Office Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Office clerk resume
Searching for an office clerk job? Get a good resume to win employers’ heart quickly.

Office Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you want to get a job as an office clerk, then you need a good and well-formatted resume to present to employers.

An impressive office clerk resume improves your chances of being called for an interview.

Bear in mind that hirers request for resumes from applicants to make it easier for them to select the most suitably qualified candidates for interviews.

So, the aim of writing your office clerk resume should be to win the heart of the hirer and get him or her to invite you over for an interview.

The following tips for creating an impressive office clerk resume will be most useful to you if you want to write one for yourself.

Writing the resume, what to note:

The first thing you need to know is that the duties of office clerks vary from office to office. So, do not make the mistake of creating a one size fits all kind of resume.

You should make out time to understand the peculiar skills, personal attributes, and expertise demands of the office clerk position you are gunning for.

Secondly, it is very important that you create your resume to suit the demands of the hiring company.

Include the relevant keywords used in the job description for the office clerk position you are applying for.

Again, bearing in mind the specific demands of the hiring company, your resume should be simple and precise.

Do not include irrelevant information to avoid making your resume lengthy and cluttered.

So many applicants in a bid to include all information about themselves end up creating cluttered and unreadable resumes.

Therefore, the best resume format for office clerk position is a functional resume style that is simple, well-spaced and concise, with each section clearly highlighted and bulleted to make it easily accessible to any reader.

A four-section functional resume is great for job applications since it allows the writer to include only relevant information, yet simple and concise.

So, we shall adopt such a resume format in our example later in this post.

However, let us look at what should go into creating each section of your office clerk resume.

The first section:

Office Clerk Resume Objective Section

Writing a targeted office clerk resume starts from the objective section. This section should be able to convince the hiring manager of your understanding of the demands of the job, as well as your possessing the expertise necessary to function on the job.

If you get this part of your office clerk resume right, then, the hiring manager will be motivated to dig deeper into your resume to identify other qualities you have to offer the company.

On the other hand, if the position you seek is not publicly advertised for, then you need to conduct a research on the company to find out their requirements for an ideal office clerk.

Though a generic office clerk resume may serve the same purpose, creating a targeted resume yields more result.

See examples of objective statements for an office clerk resume below:

Examples of Office Clerk Objective Statement for Resume

  • To obtain a position as an office clerk with Wisdom Cables Inc., offering over 2 years’ hands-on experience in general office administration, exceptional clerical skills, and good oral and written communication ability.
  • Seeking an office clerk position in a reputable organization where my strong background in office and secretarial studies, computer skills, and experience will contribute immensely to the smooth operation of office duties.

The two office clerk resume objectives above are good. The second example embodies qualifications and skills necessary to work as an office assistant, but may not be suitable in all job scenarios because some job may not require that an office assistant possess those skills.

So, it is always good to understand the specific requirements of the office clerk position you are applying for from the company needing staff before creating your resume objective to match it.

Core competence Section

Companies generally employ people into different positions because of what they can offer them.

So, the core competence section of your resume should contain skills relevant to the office clerk position that you seek.

Make sure that you include only skills that relate to the office clerk job description provided by the hiring company.

Job Experience Section

Most companies prefer to hire experienced candidates because it saves them the cost of training inexperienced hires, as well as guarantees an immediate start for the employee.

So, if you have worked as an office clerk or in a similar setting, you should state where you have worked and the duties you carried out in your resume.

Make sure that each job duty is presented in bullet point.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Companies state the minimum academic qualification expected of applicants for every open position.

Therefore, when creating your office clerk resume, make sure that your academic qualification matches or surpasses the academic requirement stipulated by the hiring company for the position.

That’s it for how to make the different sections of a resume. We will now create a sample resume for the job of an office clerk by putting the various sections discussed above together:

Office clerk Resume Example/Sample/Template

Ave Clara
88 Colony Street, Newport, Rhode Island
Home: (+2) 986-9654, Cell: (+2)9987-76535

Objective: To obtain a position as an office clerk with Wisdom Cables Inc., offering over 2 years’ hands-on experience in general office administration, exceptional clerical skills, and good oral and written communication ability.

Core Competence

  • Solid academic background in office administration
  • Strong numerical, analytical, and communication skills
  • Strong organization and clerical skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Proficient in MS Office applications (MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power point)
  • Proficient in handling fax machines, photocopiers, scanners, and other office machines
  • Strong ability to multitask and adhere to instructions.

Professional Experience

Nash Inc.
Office Clerk
2011 – 2012

  • Typed, photocopied, and proofread reports and correspondence
  • Operated and maintained office machines
  • Scheduled appointments and managed office calendars
  • Received, sorted, and dispersed incoming mails
  • Received telephone calls, took important messages and dispersed appropriately
  • Stored and retrieved files electronically or manually
  • Procured stationeries and minor office requirements
  • Arranged mail and packages for delivery.

Education and Professional Qualification

• Bristol City College, Associate Degree in Business Management, 2010.

You can use the above resume template as a guide to help you to quickly create good office clerk resumes for use whenever the need arises.


It might be competitive to get a job as an office clerk; however, a good resume will make it easier.

And who says you cannot write a resume yourself? The tips and examples shared above will help you improve your resume writing skills to be able to create great resumes for seeking the office clerk position whenever you need to change your job.

How has this post helped improve your ability to make good office clerk resumes? Please leave a comment in the box below.

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