Investment Banker Resume Writing Tips and Example

investment banker resume

Your quest to land a job as an investment banker will be brighter with a good resume.

Investment Banker Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you are seeking investment banker job, employers will certainly request that you send them a resume so they can have information that will tell them if you are the person they are looking for or not.

This means your resume should be as best as it can be to be selected by the recruiter for an interview appointment where you will then be able to physically convince them of your ability to do the job than any other person.

You may spend hours putting together an ineffective resume if you don’t know the tips and tricks involved in making a resume outstanding.

On the average, it takes a recruiter less than a minute to decide whether to give you a chance or bin your resume.

So, knowing that it is your resume that decides whether you are given a chance or not, you need to create a good investment banker resume if you want to win the heart of the hiring manager from the moment he or she picks up your resume.

You do not need to worry if you are not a resume expert as this post provides guidance on how to go about creating a near perfect investment banker resume.

Banks are always careful to employ only the best applicants that the labor market has to offer. So, for you to get into the banking industry or be employed as an investment banker, your resume must showcase you as an impeccable character.

Writing your resume, what to note

Before writing your resume, the hiring manager expects you to carry out thorough background check on the hiring firm as well as go through the job description so that you will be able to ascertain your suitability for the job before submitting your resume.

Going through the job description will also help you to obtain important information that you will employ in creating a targeted investment banker resume.

You should endeavor to limit your resume to a page or two so that it will be given adequate attention.

You need to include only relevant skills in your resume and do not tell lies about your skills or qualifications.

Your investment banker resume must be presented in a neat format that can win the heart of the reader at a glance. You must avoid using unreadable font.

The key sections to be discussed below should be included in your investment banker resume if you want to convince the hiring manager to employ you.

Objective Section

This is the section where you inform the hiring bank that you are passionate about working with them and not just because you want to make money.

So, the objective section of your investment banker resume should be targeted at the particular bank you want to work with.

Make sure the name of the bank is clearly highlighted and correctly spelt. Then, make the statement appealing to the hiring manager by using keywords associated with the investment banker position.

Below are examples of objective statements for investment banker resume to aid your learning of how to write one for your resume:

Examples of Investment Banker Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking the job of an investment banker with Goldman Sachs where strong background in banking and financial management, previous experience in investment banking, mergers and acquisition, and exceptional business acumen will be fully utilized.
  • Looking to work as an investment banker at Bank of America, offering strong academic background in business and investment banking, superior communication skills and ability to analyze financial statements

Core Competence Section

In this section, all relevant skills you have which will be useful to the hiring bank if employed should be clearly laid down in bullet points.

However, it is important not to include more than five to seven points. Anything longer makes it a list which recruiters frown at.

Job Experience Section

Any internship or work experience is very important to include in a resume, so, make sure to highlight whatever experience you have had working as an investment banker in the resume.

This gives more power to your resume as employers will see you as someone that can bank on their wealth of experience and contacts for the benefit of their companies.

Generally, make sure that each section of your investment banker resume is clearly highlighted and formatted with the information presented in neat bullet point.

Education and Professional Qualification Section
To be employed as an investment banker, you need to have a track record of impeccable academic qualifications.

Most banks will demand for a GPA of 3.5 and above from entry-level applicants. So, if your academic background is not impressive, getting a job as an investment banker may be very difficult.

On the other hand, if you have a good academic record, you still need to present it in an attractive format to convince the hirer that you worked hard in school.

It is advisable to highlight only recent and most important academic achievements.

Having discussed the different sections to have in your investment banker resume and how to make them, we will now see a complete sample resume for the position.

Investment Banker Resume Example/Sample/Template

Daniel Cream
104 Bank Road, Los Angeles, California
Home: (+2) 000-9097, Cell: (+2)000-90999

Objective: Seeking the job of an investment banker with Goldman Sachs where strong background in banking and financial management, previous experience in investment banking, mergers and acquisition, and exceptional business acumen will be fully utilized.

Core Competence

  • Strong academic background in financial management and investment banking
  • Solid experience in investment banking, mergers and acquisitions
  • Strong ability to analyze financial statements
  • Superior communication and organization skills
  • Strong proficiency in MS Office Applications
  • Excellent business acumen.

Job Experience
United Investment Bank, Los Angeles, California
Investment Bank
2012 – 2015

  • Analyzed and created financial models for mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity transactions
  • Initiated business opportunities and convinced potential clients to key into ideas
  • Prepared business documents including confidential offerings, management presentations and SEC filings
  • Managed all phases of investment transactions and coordinated other employees
  • Assisted in training new hires in the principle and practice of investment banking.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • California State University, Los Angeles, California, Master’s degree in Financial Management, 2012.

Please note that to quickly make a resume for the job of an investment banker, you can apply the above resume example as a template to guide and model yours after.


Making a good resume that can increase your chances of getting an interview for the investment banker job is not so difficult.

The tips and resume example provided in this post are sure to help you create effective resumes whenever you need to.

Did you learn something useful to creating a great resume for the investment banker position? Please make your comment in the box below.

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