Line Cook Resume Writing Tips and Sample

By | August 30, 2023
Line Cook resume sample
Line Cooks.
A good resume can make the difference in your job hunting.

Line Cook Resume Writing Tips, Sample, and Objective Statements

This is a guide that shows you how to prepare a resume for the post of line cook; how to complete the sections of the resume, including objective statements, that make the resume so compelling that employers cannot resist contacting you for an interview.

We also give you some examples of objective statements, and a sample of line cook resume that you can use as a template in writing your resume. Please read on:

Would you like to know how to write a powerful resume that can improve your chances of being invited to an interview for the job of line cook? If your answer is yes, then read on.

To get a job as a line cook, you will be expected to present a resume to prospective employers who will be able to make up their minds on whether to hire you or not.

Your resume is a sales tool that should strongly communicate your competence and experience of working as a line cook to the employer. If it fails to do so, you will probably not be invited to an interview.

There are different resume formats to choose from when writing your resume, it doesn’t really matter the one you choose as long as it tells the employer that you are well qualified, and have the needed competence and experience to excel as a line cook in their company.

We will look at the resume format with four sections: Objective; Core Competence; Work Experience; and Professional Qualification.

The Line Cook Resume Objective Section

The objective section of the line cook resume is the first statement one would read in the resume. This is where you will tell the employer why you are interested in working for them as a line cook.

The statement should convey the value you will be bringing to the company if you are offered the opportunity to work with them.

The objective section is really the first opportunity you have to communicate with the employer, so make the best of it.

If your objective is strong enough, the employer will be held on to reading the other parts of the resume, which increases your chance of winning their hearts. But if your objective for applying for the job of line cook is not well communicated, your resume may just have failed from the beginning.

So, make sure your objective for wanting the job communicates the important benefits you will be bringing to the employer as a cook.

To write the objective section of the resume, you need to first find out the major attributes the employer is looking for, or the challenges they are having that they are looking for a line cook to solve for them.

You will be able to find employers’ major needs from the content of their advertisements for the job. Most employers will state the reasons why they need a cook to work with them, as well as the line cook’s job description in advertising the vacant position.

From such disclosures, you can identify one or two areas of the job where the employer really needs someone with the right competence and experience to fit in.

For instance, for most companies in the food service, restaurant, grocery, and food retailing business, issues like customer service, ability to follow standard procedures and prepare quality foods, and passion for preparing and serving foods are qualities they cherish so much.

Therefore, to be taken seriously when applying for a job with any of such companies, your resume must show proof that you will be able to provide those qualities for the company if employed.

The objective section of your resume provides the opportunity to tell the employer that you know what is important to them on the job, and that you have the experience and competence to bring the needed value to the company if hired.

Line Cook Objective Examples for Resume:

Here are some examples of objective statements, which you can use as templates in writing the objective section of the line cook resume.

  • Seeking the position of Line Cook with XYZ Foods where my talent at preparing and seasoning a wide range of food items, including vegetables, meats, and soups, which has been described as exceptional by past employers and colleagues, will be employed.
  • Seeking the job of Line Cook with a growing foods company where my many years experience in the foods industry will be needed in providing unparalleled customer service delivery.
  • Looking forward to bringing exceptional food preparation and seasoning skills to the team at XYZ Foods as a Line Cook.
  • Seeking to work as a Line Cook in a fast paced food service company bringing outstanding customer service skills.

Notice that second and fourth examples above are general objective statements for the line cook position. These kinds of objective statements can be made in resumes that are not for specific company, but a general resume for the industry.

The first and third samples are objectives for resumes that are particularly targeting a known company where a vacancy for the position exists.

Core Competence Section

This is the section of the resume where you need to highlight the key skills, talents, knowledge, abilities, and experience that are needed to excel as a line cook.

Most employers usually prefer candidates with extensive experience of the food service industry, customer service skills, and knowledge of company products. Also, the ability to adapt to diverse environments; problem solving and interpersonal skills, are attributes usually required by employers when hiring for the cook position.

These qualities show proof of your competence for the job, so make sure you make the best use of this section and highlight the best qualities you have developed that will boost your efficiency on the job.

Work Experience Section

The work experience section, which can also be called professional experience or work history, is the part of the resume where you state the duties and responsibilities that you have performed or are currently carrying out that are relevant to the job of line cook.

This section shows the employer you have the experience to succeed on the job. You can use a copy of the line cook job description in writing this section so long the duties and responsibilities highlighted in it reflect your true experience.

When writing the work experience for a current position use present tense for the verbs, while it should be past tense for a position you held before.

Professional Qualification Section

In this section, you will state the educational qualifications and related training programs you have completed that qualify you to work as a cook.

Line Cook Resume Example/Sample/Template

Putting all that has been discussed above together, here is an example of the line cook resume. It can serve as a template in writing your resume.


Maria Stone
ABC Link Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 66666 • Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999 •

OBJECTIVE: Seeking to be part of the XYZ Foods team, bringing 5 years experience preparing and seasoning various kinds of foods, and providing outstanding service to company’s customers.


  • Ability to provide incredible service to customers
  • Exceptional team player with ability to entertain diverse opinions on issues
  • Ability to recognize opportunities to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge
  • Exceptional ability to adhere to human safety procedures in handling of foods, its preparation, transportation, and storage
  • Outstanding organizational skills employed in prioritizing requests and departmental activities to getting tasks completed within deadlines
  • Ability to educate self and colleagues on product characteristics and uses by utilizing relevant resources
  • Strong ability to learn, apply, and teach popular cooking techniques to customers to use successfully at home
  • Exceptional knowledge of products used in the store; applying it to help customers find total meal solutions
  • Exceptional culinary knife skills


SeaFoods Inc., California
Line Cook
2000 – Present

  • Perform daily operation after receiving ingredients and supplies for food preparation from pantry and major kitchen
  • Determine food requirements by reviewing production schedule, including the quantity of food to be prepared and its variety
  • Arrange necessary equipment and supplies for cooking activities each day
  • Complete necessary records, such as production sheets
  • Ensure utensils, equipment, and work area are cleaned
  • Promote safety culture in the work place, including food safety, as well as safety of customers and team members
  • Acquire more knowledge of foods and teach it to customers and other team members
  • Suggest better selling techniques


  • Southern Gate High School, Rockville, California, Diploma, 2000
  • Eastern Gate Community University, Lakeside, California, Associate degree Culinary Studies, 2005
  • Food Handlers Certification, 2005


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Please note: The names of companies, schools, places, and individuals used in the sample line cook resume presented above are fictitious; they are only to serve as an example to follow when writing your resume.

Use of this material: The line cook resume sample presented on this page is free for use as template in making resumes for the post. It is also free to be copied and used on websites and other platforms provided a link is directed back to this page.

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