Product Marketing Manager Resume Writing Tips and Example

Product marketing manager resume.

Getting the product marketing manager job is competitive, however, you can increase your chances with a good resume.

Product Marketing Manager Resume Writing Tips and Example

While creating your product marketing resume, bear in mind that the purpose of submitting a resume to a hirer includes to present your bio, market yourself, and most importantly inform the hiring company that you will be of value to them if considered.

If you make the mistake of presenting and marketing yourself without informing the hiring manager that you have value to offer as a product marketing manager, you may appear boastful and no recruiting company wants you just because of who you are but what you can offer the company.

So, if your intention is to create a good resume with everything in the right proportion, you can utilize the tips and examples on this page to create one yourself.

A well-written resume should be able to market you as an individual while convincing the hirer of the value you offer and how the company can benefit from the skills and expertise at your disposal.

Steps to Making a Great Product Marketing Manager Resume

To create a convincing product marketing manager resume, you need to read and understand the job description for the position provided by the hiring manager.

This knowledge will assist you in creating the different sections of your product marketing manager resume in line with the expectations of the recruiting manager.

The second step to getting it right in writing a product marketing manager is to choose a format suitable for such application and ensure that your resume is properly formatted.

This includes choosing the right font size and style and proper spacing and presentation of each section.

Then, it is necessary that you check your resume for grammatical and spelling errors before sending it out.

This is particularly important as such errors may convey different information than you intended or in worst case scenario, discourage the recruiting officer from reading the resume that you labored to create.

Objective Section

This is the section of your resume that decides whether the document will be read or not.

In fact, most hiring managers do not read resumes beyond this point. So, make sure you win the heart of the recruiter at this point by targeting your statement at the particular company you seek to work with.

The objective section of your product marketing manager resume should contain a powerful statement indicating your interest in this position and the expertise you intend bringing to the job.

Here are examples of objective statements for the position:

Examples of Product Marketing Manager Objective Statement for Resume

  • To obtain the position of product marketing manager with Orange Technology Inc. where outstanding skills in developing marketing strategies, and proven track record of initiating collaborative ventures, and leading campaign will be efficiently utilized.
  • Seeking the position of product marketing manager with Purple Inc. where over 10 years experience working as a product marketing representative/manager, outstanding business communication skills, and great leadership skills will be utilized in managing the product marketing team.

Core Competence Section

The core competence section of your product marketing resume should be a summary of your skills and key strength.

The skills and expertise to state should be relevant to the product marketing manager job that you are applying for.

In fact, it is important that you highlight skills demanded by the recruiter before including any other perceived relevant qualities.

Job Experience Section

This section should be a summary of your work history. It is important that you highlight only few work experiences out of many if you have worked with several firms.

The job experience section of your product marketing manager resume should contain not only the name of the companies you worked for but the roles you played and the job duties that accompanied the positions.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

In this section of your resume, you are expected to highlight your academic qualifications, as well as all or any relevant professional qualification or training that you have attended.

Affiliations to professional associations can also be included in this section of your resume.

Make sure that each qualification is presented in bullet point and the year that the qualification is obtained included.

Having discussed the important sections to have in your product marketing manager resume, we will now see how the parts are put together to make a complete resume.

See the product marketing manager resume example below:

Product Marketing Manager Resume Example/Sample/Template

Thomas Gomez
103 City Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Home: (+1) 876-9765, Cell: (+1) 977-34566

Objective: To obtain the position of product marketing manager with Orange Technology Inc. where outstanding skills in developing marketing strategies and proven track record of initiating collaborative ventures and leading campaign will be efficiently utilized.

Core Competence

  • Outstanding skills in developing and implementing marketing strategies
  • Proven track record of successful product launch and campaign
  • Exceptional business communication and interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding leadership and organizational skills
  • Thorough knowledge of sales, marketing and promotion techniques
  • Strong ability to work under pressure and multitask effectively
  • Strong ability to manage numerical and financial calculation tasks.

Job Experience

Red Technology Inc, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Product Marketing Manager
2010 – 2015

  • Designed and oversaw the implementation of marketing strategies
  • Hired and trained product marketing representatives
  • Planned and organized campaigns, promotions and product launches
  • Identified leads and maintained good relations with clients and potential clients
  • Prepared monthly and annual marketing records and attended executive meetings
  • Organized and presided meetings with the marketing team

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama, Master’s Degree in Economics, 2000
  • American Association of Marketers, Member, 2004 – Present.

The above sample resume can be applied as a template to make it easier and faster for you to make your resume when you need to send one to a recruiter.


The benefits of having a good resume when seeking a job cannot be over emphasized. With a great product marketing manager resume you can have an edge over the competition for the job and secure an interview with the employer.

Therefore, if your desire is to make an effective resume for the product marketing manager job, the tips and template provided in this post will certainly be of help to you.

Did you learn something useful from this post to enable you create a good resume for the product marketing manager job you are applying for? Please leave a comment in the box below.

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