Restaurant Server Resume Sample

By | September 2, 2023

Just like most jobs, a resume will be needed from you by employers if you are vying for the position of restaurant server.

Putting together an effective resume is not so difficult if you can find samples or examples of well written resumes to learn from.

Below is a sample of a restaurant server resume that you can use as a template to prepare your own by following the format and the different sections.

The core competencies section is where you let the employer know areas where you have strong and excellent knowledge, skills, and abilities to carry out restaurant server duties effectively.

Another important section that should be part of the resume is the professional experience section where you highlight past or current work you have performed or are still doing that are similar or same as the restaurant server position that you are applying for.

To be able to prepare a good resume for the restaurant server job, you need to know the employer’s job description for restaurant server so that your core competencies and professional experience sections would contain those things that the employer is more interested in, which you genuinely have.


Restaurant Server Resume Sample/Example/Template

Maria Stone
ABC Link Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 77777 • Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999 •

OBJECTIVE: Seeking the position of restaurant server with XYZ Inc., bringing four years experience in the hospitality industry to ensuring smooth restaurant operation and improved customer satisfaction.


  • Strong ethical conduct of a good restaurant server which range from not talking while carrying a customer’s order, capped with the norms of greetings and respect for all customers
  • Excellently resourceful and innovative with strong organizational and planning skills
  • Great knowledge of restaurant menus and many restaurant services with the ability to give easy response to inquiries coming from customers
  • Developmental skills in the method of serving and utensils presentation
  • Up to date knowledge of latest serving utensils and customer care ethics of a good restaurant server
  • Strong expertise in answering calls, preparing and calculating transactions
  • Good skills in verbal and written communication
  • Great ability to set up stations and make home or office delivery easier and faster
  • Unmatched expertise in developing good relationship with customers, co-workers, and management
  • Strong knowledge of restaurant management, including how to break the work force into a structural functionality that enables the division of labor.


Sunview Hotel and Resort, California
2008 – Present

Restaurant Server

  • Give comprehensive answers and explanations to questions concerning menus
  • Receive order from and deliver order to the customers in an organized fashion
  • Help the restaurant in achieving a neat, hygienic and presentable atmosphere which attracts customers
  • Create and implement activities that help co-server develop good customer care, server’s ethics and a presentable look most of the time
  • Assist in the preparation of food, beverage, and other things in the kitchen
  • Foster and monitor activities inside the restaurant and ensure quick removal of the plates and other materials used by the customer and also ensure the cleaning of the table and its environment of any stain which may have been splashed during the customer’s use of the table
  • Ensure a correct and up to date record keeping of the orders made and also the correct calculation of payment and issuance of change
  • Help the restaurant in making outside delivery to customers at workshops and offices and inventing methods of improving such deliveries
  • Provide records to computer personnel to work with.


  • High School Diploma, School Dale, YTown, California, 2008.

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