Security Guard Resume Writing Tips and Example

Security guard resume

Are you seeking a security guard job? If you are, a good resume will boost your chances of getting it.

Security Guard Resume Writing Tips and Example

To get employed as a security guard, you need a well-crafted resume. A good resume for the security guard job should be able to highlight the skills and qualities you possess which qualify you to work in that position.

Steps to Writing a Good Security Guard Resume

Generally, writing a convincing resume that gets you a chance for an interview requires good knowledge of the position you are gunning for and choosing a resume format suitable for such job application.

To obtain good knowledge of the security guard job you are gunning for, it is advisable that you go through the job description for the position that the employer usually publish.

Such description is usually provided by the hiring company or hiring manager to guide you in deciding if your skill set and qualifications match the requirements for the job.

A good knowledge of the security guard job description will also guide you in choosing the right language and keywords to utilize in making your resume effective and targeted at the particular employer you seek to work with.

It is also advisable that you keep your resume succinct by including only important points in it. This includes highlighting only relevant skills, qualities, and qualifications in your resume.

Again, you need to choose a resume format suitable for the security guard application. Most hiring managers will be interested in knowing the expertise and skills at your disposal as a security guard.

So, any resume format you are to adopt must be able to highlight your skills as a security guard in a convincing manner.

A resume format you can adopt for a security guard job application irrespective of your level of experience is the functional resume format.

To have an effective security guard resume, you should include the following sections:

Resume Objective Section

The objective section of your security guard resume is an important part that helps you highlight your intention to work as a security guard with skills and expertise you possess to perform the duties associated with the job.

For the objective section of your resume to be effective, it is advisable that you make it targeted at the particular company you want to work with.

Here are examples of objective statements to help you make yours:

Examples of Security Guard Objective Statements for Resume

  • Desiring the position of a security guard with Atlas Hospital where strong skills in patrolling and policing buildings, crime prevention, and crowd control will be fully utilized in ensuring secure hospital environment.
  • To obtain the position of a security guard with Atlanta University, offering vast experience in security services, vigilant eye, and exceptional skills in monitoring security alarm systems and cameras.

Core Competence Section

This section of your security guard resume allows you the opportunity to highlight all relevant skills you possess, some of which were not included in the objective section.

Make sure that you utilize keywords and information given in the job description so as to make this section of your resume targeted.

To capture the attention of the reader to each point, it is advisable that you use bullet style to present each skill, quality or expertise included in the core competence section of your resume.

Job Experience Section

In this section of your resume, the hirer would be interested in finding out the companies or security firms where you have worked as a security guard before.

If you have never worked in a similar position, you may highlight relevant volunteer work experiences to make up for the inexperience.

Educational and Professional Qualification Section

Generally, it is observed that companies usually employ candidates with a minimum of high school diploma to work in the position of a security guard.

However, academic qualification is not usually considered a strong requirement once you can read and write and have the right set of skills.

Security Guard Resume Example/Sample/Template

Rick Pager
232 Main Street, Atlanta, Georgia
Home: (+1) 824-9159, Cell: (+2) 824-91596

Objective: Desiring the position of a security guard with Atlas Hospital where strong skills in patrolling and policing buildings, crime prevention and crowd control will be fully utilized in ensuring secure hospital environment.

Core Competence

  • Strong skills in patrolling and policing public and private buildings
  • Strong skills in monitoring security alarm systems and cameras
  • Atlanta security guard training certificate and valid driver’s license
  • Strong ability to work flexible schedule including night shift
  • Vigilant eye and exceptional crowd control
  • Good stamina and physically dexterous.

Job Experience

Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia
Security Guard
2012 – 2015

  • Patrolled designated areas and prevented unauthorized persons from entering
  • Screen visitors and stowed away weapons and prohibited object
  • Closed doors, gates and windows at the end of daily work
  • Ensure that doors, windows and gates are not tempered with at night
  • Monitored security cameras and alarm systems
  • Called the police or fire department in case of emergency such as trespass, theft or fire outbreak
  • Carried out traffic and crowd control duties within the building.

Educational and Professional Qualification

  • Community High School, Atlanta, Georgia, High School Diploma, 2012
  • Member, Georgia State Security Professionals
  • Valid Georgia Driver’s License.


Learning to make a resume for seeking the job of a security guard yourself is what you need to do if you don’t have the funds to hire a professional resume writer.

And the good part is that with the tips and template provided in this post, you can actually produce great resumes whenever you desire to apply for a security guard job.

Did you find this post useful in making a good resume for the security guard job? Please leave a comment, as well as other ideas that have helped you in creating great resumes for landing security guard jobs, in the box below.

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