Product Development Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Product Development Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Product Development Managers coordinate the creation and introduction of new products into the market. Image source:

This post presents complete information on the job description of a product development manager, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the role.

What Does a Product Development Manager Do?

A product development manager is a professional whose job description includes overseeing all aspects of the process that businesses use to create and introduce new products to the market.

Product development managers work in various industries where new products are constantly developed to meet the needs of the public, including the fashion, healthcare, information technology, and foods and beverages industries.

They must be creative, detail-oriented and must be able to multi-task.

If you want to work as a product development manager, you would be required to complete a four-year training program leading to bachelor’s degree in business, obtain a graduate school degree and gain practical experience.

Business concepts are very important to learn while you are in college studying to become a product development manager.

You will need to learn how to design products and pitch your new items to members of the public by investigating and knowing what consumers need and where they can be targeted.

These skills are mandatory to have to be able to perform the duties of the position effectively.

During your training program in school, you can choose to major in business with a special focus on marketing or entrepreneurship.

You might also take additional classes in areas such as chemical engineering and materials science depending on the kind of products that you are interested in producing, as these courses would be helpful in developing new healthcare and pharmaceuticals products.

You can acquire on the job experience of the position, such as the specific tasks, duties, and responsibilities the product development manager is expected to carry out by completing an internship in any industry of your choice.

If you are serious about becoming a product development manager, you will need to demonstrate to your superiors that you know how to analyze market trends and develop product proposals that can help the organization to make more profits.

Product Development Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Below is an example of product development manager job description, which includes major duties, tasks, and responsibilities holders of the position usually perform.

  • Oversee product line and trend direction with the aim of creating a focused brand concept
  • Review merchandise line so as to ensure “harmony” with other brands of merchandise
  • Present brand concepts in all meetings with the management and review styles with merchants
  • Work closely with merchants at Concept Meeting on fabrics, colors, line plans and print choices
  • Identify and research patterns, fabrics, styles, seasonal color palettes, prints and details
  • Monitor on daily basis status of line development which includes design, production and technical design
  • Analyze all price quotes
  • Work with merchants in order to make sure that target costs are met
  • Understand yarn and fabric costs
  • Approve all yearns and fabrics for quality, weight, appearance and hand-feel, by using technical knowledge and formal guidelines
  • Approve prototype samples for construction style details
  • Prepare and initiate design specification packages to be given to Technical Design Department
  • Manage workflow from first sketch to the final placement of styles
  • Manage approval process of all patterns trims, strike offs and correct lab dips technically
  • Learn about customer’s dislikes and likes, and identify key styles by leveraging on buyers knowledge
  • Introduce testing of new concept and styles
  • Communicate with all overseas offices on daily basis
  • Hire, train, develop, and manage Assistant Product Managers

Product Development Manager Job Description for Resume

Writing a resume for product development manager position: the sample job description shown above provides the needed information for writing the employment history part of a resume for the post.

Product Development Manager Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

Here are some of the skills, knowledge, and special abilities required to perform on this position effectively:

  • 2-4 years’ working experience in a product development role, preferably as a Product Manager
  • Must be creative
  • Must be a fast thinker
  • Must have eye for color
  • Must be a team player
  • Demonstrated ability to solve technical problems and partner with Planners, appropriate Buyers and others to effect solutions
  • Communication skills