Payroll Tax Implementation Coordinator Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Payroll Tax Implementation Coordinator job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Payroll Tax Implementation Coordinators ensure prompt processing of payroll tax. Image source:

This post presents detailed information on the job description of a payroll tax implementation coordinator, to help you learn the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the role.

What Does a Payroll Tax Implementation Coordinator Do?

Payroll tax implementation coordinators ensure the addition of new customers into the organization’s payroll tax system while maintaining high standards for promptness, and veracity; and offer fresh customer support to the tax implementation unit.

The payroll tax implementation coordinator job description involves processing of payroll tax with focus on the company’s costing, accounting, and tax configurations.

It also entails validating and confirming that all the required tax forms have been collected from customers.

This will also involve accurate importation or entering of staff tax data for a new customer into the company’s payroll systems and accomplishing organizational targets within necessary time limits.

This position’s role manages confidential information for all active staff members and shoulders the responsibility of ensuring accurate and timely filing of payroll taxes.

Implementation coordinators of payroll tax will validate the correctness of tax information and record any outstanding tax set matters and efficiently communicate such matters to the tax implementation consultant before operating the first payroll.

The candidate for this position must therefore ensure a great deal of connection with members of staff, location personnel and human resource personnel.

He/she will guarantee that all services are designated to the account before working on the first payroll with the organization.

It is also mandatory for the ideal candidate for this post to complete the first payroll tax assessment for new accounts during the process of conversion.

During the upgrade of the system, the payroll tax implementation coordinator will associate with and take part in meetings with payroll, benefits project, and human resources team as often as required by the supervisor.

He/she will contact the bank in use, external governmental agencies or payroll account.

Payroll Tax Implementation Coordinator Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The sample job description below for the post of payroll tax implementation coordinator consists of vital tasks, duties, and responsibilities most employers would ask their staff working in this position to carry out.

  • Work on prompt payment of federal, state and local withholding taxes pertaining to some legal entities
  • Work on prompt payment of state and federal unemployment taxes every quarter
  • Handle prompt filing of information reports mandated by federal and state governments
  • Actualize filing of business registrations for unemployment and withholding
  • Accomplish yearly, quarterly and monthly tax reconciliation
  • Guarantee that all tax practices are in adherence with local, state and federal tax laws
  • Organize tax rates and input schedules into Mastertax software and Oracle
  • Find solution to issues with clients and governmental tax organizations
  • Process modifications with agencies of government as necessary

Payroll Tax Implementation Coordinator Job Description for Resume

The job description example above can serve as a valuable source of information for making a resume that can effectively win an interview appointment for the job of implementation coordinator of payroll tax.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of Payroll Tax Implementation Coordinator

The skills, aptitude and talents below are needed to be effective working in this position, and are required to qualify a prospective candidate for the post

  • A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, taxes or other affiliated profession
  • 2-3 years experience in a national payroll setting with mastery of processing payroll tax payments in all levels of government agencies
  • Proven skills in utilizing tax software such as Mastertax software
  • Strong analytical dexterity, necessary to assess individual staff tax requirements
  • Capability in attaining tax processing and schedule of payment
  • Display of working knowledge of local tax regulations and payroll on the basis of the company’s evaluation
  • Solid mathematical skills which will be evident by making few errors in the process of attempting the company’s skills test