Construction Worker Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 30, 2023
Construction worker resume writing.
Construction worker resume should emphasize skills and abilities to
perform the job excellently.

This write-up is a guide that walks you through the process of writing a good resume for the construction worker position.

It shows you how to complete the objective section of the resume and other sections, and also provides a resume example that you can use as a template in preparing a resume any time you need to apply for a job.

When preparing a resume for construction worker job, you are expected to let the employer know you have the skills and abilities, including the energy, to effectively perform the duties of the position.

Your job as a construction worker involves lots of manual labor and there is rarely any job opening that does not require some hard work in this niche.

You may be required to assist or carry out the actual construction or ensure maintenance.
What makes you the best candidate for the job must be stated in the resume.

Employers of course have their ideas of what they want from a construction worker before such can be employed.

They want you to show them you have what it takes to succeed on the job in order for them to consider you for employment.

Your resume must look as professional as possible. You need to state your experiences, your past records and everything needed to give the employer an idea of the kind of professional you are.

In order to pass the right message across to the employer in such a way that it will get their attention, you will need to divide the resume into sections. The number of sections you decide to use will depend on the resume format you want to adopt.

Though the format you decide to choose does not really have effect on the strength of the resume, we are however comfortable with the format with four sections, namely: Objective, Core
Competence, Work Experience, and the Professional Qualification section.

Each of these sections will be discussed below, starting with the objective statement:

The Construction Worker Resume Objective Section

This is the first part of the resume and it is expected to be attractive, informative, and straight to the point as much as possible. Do not drift off or lose concentration as such error may rob off on the employer and make him/her lose interest in reading your resume. An engaging objective statement brightens your chances of getting employed.

What are the core contents of the objective section? It is a section where you showcase your competence and what makes you the best construction worker to be hired.

You should show the employer in this section how hiring you will benefit their company.

In this section, it is never about what you can get, but about what you can give the organization. You need to convince them that they require your service and that you have all it takes to fill that position.

You must educate yourself about their specific requirements by reading through the advertisement details. It will do you a world of good to visit their website to learn one or two things about the organization.

This places you at better position to compose a winsome objective section and a ground breaking resume.

The organization may require a professional to fill the position of a carpenter, foreman, laborer, or superintendent, or any other opening for construction site worker.

You need to convince them via the objective section that you have what it takes to work in that specific position you are applying for.

Construction companies would usually love to employ individuals who can work effectively on material finishing, wood products, concrete, plumbing, bricks and blocks.

They would need individuals, who understand the importance of safety in the course of the job, like scaffolding and ladder safety.

They would also need individuals who understand the importance of team work and who can manage activities at construction sites. It is imperative that the construction worker speaks in understandable language too.

Construction Worker Objective Examples for Resume

Below are examples of helpful objective statements you can utilize when composing your resume for the post of construction worker.

  • Looking for position of a construction worker with HighCrest Construction Company, in which I can apply my experience in blueprint reading, tools handling, materials expertise, safety and team work, acquired over the past 6 years, towards furthering the good prospects of the company.
  • Looking for position of construction worker with a top class construction company in which my many years of experience can be made useful in top class service delivery.

The first objective statement is straight to the point, while the second is somewhat general.

The first one is the perfect choice if you have a specific construction company in mind, while the second one is perfect if you do not have such specificity in terms of companies where to submit your resume.

Core Competence Section

In this section of the resume, you are expected to make known your knowledge, skills, abilities, talents, as well as experiences required to perform to the utmost as a construction worker in the company.

The length of years of your experience will determine if you are able to get the job or not, as most employers prefer individuals with long years of experience. This is understandable, considering how tasking the construction worker job is.

Work Experience

This is the section of the construction worker resume, where you outline your work history and professional experiences.

You are also required to state the responsibilities you have handled and duties you have performed in the course of acquiring the experiences you mentioned.

The content of this section will give the employer the understanding that you have the experience to get the job done, that is, if you compose this part well enough.

Professional Qualification

All construction work related training programs and your educational qualifications are expected to be stated here. The employer will consider the information here and use them in determining your level of competence for the job.

Construction Worker Resume Example/ Sample/Template

We are going to present a construction worker resume example based on the tips we shared on completing the various sections of resumes discussed earlier.


Sydney Stuart
Trump Height Street• Sydney, Australia• 45674•Home: (222) 345-3546, Cell: (212) 567-4532•

OBJECTIVE: Looking for position of a construction worker with HighCrest Construction Company, into which I can bring my experience in blueprint reading, tools handling, materials expertise, safety and team work, acquired over the past 6 years, towards furthering the good prospects of the company.


  • Ability to speak multiple languages
  • Ability to train and manage people
  • Ability to work with large team size
  • Good knowledge about scaffolding and ladder safety
  • Familiarity with safety procedures
  • Ability to handle fastening, finishing, cutting, measuring and layout tools


TrumpUp Construction Company, Victoria, Australia.
Site Superintendent

  • Carry out heavy labors, like hauling, paving, ditch digging, etc.
  • Assist workers in installing and repairing surfaces, flashings and roofs
  • Execute construction projects in all phases of carpentry
  • Assist in building and disassembling barricades, bracings and scaffolds
  • Train and direct new team members, providing them with directives on safety and proper techniques.

Education and Continuing Professional Training

  • Northwest Australia High School, Victoria, Australia, Diploma 2004
  • Australian University, Sydney, Australia, Associate Degree in Building Technology. 2009

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