Production Manager Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 26, 2023
If you are applying for a production manager job, having a good resume will improve the chance of your application succeeding.

If you are applying to work as a production manager, you will need a good resume to get recruiters attention to invite you to an interview where you can effectively convince them to hire you.

Without a great resume to take you in for an interview, you may not be able to get employers to know you are the best person for the job even if you are actually that person.

If you desire to learn how to create a resume that increases your chances for the job, this post does exactly that, please keep on reading.

Production managers are important employees in most manufacturing companies; so, firms look out for experienced candidates to fill this position whenever it is vacant.

Asides always wanting to hire experienced professionals to work as production managers, recruiters also look out for certain qualities in candidates for this position because the effective discharge of production activities relies on the ability of the manager in charge.

So, if you desire to work as a production manager, you must be able to convince the hiring manager that you possess all the qualities, qualification, and experience required by the hiring company for the production manager position you seek to obtain.

Steps to Writing a Good Production Manager Resume

In other words, you need to create a specific production manager resume targeted at the hiring company.

This entails utilizing keywords contained in the production manager job description so that your skills, qualifications, and expertise will be in line with the requirements of the production manager job opening you are seeking for.

Secondly, you need to choose a resume format suitable for the production manager job application.

As earlier stated, companies mostly require experienced candidates for this position though the level of experience depends on the size and nature of the hiring company.

So, a functional resume format highlighting all relevant skills, qualifications, and experience can be very effective in creating a production manager resume.

The beauty of the functional resume format lies in its simplicity and ease of construction.

A functional production manager resume will also enable you to give equal priority to the various sections on your resume.

Therefore, deficiency in any section of the resume can easily be concealed if it is properly arranged.

A well-written functional production manager resume should include the following key sections:

Resume Objective Section

It is important that you start your production manager resume with an objective statement or a summary.

However, for a functional production manager resume, it will be better to use a career objective because it will be more effective on the hiring manager.

Your objective statement should be concise; not more than two sentences, and should be created to include the position you seek to obtain, the name of the company you seek to work with and the major skills and experience you possess.
See examples below:

Examples of Production Manager Objective Statement for Resume

  • To obtain the position of production manager with GTC Company where over 10 years of progressive experience in manufacturing arena, extensive knowledge of production procedures, and strong leadership ability will be fully utilized.
  • Seeking the position of a production manager with BTC Manufacturing Company, offering extensive experience in production management, strong technical skills, and outstanding leadership ability.

Core Competence Section

If you possess the skills and personal qualities that will be useful to the hiring company, it is important that you include them in your resume.

Having the right set of skills, qualities, and qualifications for the production manager job and highlighting them in your resume will boost your chances of getting the job or being scheduled for an interview.

Job Experience Section

To apply for the position of a production manager, you are expected to have worked in the production arena for a good number of years.

This will avail you the experience and expertise necessary in leading a production team. So, it is necessary that you highlight one or two positions you have occupied before in production setting(s), and the duties you performed in the position(s) in your resume’s work experience section.

Educational and Professional Qualification Section

In addition to the level of experience expected of you as an applicant for the production manager position, you must be educated to the level specified by the hiring company before going on to submit your resume.

Therefore, you will need to state your educational qualifications, including relevant professional training programs you have completed that have helped you on your job as a production manager, in your resume.

Having looked at the different parts you should have in your production manager resume and how to write them, we shall now see an example of a complete production manager resume. See below:

Production Manager Resume Example/Sample/Template

Roman Depp
20 Queens Road, Chicago, Illinois
Home: (+2) 676-4321, Cell: (+2) 87-4321.

Objective: To obtain the position of a production manager with GTC Company where over 10 years of progressive experience in manufacturing arena, extensive knowledge of production procedures, and strong leadership ability will be fully utilized.

Core Competence

  • Over 10 years’ progressive experience in manufacturing setting
  • Extensive knowledge of production procedures
  • Strong leadership and technical skills
  • Exceptional ability to schedule and supervise production activities
  • Outstanding teamwork and multitasking ability
  • Proficiency in heavy industrial machines
  • Exceptional skill in handling heavy production machineries
  • Good health and physically dexterous
  • Exceptional planning, time management and problem solving skills.

Job Experience

ADC Manufacturing Company,
Production Manager
2013 – Present

  • Plan and create work schedule and assign duties to employees
  • Coordinate and supervise the work activities of employees
  • Ensure that production machineries are maintained
  • Monitor stock of production materials and procure materials when necessary
  • Maintain accurate record of work activities
  • Ensure that the production area is neat and safe
  • Ensure that production process is carried out in accordance with set standard
  • Organize meetings, seminar, and workshops with employees.

Educational and Professional Qualification

  • Rainbow City College, Chicago, Illinois, Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, 2012.


If you have the need to make a resume for the production manager job, and you need to do it yourself, you can use the tips and the template provided above in making a good one that increases your chances with employers.

Did you find the tips and template in this post helpful in creating a good resume for the production manager job? Please, let’s know what you think about this post by making a comment in the box below.

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