Business Owner Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Business owner resume writing and example
You will need a good resume as a business owner to increase your chances when bidding for contracts.

Business Owner Resume Writing Tips and Example

Do you need to write a resume for the role of a business owner? If yes, then sit back and enjoy this post as it shows you how to write an effective resume and also provides an example of one you can use as a template in making yours.

Why You Need a Resume as a Business Owner

Being a business owner often places one in a position where he/she receives, reviews and hires workers regularly.

However, times may arise requiring him/her to submit a resume and have it reviewed by someone else. At such period, crafting a good resume can be as tedious as putting together a bankable business plan.

For instance, if a business owner is bidding for a contract, submitting a compelling resume that highlights his/her skills and achievements may not only be necessary but important to enable him/her make a good impression on the potential client.

Other occasions that may necessitate a business owner to submit a resume include when registering with a professional association or for a professional certification, seeking partnership with another person or capital for expansion, or seeking to be employed by another business asides his own business, or at the event of business failure.

Whichever the reason is, it is only good that you craft a compelling resume to help you stand out from the crowd of applicant.

So, if you are a business owner and you are finding it difficult writing a good resume that hirers or potential clients would fall in love with, then you are just on the right page as the tips and sample resume we are about to share will help you achieve your aim of writing a good resume.

Choosing a Format for Your Resume

To prepare a resume, there are many formats you can choose from and adopt.

However, whichever format you decide to use, ensure that your objective, skills and competencies, and achievements are modeled after the client’s requirements for the position you seek to occupy.

Now, it is time to quickly look at the contents of each section before we conclude with a sample resume to enable you create yours effortlessly.

Business Owner Resume Objective Section

This section is probably the most important section of any resume. It allows you to summarize your soft skills and tell the potential employer why you are the best fit for the job.

It is wise to be succinct but convincing at this stage of the resume writing. All that is required is a compelling one or two paragraph sentence that would enable you win the heart of the hirer and get him/her to read the resume further to discover more about you.

In creating this section, make sure you identify the core requirements of the business owner position you want to fill and tailor your objective statement to suit the requirements.

If you are yet to understand the point we are trying to make here, then take a look at the examples below:

Business Owner Objective Statement Examples for Resume

  • Bidding for an electrical installation contract with XYZ Inc. where my company’s ingenuity in handling electrical installations and maintenance will be invaluable in servicing your company’s electrical installation needs with tremendous result.
  • Seeking the position of a project manager in a reputable construction company where my over ten years of experience in manning my own construction company will be well utilized in achieving tremendous success in subsequent construction projects.

By now you must have understood the point we were trying to make earlier. However, the two statements above apply to two different contexts.

The first example is appropriate when you are bidding for a project or contract, or seeking for a known position.

The second is generic and best suited for unknown positions.

The second section of the resume (following our format) provides information about the skills and competence required of a business owner.

Core Competence

In this section, the hirer expects you to state all the qualities that make you an outstanding business owner.

In addition, you are expected to model this section to fall in line with the skills and qualities expected of a potential employee or contractor.

These days, the contract description or vacancy advertisements are often accompanied by the set of skills and job descriptions required of an applicant for such contract or position.

In case no such requirements are attached, identifying the business needs and values of the potential employer or client will enable you write a good skills and competence section.

The first section we treated earlier may endear you to the hirer but it is this section that actually enables him/ her to assess your capacity and capability.

So, if you want to get that contract or job, you must tailor this section carefully to suit the demands of your potential client.

That done; now we move to the next part of the resume:

Business Achievements

Being an employer of sort, the business owner may include his/her achievement in place of the conventional work experience seen on resumes.

This section complements the skills and competence section by highlighting not only his/her abilities but achievements, which serve as proof of expertise in his/her field.

The final section …

Professional qualification

This section allows you to list your educational qualifications and year obtained.

Additionally, including your certificates obtained from training programs and professional associations is also very important as it may give you an edge over applicants without such qualifications.

Business Owner Resume Example/Sample/Template

To enable you craft your own resume, below is an example of a business owner resume following the tips given above, which can serve as a template to use:

Johnson Lex
105 Kingston Street. Bronx, New York
Home: (+1) 554-2267, Cell: (+1) 929-2267

OBJECTIVE: Bidding for an electrical installation contract with XYZ Company where my company’s ingenuity in handling electrical installations and maintenance will be invaluable in servicing your company’s electrical installation needs with tremendous result.

Core Competence

  • Bidding and negotiation
  • Hiring and training/briefing of workers/sub-contractors
  • Exceptional ability to install and maintain electrical systems
  • Sub-contracting, residential and industrial consulting
  • Exceptional procurement and supply management skills
  • Excellent leadership and administrative skills
  • Exceptional project planning and management skills
  • Proficiency in handling electrical tools and equipment.

Business Achievements

Lex Electrical Construction Company, New York
Business Owner/Manager
2008 – Present

  • Bidding and securing contracts
  • Planning all stages of construction
  • Supervising every stage of contract execution
  • Scheduling and delegating duties among employees
  • Overseeing the execution of projects to ensure timely completion
  • Procuring materials to be utilized in electrical projects
  • Documenting and reporting milestones achieved to clients.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Bradford College of engineering, New Jersey, Bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering, 2005
  • Bronx high school, Bronx, NY, 1999.

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