Line Server Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 27, 2023
Line server resume
A good resume makes it easier for employers to decide on hiring you for the line server job.

Line Server Resume Writing Tips and Example

Are you interested in working as a line server? If you are and you want to stand a chance of getting employers attention to hire you, then you must get yourself a good resume.

This post will show you how to create each section of a line server resume; and with the sample resume provided below, writing a good resume for the role cannot be easier.

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Why do I need a great resume?

One interesting fact about the hospitality sector is that there will never be saturation in job openings since the sector thrives irrespective of the economic situation at any particular time.

Also, there are numerous players in the hospitality sector with each trying to improve the quality of services rendered so as to maintain customers’ loyalty.

In a bid to achieve the above mentioned goals, many companies in the hospitality sector employ the services of wide array of workers, one of such workers employed are the line servers.

There are always numerous job openings for line servers in many restaurants. However, each available position is usually filled within a short time because qualified candidates are always readily available.

So, if working as a line server interests you, then, you need to create a resume specifically directed to the hiring manager of the restaurant or hotel you want to work with.

Steps to making best line server resume

The first step to creating a targeted line server resume is to understand the demands of the job.

This includes finding out the skills, qualities, and expertise required by the hiring restaurant for the line server position you are applying for.

This information can easily be obtained from the line server job description created by the hiring manager.

Going through the job description will also help you to understand the line server duties you are expected to fulfill if you are eventually employed.

Asides finding out this information, it is also very important to choose and utilize a resume layout that will avail you the chance to present your skills, qualities, and experience as a line server in a simple but attractive format.

Being a position that places less emphasis on academic qualification, utilizing a resume format that combines chronological and functional resume writing style will allow you to highlight your skills and experience in an attention-grabbing manner.

A good line server resume that combines functional and chronological layout should bear the following key sections:

Objective Section

Since your aim is to create a compelling line server resume utilizing the information obtained from the job description, it is important that you start by creating an objective statement that informs the hiring manager that you understand the demands of the job and have the necessary skills to perform in that position.

Below are examples of objective statements for a line server resume:

Examples of Line Server Objective Statement for Resume

• Desiring the job of a line server with 5ve Star Food and Restaurant utilizing hands-on experience in serving orders and preparing dining environment, and superior customer service skills.
• Seeking the position of a line server with Vita Food and Restaurant where energy, customer-focus and strong skills in food serving can be utilized to improve customer relations and loyalty.

Core Competence Section

The right set of skills and personal attributes on your line server resume will play a pivotal role in convincing the hiring manager to give you a chance or invite you for an interview.

Make sure that the skills to be included in this section of your line server resume are in line with the demands of the job.

You can easily select the right set of skills from the job description. However, make sure that you do not lie about them.

Job Experience Section

Any experience in the hospitality sector should be highlighted in this section of your line server resume to inform the manager of your level of experience and the duties you are capable of handling having done so in your previous job(s).

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Like it was said earlier, line server is a skills-based position, so, less emphasis is placed on academic and professional qualifications.

However, if you have acquired any academic qualification or professional training and certification related to the hospitality field, including it in your resume will boost your chances of getting the job.

Now, here is an example of a full line server resume that you can apply as a template to help you make yours easily:

Line Server Resume Example/Sample/Template

Thomas Edge
121 Denver Street, Los Angeles, California
Home: (+2) 078-8987, Cell: (+2) 009-77549

Objective: Desiring the job of a line server with 5ve Star Food and Restaurant utilizing hands-on experience in serving orders and preparing dining environment and superior customer service skills.

Core Competence

  • Hands-on experience in serving orders and preparing dining environment
  • Customer-focus and superior customer service skills
  • Energy and strong multitasking skills
  • Strong ability to maintain friendly relations with customers
  • Strong communication skills and fluent in English and Spanish.

Job Experience
Downtown Restaurants, Los Angeles, California
Line Server
2007 – 2012

  • Ensured that food items are safely stored in assigned containers
  • Prepared and cleaned dining areas, as well as sanitized dishes and utensils
  • Prepared and distributed to waiters to serve customers according to orders
  • Cleaned the kitchen area and emptied garbage containers
  • Greeted and welcomed guests in a friendly manner
  • Carried out stock taking and informed the manager when there was low stock.

[Please note that if you are currently holding a job, it should be highlighted first in the job experience section in the same format like the one shown above. However, the duties and responsibilities should be expressed in present tense since you are still on the job.]

Educational Qualification

  • Los Angeles High School, Los Angeles, California, High School Diploma, 2006.

To create the best resume for the line server job, you need to know what the employer is looking for and then match your skills and experience with it, and effectively communicate your suitability for the position in your resume.

Has this post helped you in creating a good line server resume that can make it easier for you to land the job? Please share your thoughts in the box below.

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