Retail Cashier Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Retail cashier resume
A good resume can make your desire to work in a retail store as a cashier easily achievable.

Retail Cashier Resume Writing Tips and Example

Do you need to be able to write a good resume to present for a retail cashier job? This post is specifically to help you do that if that is your desire. So make sure to read to the end of it.

Applicants are always quick to think that to get a job in a retail store is as easy as telling the store owner or manager that they need a job.

For some positions, this may apply, but to be employed as a cashier in a retail store, a good resume is compulsory.

The job of cashier is one that comes with handling of cash and customers. So, employers usually exercise lots of caution and tact in hiring candidates for this particular role.

The resume is usually the first point of contact between the hirer and the applicant. So, it is usually a very useful tool to both parties.

While the hirer uses the resume as an assessment tool to check the capability of the applicant based on what he/she is seeing on paper, the applicant sees the resume as a means of making a good first and lasting impression on the hirer.

So, being the writer, you are placed in a better position than the hirer if only you know how to use such a powerful tool to your utmost benefit.

While the employer is under moral obligation to believe whatever you present in your resume, you as the writer is under moral obligation to ensure that information provided in the resume are all true.

Writing a Resume: Choosing a Format

However, you are free to present the information on your resume in any manner or format you deem good, so long as it is true.

So, it is only good that you choose a format that allows you to present your resume in a catchy and endearing manner.

The first step to achieving this aim is to make sure that you adopt a format that includes the key sections that make a great resume.

Then, make sure that your details are presented in a simple but flawless English.

Finally, make sure that each section is presented in catchy manner using bullet points.

Let us quickly look at how to construct and present each of these sections so as to achieve the desired result.

Objective Section

Talk about impressing the hirer with your resume, this is where it starts. If you impress the hirer at this stage, he or she will read your resume with delight to the last sentence.

If you fail, you give way for a more serious applicant.

The big question on your mind right now is probably, ‘how do I impress the hirer with my resume objective?’

The answer to the question is not as difficult as it might seem, as you will see very soon.

All that is required at this stage is just a simple sentence or two highlighting your interest in the position and the skills you offer that qualify you for it.

The objective section of a retail cashier resume is where the applicant’s assessment for the job begins.

So, you should be able to convince the hirer that you do not only understand the job description, but have what it takes to perform in the role effectively.

A good way to do this is to highlight your key qualities that are in-sync with the job description.

And make sure that you use powerful keywords that convey how good you are at your job.

See examples of good retail cashier resume objectives statements below:

Examples of Retail Cashier Objective Statement for Resume

  • To obtain cahier position with Wal-Mart Stores where excellent customer service skills, strong numerical skills, and effective communication ability will be utilized to improve customer experience and enhance efficiency in the store.
  • Seeking the position of cashier in a growing retail outlet where exceptional customer service skills and vast experience working with different retail stores will be put to use.

Core Competence Section

The objective section is expected to be precise. It is usually between one or two sentences. So, the core competence section gives you the chance to list your qualifications, qualities, strength, and skills.

However, you are supposed to list only skills that are in-sync with the position you are applying for.

Also, make sure you create this section in short sentences presented in bullet points to enable the hirer take in all the listed skills at a glance.

Job Experience section

This section is where you highlight relevant experiences. If you have worked with different retail stores and wish to include more than experience, then you must arrange this section in reverse chronological order – starting with the most recent job experience.

Educational qualification section

Here, you are to highlight all relevant academic qualifications that you have acquired. Just like the job experience section, you are expected to present this part in reverse chronological order.

If you keep to these tips, you are sure of writing a good resume and will be one step away from landing that desired job as a cashier in a retail store.

If you still don’t know how to make this happen, follow the resume template below to assist you in creating great resumes by yourself.

Retail Cashier Resume Example/Sample/Template

Arthur Penn
99 Pentagon Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Home: (+1) 699-977, Cell: (+1) 699-9777

Objective: To obtain cahier position with Wal-Mart Stores where excellent customer service skills, strong numerical skills, and effective communication ability will be utilized to improve customer experience and enhance efficiency in the store.

Core Competence

  • Vast experience in retail environment and cashiering position
  • Friendly and great customer service skills
  • Strong knowledge of MS Excel and other spread sheet applications
  • Effective communication ability (oral and written)
  • Strong ability to multitask and perform in high pressure environment
  • Strong organizational skills and zero tolerance for errors
  • Sound background in mathematics and book keeping
  • Exceptional cash handling skills and ability to facilitate payment via electronic payment system
  • Good bagging skills.

Job Experience

New Age Special Stores, Louisiana
Retail Cashier
2009 – 2015

  • Complied with established customer service standard and corporate vision
  • Ensured customers’ purchases are speedily checked out
  • Collected cash from customers and ensured their products are appropriately bagged
  • Listened to customers’ queries and provided necessary answers
  • Maintained the cash register
  • Prepared daily, weekly, and monthly sales report
  • Assist other retail workers in cleaning, stocking, and packing when the need arises
  • Ensured that orderliness is maintained in the queue during busy hours.

Educational Qualification

 Louisiana College of Accountancy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Associate degree in Accounting, 2007.


The retail cashier job is somewhat competitive to get due to the fact that many people go for it as it does not require much experience and training to qualify for it.

Therefore, to have an edge over other applicants and get into employers’ list for interview, you need to present a great resume that meets the employer’s needs.

By using the ideas and resume example given in this post, you too will be able to create effective resumes to present to employers and increase your chances with them.

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