Production Supervisor Job Description Sample

Production Supervisor job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Production Supervisors provide leadership in a production setting. Image source:

Production Supervisor Job Description Sample

What Does a Production Supervisor Do?

Production supervisors are operations or line managers, which means their job description involves having a hands-on leadership role in their companies and the company’s product-making activities.

Elaborately, production supervisors come under the industrial production manager categories.

They are mostly seen in companies like commercial bakeries, automakers and many other companies engaging in mass-production of goods on schedule.

Employees of manufacturing companies frequently turn to their production supervisors for answers and direction to their questions about their assigned duties.

It takes different kinds of employees to make a successful manufacturing or industrial company work efficiently.

From the plant or factory manager to the line assembly employee, everyone in a manufacturing-type or industrial company has a vital role to play.

For instance, a production supervisor represents the leadership team and the face most seen by the company’s rank-and-file employees.

They perform several duties and are held responsible in general for meeting company production goals.

Depending on the company, a production supervisor’s job description may include tasks such as directing, coordinating or planning work activities and obtaining necessary resources for production success.

In essence, these professionals should be able to ensure that their assigned assembly functions deliver products that will meet all company quality, cost, and quantity requirements.

Other duties they usually perform include reviewing production orders and processing schedules and deciding on the resources needed to meet those orders or schedules.

They are also responsible for meeting company budget goals.

These supervisors work as a team and closely with the rank-and-file employees assigned to them because they’re line managers.

In some places, they are even responsible for training, evaluating, hiring, and terminating employees’ job.

The production supervisor must be specifically skilled at resolving everyday personnel grievances that occurs among the employees from time to time.

Also, he/she must be able to staff his/her production areas correctly and ensure the employees in those areas work efficiently.

Production Supervisor Job Description Sample, Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities

Below is sample of the production supervisor job description consisting of specific duties, tasks, and responsibilities that makes up the work activities of individuals who work in that role.

  • Accomplish manufacturing staff results by planning, monitoring, communicating job expectations and appraising job results; counseling, disciplining and coaching employees; coordinating, initiating and enforcing systems, procedures and policies
  • Maintain staff by recruiting, orienting, selecting and training employees; and developing personal growth opportunities in them
  • Maintain work flow by setting process variables, monitoring steps of the process; observing equipment and control points; monitoring resources and personnel; developing reporting systems and procedures, studying methods; facilitating corrections to malfunctions, implementing cost reductions; initiating and developing a spirit of cooperation between and within departments
  • Ensure operation of equipment by evaluating new equipment and calling for repairs of old ones
  • Provide manufacturing information by sorting, initiating, compiling, and analyzing production performance data and records
  • Educate and direct employees on the use of equipment, all control points and resources
  • Contribute to team effort

Production Supervisor Resume Preparation

To prepare a good resume for the post of supervisor in a production firm, you will need to complete all sections of the resume with the right information. The job description example given above for the position can be used in making the professional experience section of the resume.

Requirements – Qualities – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Post of Production Supervisor

To be effective as production supervisor, individuals vying for the position are expected to possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities which made up the minimum requirements for the position for most employers:

  • 2+ years experience of managing and leading people in a production environment
  • English Communications Skills
  • Computer literacy essential
  • Proficiency in MS-Office suites
  • A team player
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Strong understanding of the expectations associated with leading a production team

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