Call Center Manager Job Description Example

By | August 23, 2023
Call center manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Call center managers ensure quality service is provided to customers through effective supervision of staff

Call Center Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Call Center Manager Do?

Call center managers are responsible for directing the activities of call center staff to ensure high quality service is provided to customers.

The call center manager job description entails planning and implementing call center strategies effective for meeting clients’ needs and achieving set objectives.

Managers at call centers develop and effect action plans for achieving targets for daily operations.

They conduct needs assessments, cost-benefit analysis, and technological requirement in order to determine operational strategies for target realization.

They also establish standards for customer service and call handling.

Call center managers in performing their duties oversee the recruiting and training of representatives.

They direct and supervise the operations of call center personnel to ensure they meet set customer service and outbound sales goals.

They are also responsible for evaluating the performance of call center representatives to identify areas that require further training.

Usually, call center managers ensure availability of technological resources required for work operations.

They oversee the installation of technical equipment to ensure workstations and systems are properly set up and operational.

Their role also involves scheduling and calling for equipment repair in order to maintain smooth operations.

These managers, as part of their duties, develop and implement procedures for handling calls.

They also ensure call center agents in interacting with customers comply with acceptable standards of customer service.

Their work description also involves addressing and resolving complex issues/complaints escalated by call center agents.

Call center managers prepare annual budgets and ensure effective management of human and material resources.

They delegate job duties to other personnel according to their proficiency and customer demand.

They also analyze records of incoming calls to identify peak times and quiet times; results of this analysis is crucial to determining the number of agents required for a shift.

Managers in charge of call centers also provide reports of the department’s performance to company management unit.

They also conduct system audits and analysis to determine ways to improve call center operations.

To land a job as a manager at most call centers requires a Bachelor’s degree in business or management; and some of the qualities you require to succeed on the job include customer service, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Call Center Manager Job Description Example/Template

The call center manager job entails various duties, tasks, and responsibilities to keep the unit running smoothly and ensure customer satisfaction.

The following is a job description example that highlights the typical functions of the manager at most call centers:

  • Develop and set objectives for day-to-day operations in a call center
  • Oversee the effective management of technological and human resources in order to maximize productivity
  • Recruit, orient, and train call center representatives to deliver high standard customer service
  • Utilize key metrics to evaluate the performance of call center agents in order to identify the need for special training
  • Assign and delegate work tasks to call center agents according to their specialty and current customer demand
  • Address and resolve complex issues escalated by call center representatives
  • Ensure equipment and technological resources required for operations are available and in working order
  • Carry out performance reviews, capacity planning, and technological evaluation to determine action plan for improved operations
  • Develop customer interaction/call handling procedures and policies
  • Prepare annual budgets and schedule expenditures in order to meet the financial objectives of a call center
  • Design and implement standards for customer service operations
  • Prepare and present call operation reports to upper management
  • Collect and analyze call center sales records and customer service metrics to evaluate general performance
  • Attend educational workshops and review relevant literature in order to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of call center operations management
  • Liaise with the technology department to design and implement solutions for the resolution of technical problems.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Call Center Manager Role

If you are interested in working as a manager at a call center, here are typical qualifications most employers would want applicants for the role to fulfill to be considered for hiring:

  • Education and Training: To become a call center manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in business or management. Experience in a customer-focused field or as a call center agent is also required for the position. Basic training and orientation is often provided to new call center managers to acquaint them with the business and managerial expectations of a company
  • Customer service Skills: Call center managers are adept at courteously interacting with customers and ensuring their requirements are met
  • Leadership Skill: They are able to direct and manage the human resources of a firm in order to achieve set objectives
  • Problem-solving Skills: They are able to provide solutions to customer issues and complaints
  • Pre-employment tests: The final part of the recruitment process for this position may require taking a test or two to determine if you possess relevant skills for the position, including customer service and leadership skills. Find out more about job assessment tests and what to do to ensure you come up tops.


If you are an employer hiring for the call center manager position, the sample job description provided in this post will be helpful to you in making a suitable work description for use in attracting the best qualified candidates to your company and assigning the right tasks to them.

Job seekers interested in this role will also find this article helpful in learning about what they do, and so prepare themselves well for success on the job.

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