Human Resources Coordinator Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 6, 2023
Human Resources Coordinator Job Description
Human Resources Coordinators provide orientation to new hires and engender team spirit in them.

This post presents exhaustive information on the human resources coordinator job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the human resources coordinator role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Human Resources Coordinator Do?

Human resources coordinators are HR personnel who facilitate all human resources functions and programs.

Working under the HR director or manager, the job description of human resources coordinators includes organizing and scheduling of employees’ orientations.

They address issues raised by existing employees or new-hires and also coordinate other human resources functions such as staff training and development.

In performing their duties, human resources coordinators oversee issues related to employment, compensation, labor negotiations, and employee relations.

Their role is often focused on improving human resources policies, processes, and practices – recommending changes to the human resources management.

They also oversee the processing of paperwork for new recruits, ensuring accurate entry into HRIS systems.

To achieve efficient operations, human resources coordinators carry out enormous amount of research, data analysis and report as regards employee productivity.

They direct all administrative duties in the human resources department of an organization.

These duties normally involve assisting human resources managers with recruiting, organizing interviews for potential employees, and checking applicant references.

Their work description also involves maintaining employee records and conducting new hire orientations.

As part of their responsibilities, human resources coordinators assist with payroll processing, provision of benefits and job description information to both new and existing employees.

They oversee the preparation of job offers, termination or acknowledgement documents. A huge part of a human resource coordinators’ task is to recruit and help new employees integrate into the company.

They also aid employees gain additional training or knowledge of new processes or systems.

To get into the human resources coordinator career requires a Bachelor’s degree in business or human resources.

The major qualities required for success on the job include strong communication, teamwork, and IT skills.

Human Resources Coordinator Job Description Example/Template

Human resources coordinators perform various functions; the job description example given below highlights vital duties, tasks, and responsibilities that usually constitute their roles in most organizations:

  • Maintain record of personnel-related data for payroll, contact, leaves, and turnover rates in both paper and computer databases to ensure all employment requirements are met
  • Act as a liaison between employees and insurance providers
  • Ensure effective utilization of plans related to human resources programs and services
  • Assist with employee performance review and termination
  • Assist with recruitment and interviewing processes
  • Provide administrative assistance by responding internal and external HR-related inquiries or requests
  • Redirect human resources related calls or distribute correspondence to the appropriate person of the team
  • Schedule meetings, interviews, and human resources events, and maintain the team agenda
  • Perform orientations on boarding as well as update records with new hires
  • Produce and submit reports on general human resources activity
  • Resolve benefits related problems
  • Answer employee requests and questions
  • Assist with new employment hiring processes
  • Administer health and welfare plans, including enrollments, changes, and terminations
  • Oversee the reconciling of benefits statements
  • Coordinate employee training sessions and seminars
  • Support other functions as assigned.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Human Resources Coordinator Role

To be hired for the role of a human resources coordinator in most organizations, you will need to have the following requirements:

  • Education and Training: To become a human resource coordinator, you require a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Human Resources Management, or in a related discipline. HR coordinators usually require a Master’s degree in Business Administration or active work experience in a human resource field to take up a managerial role in an organization. Having professional certifications from recognized organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management is an added advantage for the position
  • IT Skill: HR coordinators are able to maintain employee information using HRIS database and file management systems
  • Communication Skill: They are well versed in interacting with candidates during job interviews using professional language and expression to obtain necessary information
  • Teamwork Ability: They are adept to working with a team of HR or recruitment personnel to direct employee activities and address their grievances.


Are you an employer hiring for the human resources coordinator position? If you are and need a good job description to publish for the role, you can simply edit or modify the sample copy provided in this post to perfectly reflect your firm’s operation.

The detailed information about the HR coordinator’s duties and responsibilities highlighted in this post can enable you to create a great description for the position that can attract the best candidates to your job offer.

Individuals aspiring to get into the human resources career will also find this article helpful in learning about the duties that HR coordinators perform, as well as the skills and qualities required to succeed on the job.