Human Resources Manager Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Human Resource Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Human Resource Managers ensure efficient and effective work force for organizations.

Human Resources Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Human Resources Manager Do?

Human resources manager is undoubtedly a very important personality in a profit-oriented or nonprofit organization.

The human resources manager job description involves handling of all human resources needs of the organization.

He/she participates in programs towards the development of his/company’s staff members, and is responsible for maintaining all issues related to clients and members of staff.

The role of the hr manager also involves him/her using their expertise and experience in planning and implementing rules and regulations to be adopted by the organization; he/she does this in agreement with other management staff.

He/she evaluates the relationship of employees with the organization and with the customers.

He/she sets up human resources programs and policies and ensures such policies are communicated to all staff.

The human resource manager is saddled with the responsibility of maintaining the work structure of the organization.

He/she ensures the job descriptions and job requirements for all cadres of workers, and ensure that open positions are updated.

He/she participates fully in recruitment exercises of the organization and also plays important roles in the training of new employees.

He/she is relied on to establish the recruitment and interview programs to be followed by the organization.

The human resource manager provides expert counseling services to managers of other departments in the organization regarding candidate selection.

He/she is expected to possess wide knowledge about job seekers and determine the one to perfectly fit a particular open position.

When such times arrive, the hr manager is expected to provide recommendations regarding interview format and job structure and requirements.

The person occupying the post of manager of human resource in a company should be a good communicator, and should be able to effective inform other managers of new finding and policies he/she plans to implement.

He/she should understand how to relate with every member of staff to ensure easy implementation of company’s policies in terms of recruitment and organization.

The human resource manager is expected to handle all training activities of the organization, as well as set up orientation programs for new and old staff.

Aside handling the recruitment, interview, and training for new members of staff, the work description of the human resource manager also entails managing staff remunerations.

He/she should carry out personal surveys in official capacity, regarding the latest obtainable standards in salary structures.

He/she should also see to the implementation of new salary structure in an attempt to keep the members of staff more active and productive.

The human resource manager is expected to conduct and schedule job evaluations for the members of staff too.

He/she is relied on to prepare pay budget and get such submitted to the management for perusal and consideration.

Individual pay actions must also be scheduled and monitored by the human resource manager.

He/she also plans, recommends, and implements pay structure revisions on behalf of the organization.

Human Resource Manager Job Description Example

The human resource manager plays a crucial role in an organization as he/she takes responsibility for the efficiency and vibrancy of the organization’s work force.

Shown below is a job description example for the human resource manager role, highlighting the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the position:

  • Plan and monitor work results of members of staff
  • Implement structures for proper appraisal of employees and their assigned tasks
  • Train managers on latest acceptable ethics and work structures of the organization
  • Discipline erring members of staff when such needs arise
  • Organize coaching and seminars for all members of staff
  • Schedule and organize management conferences along with employees
  • Listen to staff and resolve any grievance or complaint that may arise amongst them
  • Provide counseling services to supervisors and other staff members
  • Implement various modalities to provide work benefits for employees
  • Study and properly assess obtainable rules for proper provision of benefits for employees
  • Direct and also process benefit claims by employees
  • Monitor and implement all applicable human resources standards to ensure compliance to state and federal legal systems.

Human Resource Manager Resume Preparation

If you are vying for an hr manager position, it is important to know that the strength of your resume can determine to a great deal if you will be short listed for an interview or not.

Using the duties and responsibilities of a human resource manager contained in the above sample job description can help you create the work experience section for your resume that will be attractive to employers.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Human Resource Manager Post

When recruiting for the hr manager position, the following abilities, knowledge, and skills are usually required by employers for applicants to meet because they have been observed to improve the effectiveness of individuals holding the position:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in related fields. Some organizations also accept Associate degree, while some insist on Master’s degree
  • Years of work experience in similar position is added advantage
  • Possess top-notch organization ability
  • Ability to multitask and excel on several assignments at the same time
  • Ability to resolve disagreements and complaints among members of staff
  • Ability to negotiate with clients, management, and employees
  • Possess excellent communication skills, verbally, and also in written form
  • Ability to implement the ethics and rules of the organization
  • Ability to carry both management staff and other employees along
  • Ability to bridge the differences between management and other members of staff.

Human Resource Manager Skills for Resume

To make your hr manager resume really stand out, all sections, including the skills section must be created in such a way that they are irresistible to employers to read.

You can make such skills section by applying the qualities required of human resource manager shown above. However, be certain that you actually have them so as not to give false information to employers.