Computer Technician Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 30, 2023
Computer Technicians need compelling resumes to boost their chances for a new job
Computer Technician at work.

As a computer technician looking for a new job, you will be expected to present a resume to prospective employers to enable them properly assess your suitability for the job.

Writing a resume is not so difficult to do if you can take the time to learn how it is done, alternatively, you can hire professional writers to do it for you. But if you would like to learn how to make a resume this article will help you out.

After going through the tips that will enable you to complete the sections of the resume and to write a good one for the position of computer technician, the resume example given below will further serve as a template you can follow in preparing your own resume.

Now, let’s start off with the question, “what is the best format for the computer technician resume for it to be effective?”

Well, the simple answer is that no format is better than the others. You can make use of a number of formats in composing your resume. The employer is not really bothered about the format you use and it will rarely have any bearing on your chance of getting the job.

Some employers may however demand for specific format to be used. But if they do not make such demand, you have the full freedom to choose any.

In most instances, the employer is only interested in your experience as a computer technician and how you can get the job done as desired.

There are four different sections you must classify your resume into, irrespective of the format you adopt. These formats are Objectives, Core Competence, Work Experience, and your Professional
Qualification. Each of these sections will be discussed below.

Starting with the objective section:

The Computer Technician Resume Objective Section

This is the part to come first in your resume and it is an opportunity for you to tell the employer what makes the job posting interesting to you. Tell them why you want to work with them and what makes you the best candidate for the job.

In this section, you are expected to make known the aspects of the organization that interests you and how you wish to contribute to the growth of the organization.

Truth is, many organizations prefer to employ a team player, rather than a what-is-in-it-for-me kind of personality. In this section, you have the opportunity to showcase yourself as a team player.

You must have background knowledge of what the employer wants from you as a computer technician in order to properly and winsomely compose the objective section of the resume.

Such information can be easily obtained from the job advertisement; many employers usually make known their expectations from the computer technician on the job advertisement page.

In most instances, an organization seeking to employ a computer technician will require the professional to have good knowledge in software and hardware installation, equipment repair and maintenance, computer-related troubleshooting, securing computer systems, computer network configuration, email, phone or on-site technical support ability and lots more.

You should show in your objective statement that you have the expertise to perform those duties effectively, see the objective statements example below:

Computer Technician Resume Objective Examples:

You can use the following objective statements as described below in your computer technician resume writing.

  • In search of position of technical analyst with BlueChips Technologies in which I can utilize my talent to offer technical supports via email, phone or on-site, a kind of job I have been engaged in for many years.
  • In search of the job of technical analyst with a great software company in which I can apply my many years of experience to ensure more efficient system analysis.

The first one is somewhat specific, while the second is somewhat general. The first one is perfect if you already know who the employer is, but the second is the better one to opt for if you do not know the specific identity of the company to send the resume to.

After completing the objective section, the next is:

Core Competence Section

In this section, the employer expects to read about your experiences, your abilities, your knowledge, your talents, and skills. Your chance of getting employed by most organizations is determined by the level of experience you possess.

Most employers would be glad if you could show them that you are knowledgeable about their organization to some extent. Aside the knowledge and talents, you are also expected to have great interpersonal relationship as well as great ability to solve problems. These are important attributes a computer technician should have to succeed on the job.

With good experience, the company will be given assurance that you are adequately competent to handle any job thrown at you while you are in their employment.

The next section will show employers the professional experience that you have that makes you suitable for the job:

Work Experience

Have you ever worked as a software and hardware installer before? If yes, you will need to mention it in this section.

Are you familiar with repair and maintenance of computer-related equipment? Again, if your answer is yes, then you should provide it in this section.

Mention also if you have ever been involved in troubleshooting computer-related issues. Let them know in this section about your computer networking abilities.

Aside revealing your past experiences, you are also required to include number of years you have spent on the job in those areas of experience.

The last section gives your educational background that qualifies you for the job:

Professional Qualifications

Your academic qualifications are expected to be made known in this section. If you have ever had any other training aside the conventional academic qualification, that is relevant to the functions of computer technicians, you are equally expected to make them known here.

Computer Technician Resume Example/ Sample/Template

Below, we are presenting a sample of computer technician resume with full consideration of all the sections that have been mentioned earlier.

You can use this resume example as a template to guide you in writing your resume for the role of computer technician.


Rebecca Smith
Rebec Great Street• Tampa bay, Florida• 34567• Cell (233) 234-4567•

OBJECTIVE: In search of position of technical analyst with BlueChips Technologies, a company where I can utilize my talent accrued over 5 years to offer technical supports via email, phone or on-site, a kind of job I have been engaged in for many years.


  • Ability to provide technical supports to clients via any means desired by the organization
  • Ability to set up any computer-related security measure
  • Ability to troubleshoot all forms of computer issues
  • Knowledge in repair and maintenance of technical equipments
  • Skill in software and hardware installation
  • Ability to configure all forms of computer networks


Great Trust Computers Inc. New York City, New York.

Computer Technician
2000 –present

  • Provide highly efficient online technical support to clients
  • Act as customer representative agents via email and phone
  • Configure series of computer networks
  • Troubleshoot all forms of issues relating to computers
  • Repair faulty computer hardware
  • Maintain computer hardware to ensure longevity
  • Install software of all kinds


  • Great Ville secondary school, Ipswich, Florida, Diploma, 2006
  • Rockville University, Miami, Florida, Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences, 2011

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