Mail Carrier Resume Writing Tips and Example

Mail Carrier resume

If you are searching for a mail carrier job, having a good resume will take you ahead of the competition.

Mail Carrier Resume Writing Tips and Example

Are you searching for a mail carrier job? If yes, then you will need to have a good resume ready to present to employers.

Having a great resume is important in the job search process because it improves your chances of meeting with the employer at an interview where you will have the opportunity to impress it on them why you are the best mail carrier for the job.

Writing a resume may look difficult; however, it is something you can learn. And that is what this guide seeks to achieve – to enable you to quickly write an effective resume, by which the employer would want to have a chat with you at an interview.

Firstly, let’s look at the concept of resume format:

Mail Carrier Resume Format

Resumes are usually designed in different formats consisting of various sections. The sections are sub-topics which provide relevant information or answers to questions the employer will likely want to have to be able to assess your suitability for the position.

Therefore, the success of a resume will depend more on how well written the sections are, in terms of meeting the needs of the employer.

If the sections can be written in such a way that convinces the employer that you have what they are looking for in a mail carrier, then you can be rest assured that you will get an invite to an interview with them.

Now, we will be looking into how to write each of the sections of the resume for the post of mail carrier.

We will be working with the resume format that has four sections, namely: objective statement, core competence, professional experience, and educational background.

Let’s start with the objective statement, which is actually the first statement the employer will read:

The Mail Carrier Resume Objective Statement

The objective statement is your best chance in your resume at giving a good first impression of yourself to the employer. And O how deep and lasting a first impression can be!

Ensure you aptly communicate why you want the job of a mail carrier and your commensurate capacity to deliver if hired.

This kind of objective statement shows that you know what is important to them. Now, that’s the kind of first impression that wins their heart.

This section of the resume is your first contact with the employer, so don’t misuse it. Considering the amount of applicants that apply for the job of mail carrier in many cities, due to its minimal educational requirements, you will do yourself a whole lot of good by communicating your passion and capacity for the job.

By stating your ability and desire to meet their major needs for a mail carrier in your objective statement, you will have immediate shown that you know what is important to them. This gives you a higher chance of landing the job.

However, to accurately write this section, you must go beyond assuming what the employer’s major need for a mail carrier might be; you need to be specific.

Good thing is that you can know what hiring managers are looking for by simply observing the content of their advertisement for the job position.

Employers would normally specify their major requirements and job description for their ideal mail carrier in the advertisement for the position. This to them, is filtration.

Take mail delivery service companies as an example, they look out for mail carriers who are both energetic and smart, pay attention to details, record deliveries accurately, are observant and possess administrative skills, and who can also ride motorcycles, drive cars and trucks.

If you tailor your objective statement to convey your capacity to meet these needs, you’ll be closer to getting hired as a mail carrier.
Now, here are examples of objective statements to study in writing your resume:

Mail Carrier Objective Examples For Resume:

Perhaps you learn better with examples, here are some examples to serve as a guide in making the objective section of your mail carrier resume very effective:

  • Seeking the position of mail carrier in XYZ Courier Company where my outstanding ability to pay attention to details, deliver and record deliveries accurately, do administrative work skillfully and proficiency with motorcycles, cars and trucks as remarked by my past employers will be employed.
  • Seeking the job of mail carrier in a growing courier company where my many years of experience in mail delivery, working in a courier company, will be invaluable in achieving efficiency and increased patronage.

Please take note; the second example above is applicable when making general resume for the courier industry while the first is used when targeting a specific and known company where vacancy for mail career position exists.

The section to follow is the core competence, where you need to show the skills and other qualities that you have acquired, which are vital to being effective on the job:

Core Competence

The core competence section is where you are required to highlight what stands you out as a mail carrier; key talents, knowledge, abilities, and experience.

This section is designed to convey your capabilities to your prospective employer. Any skill you possess pertaining mail delivery should be leveraged on.

Courier companies are seeking mail carriers who pay attention to details, deliver and record deliveries accurately, do administrative work skillfully, and who are proficient with motorcycles, cars and trucks.

High energy level is also valuable, so state them all; as long as it portrays your capacity to deliver as a mail carrier if given the job.

The third part of the resume is where you state your experience of the job:

Work Experience

The work experience section, which can also be referred to as professional experience or work history, is a vital part of your resume where employers tend to verify your promise shown so far.

If you have been tested, then you can be trusted. After all, verification is just a phone call away.

There are certain levels of proficiency one can attain only through experience. No right thinking employer jokes with work experience.

So, make sure to highlight the duties and responsibilities that you have carried out or are still performing that relates to a mail delivering.

It is advisable to use a copy of the mail carrier job description when writing this section as long as the duties and responsibilities in it are a true reflection of your experience.

And please make certain that all verbs used in describing your current work description are in present tense while those of the previous work you have carried out should be described in past tense. Don’t ignore this!

Finally, the last section where you state the relevant trainings you have taken:

Professional Qualification

In this section, you will state your educational qualification and completed training programs that qualify you to work as a mail carrier.

Mail Carrier Resume Example/Sample/Template

Using all that have been discussed above, here is a sample resume that can serve as a template in writing your mail carrier resume.


Roy Donovan
11 Moore Street. Xtown, New Jersey. Home: (111) 555-9999, cell: (222)999-9999.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking to be a mail carrier in XYZ Courier Company where my outstanding ability to pay attention to details, deliver and record deliveries accurately, do administrative work skillfully and proficiency with motorcycles, cars and trucks as remarked by my past employers will be employed.


  • Physical fitness in handling and moving of objects
  • Careful attention to details
  • Understanding of postage procedure like registering and insuring mail
  • Ability to deliver mails by vehicles or by foot
  • Good communication skills
  • Accuracy in record keeping
  • Ability to do administrative work
  • Skillful in obtaining information from the public


Jersey City Main Post Office, NJ
2006 – Present

Mail Carrier

  • Handling and moving cargo and parcels
  • Operating vehicles and equipment for mail delivery
  • Record mail deliveries
  • Return mail with wrong address to its senders
  • Sort mails and parcels
  • Perform administrative work
  • Obtain information from clients


  • Xtown High School, Xtown, New Jersey, 2004

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