Pharmacy Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

Pharmacy Clerk resume example

Searching for a pharmacy clerk job? A good resume can make it easier to get an interview with employers.

Pharmacy Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

The primary aim of writing a resume is to help one get a job. However, most resumes fail to accomplish this objective because of the mistakes made by the writers.

This post particularly provides tips on how to write a good pharmacy clerk resume and also an example of a pharmacy clerk resume to help you get that job of your dream.

A great resume is usually prerequisite for getting a job. The same is also required of an applicant seeking to be employed as a pharmacy clerk.

Choosing a Format for your Resume

To make a strong resume, you must choose a format. An example of a good format is the one we shall be discussing in this post and upon which we created the resume example below, which you can use as a template when making your resume.

However, you are at liberty to choose any format as no one format is regarded as the best. The most important thing is to present your resume in an attractive and easy to understand format and make sure all important sections are included.

Now, let’s see how the various sections of our chosen format can be created, starting with the objective section:

Pharmacy Clerk Resume Objective Section

This is the first section of our pharmacy clerk resume we have to make. Here, you are given the opportunity to highlight specific skills that you possess which you think would be useful to the job you seek.

When seeking for an open position, it is best to create a specific objective section bearing the skills requirement in the job description in mind.

On the contrary, if the position is unadvertised, a generic resume may serve the same purpose.

The section must be made very concise. Usually, a sentence or two is used to highlight your skills while the remaining qualities are reserved for the next section.
See examples of pharmacy clerk resume objective statements below:

Examples of Pharmacy Clerk Objective Statements for Resume

  • To obtain a position as a pharmacy clerk with DrugMedic Pharmacy where my vast experience as a clerk and exceptional understanding of medical terminology will be well utilized in assisting pharmacists with daily pharmacy operation.
  • Seeking a pharmacy clerk position in a reputable pharmacy where my education and experience will contribute immensely to the smooth operation of the pharmacy.

The first example is a specific kind of objective written in response to a job opening at DrugMedic Pharmacy. On the other hand, the second is a generic resume objective statement.

Core competence Section

This is the section where you list the skills and qualities that you have that will assist you in carrying out your duties effectively if employed. But first, you must have to convince the hirer that you actually possess these set of skills.

You must ensure to make this section easily accessible to the potential reader. It is best to use short sentences and present each skill or ability in bullet style.

Job Experience Section

If you have worked in as a pharmacy clerk or in a similar position previously, this section allows you to state it, including how well you performed.

It is important you make this section as elaborate as possible by writing the name of the organization or pharmacy store that you worked with, the position you occupied, the duties you performed and the years you spent on the job.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Usually, some level of academic qualification is required of an applicant for this position.

A high school certificate and associate degree in medical related discipline are usually preferred by employers. So, this section allows you to list the qualifications you possess that qualify you for the job.

That’s it, we have just discussed the four sections that make up our resume, which provide the most important information any pharmacy clerk employer would like to see.

Now, we will make a sample resume for the position by applying the tips above in creating the separate sections for you to have a better handle on resume creation and be able to make yours any time you need to.

Pharmacy Clerk Resume Example/Sample/Template

Victoria White
367 Camden Street, Essex, New Jersey.
Home: (111) 577-8880, Cell: (111) 975-8880.

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position as a pharmacy clerk with DrugMedic Pharmacy where my vast experience as a clerk and exceptional understanding of medical terminology will be well utilized in assisting pharmacists with daily pharmacy operation.

Core Competence

  • Strong cashiering and customer service skills
  • Excellent knowledge of FDA standards, policies, and rules and regulations
  • Strong ability to perform mathematical computations very fast
  • Strong computer skills with proven ability to operate pharmacy spreadsheet applications
  • Strong ability to handle and facilitate cashless payment
  • Ability to work different shifts including night, weekend and holiday shifts
  • Ability to multitask and attention to detail
  • Familiar with medical terminology and ability to follow written and oral instructions
  • Good communication skills and telephone etiquette
  • Ability to read and interpret medical prescription.

Job Experience

MedPlus Pharmaceutical Store, New Jersey
Pharmacy Clerk
2010 – 2015

  • Ensured the shelves are properly stocked
  • Ensured that the store is always neat and tidy
  • Answered customers’ inquiries and resolved customers’ complaints
  • Compiled and maintained medical records
  • Received inventory and stocked inventory
  • Checked inventory received for conformity with invoice
  • Assisted customers in picking and bagging items they purchased from the store
  • Placed special sign on shelves bearing products on promotion.

RexMed Pharmaceutical Store, Pennsylvania
Pharmacy Clerk
2007 – 2010

  • Assisted pharmacists in interpreting medical prescriptions to customers
  • Assisted customers in picking products, bagging and facilitating cashless payment via POS
  • Received cash from customers and maintained the cash register
  • Ensured that the cabinets are stocked in accordance with the store’s standards
  • Made sure the store, shelves and storage areas are neat, tidy and orderly
  • Performed mixing and dispensing tasks under the close supervision of the store’s pharmacists
  • Received and attended to customers’ queries and complaints
  • Received inventory and ensured safe storage of inventory
  • Performed other clerical duties.

Education and Professional Qualifications

  • Essex county High School, NJ, High School Diploma, 2007
  • Jersey City University, NJ, Associate Degree in Medical Office Assistance, 2009.


Even though you might face some competition with other applicants when searching for a pharmacy clerk job, you will certainly increase your chances with employers by having a good resume. The tips shared in this post can help you write a resume employers cannot resist reading.

Did you find our pharmacy clerk resume writing tips useful? Please make your comment below; we would love to know what you think. If you would like to share additional useful tips on resume writing, please do so too.

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