee safety of payroll operations, as well as to keep applicable information classified