Construction Laborer Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Construction laborer resume
A good resume can make your search for a construction laborer job easier to get.

Construction Laborer Resume Writing Tips and Example

To get a job as a construction laborer, you will have to create a good resume that can convince construction site managers or hirers that you can handle the responsibilities that come with the job.

If you cannot do this, then, you may need the services of a resume expert to help you out.

However, if you can put in some time to learn how to write a resume, the tips provided in this post can help you to do it yourself.

Construction laborers work at construction sites (building sites, road construction sites, and bridge construction sites.) where their main duty is to carry out physical work related to construction.

So, if you are physically strong and capable of executing hard labor jobs with ease, then, you can earn a living working as a construction laborer.

Making your resume, what to take note of

In creating your construction laborer resume, the first thing to do is to identify the skills and qualities that a particular construction work demands.

This you can find out by carefully going through the construction laborer job description provided by the hirer in the job advertisement.

The second step to follow is to choose a resume format suitable for construction laborer job application.

The format to be chosen must enable you state the key strength and qualities that make you stand out as a construction laborer.

Then, make sure you limit your resume to maximum of two pages to allow the hirer scan through it easily.

Make sure each section of your resume is attractively highlighted to capture the attention of the reader.

Finally, even if you did the writing yourself and think you have checked thoroughly for error, it is still necessary to ask a friend or colleague to assist you in proofreading the resume so as to erase any chances of error.

Again, a good construction site laborer resume should allow you the chance to highlight your skills and qualities.

These skills ought to be arranged into sections to make for easy accessibility.

So, below are the sections your construction laborer resume should contain for it to come out great and effective in getting employers’ attention.

The sections may differ in content and sub-headings depending on the resume format you decide to adopt.

However, for a position like construction laborer, a functional resume format bearing the sub-headings and arrangement, such as given in this post is ideal.

Let’s begin with the first section …

Construction Laborer Resume Objective Section

This section of your resume should be succinct and direct to the point. You should be able to utilize this part in convincing the hirer that you have what it takes to work as a laborer in a construction site.

If you make this section too lengthy, it will defeat the purpose of creating it, and if it is too simple that it lacks substance, it will also be counterproductive, which could bring your search for the job to an abrupt end.

So, use keywords, highlighting your skills and qualities to convince the hirer, but make it short and targeted.

See examples of construction laborer resume objective:

Examples of Construction Laborer Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking for the position of construction laborer with RGC Construction Inc. where hardworking nature, outstanding physical stamina, and strong understanding of construction plans and sketches will be utilized to see to the timely completion of construction projects.
  • To obtain the position of a construction laborer in a reputed company where proven ability to adhere to instructions, and vast experience working as a construction laborer will be employed in performing construction work.

The two examples are good because they are both succinct and substantial. However, since the first one is targeted at a particular construction company, it is best suited for an advertised position.

Core Competence Section

To create a good core competence section for you construction laborer resume, you need to understand the skills demanded by the hirer.

Then, you can proceed with creating a core competence section that matches the requirements of the job.

Avoid including unneeded skills and present this section of the resume using bullet points.

Job Experience Section

In creating a good resume for a construction laborer job, it is very important to include a job experience section if you have worked before as a laborer at a construction site.

Please, ensure that only skills related to construction work are included in the experience section of your resume.

For instance, it will be irrelevant and detrimental to your job search to include a sales experience in your construction laborer resume.

Educational Qualification Section

The academic qualification section of your construction laborer resume is where you highlight any certificate you have acquired.

This job is basically not a professional position; therefore, much academic qualification is usually not demanded from applicants for this position.

However, a basic educational qualification on your resume may go a long way in convincing the hirer that you can at least read, write, understand, and be able to carry out instructions from supervisors and managers.

Having seen how to create the various sections that make a great resume, we will now put the ideas to work in making a sample resume for the construction laborer position.

You can use it as an example or template when creating your own resume for the job.

Construction Laborer Resume Example/Sample/Template

Rock Tamar
122 Spring Street, Aspen, Colorado
Home: (+2)111-333, Cell: (+2)111-33311.

Objective: Seeking for the position of construction laborer with RGC Construction Inc. where hardworking nature, outstanding physical stamina, and strong understanding of construction plans and sketches will be utilized to see to the timely completion of construction projects.

Core Competence

  • Enthusiastic, dependable and hardworking
  • Strong understanding of construction plans and sketches
  • Strong knowledge of reading moisture meters
  • Dexterous and ability to handle construction equipment
  • Ability to excel working in a team
  • Excellent communication skills, and the ability to adhere strictly to written and verbal instructions
  • Good stamina and ability to lift heavy loads frequently.

Job Experience

Denver Construction Company, Colorado
Construction Laborer
20012 – 2015

  • Excavated trees, stumps, and debris
  • Mixed and pumped concrete, cement, sand, and grout or plaster
  • Read and interpreted construction plans, sketches, and designs
  • Maintained machines used at construction sites
  • Made sure that the entire site and work areas are free from dangerous objects
  • Erected and dismantled scaffolds and barricades.

Educational Qualification

  • Aspen High School, Aspen, Colorado, High School Diploma, 2011.


Your search for a construction laborer job will be more successful with a good resume which you can prepare by yourself.

All you need to do is to take some time to practice writing your resume with the help of the tips and the example provided in this post.

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