Teacher Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example

teacher assistant resume writing and example

You will be increasing your chances of getting the teacher assistant job with a good resume.

Teacher Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example

The first step in the process of job hunting, including seeking the teacher assistant job, is presenting a resume.

Therefore, it is very necessary that you write and present a good resume that will compel the hirer to invite you over for an interview.

It is important to know that your resume is your first point of contact with your potential employer. So, you must make sure that it is good enough to compel the hirer to schedule a physical or virtual meeting with you. Failure to get the employer’s attention immediately they set their eyes on it might terminate your chances of getting invited for interview of any kind.

However, if you want to apply for the position of a teacher assistant but you are finding it difficult to write a good resume, the tips in this post and the example below, which will serve as a template, will help you to achieve that goal.

What Format is best?

Many formats can be adopted in writing a resume as no particular one is considered the best. But it is important that you make sure to include all the necessary sections required in a good resume irrespective of the format you are using. This means that you should include the objective, core competence, and work experience sections to make the resume really appealing to employers.

We shall discuss each of the sections below to enable you understand what is expected of you when making them.

Teacher Assistant Resume Objective Section

To get the employer to read your resume from the top to the end, the content of this section must be appealing to the hirer. To achieve this, you need to make sure that your objective statement is written in line with the demands of the job you are applying for.

This you can do by including the skills you possess which match the job requirements into the objective statement.

However, it must not be a lengthy statement as you will still have the chance to list all your skills in the core competence section. All that is required at this stage is to tell the hirer that you understand the demands of the job and offer matching skills.

Below are examples of a teacher assistant resume objective section to help you understand what is required of you in preparing it.

Teacher Assistant Objective Section Examples for Resume

  • Seeking the position of teacher assistant in XYZ School where my exceptional ability to communicate with school age children, proficiency in preparation of instructional materials, and vast knowledge of child growth and development will be well utilized.
  • Seeking the job of teacher assistant in a growing learning environment where my passion for children’s intellectual growth and over five years of experience in assisting lead teachers deliver quality education to students will be most useful in the development of students.

The two examples above can serve as a template in helping you create your objective statement. But you must make sure that it aligns with the demands of the job you are applying for just like the first example. The second example can only be used to seek for unadvertised openings with different schools since it is more of a generic kind of objective statement.

The next section highlights your competence for the job:

Core Competence

This section is like an expanded version of the objective section. Here, you are allowed to list all the skills and qualities that make you the best fit for the teacher assistant job.

Unlike the objective section which is expected to be concise, this section can be utilized to list other skills not included in the objective section. However, care must be taken to avoid including irrelevant skills. Skills to be included must be in line with the demands of the job as contained in the job description.

Following the core competence section is one that shows you possess relevant work experience:

Job Experience Section

Getting a hirer to read your resume up to this point shows that he/she is really interested in knowing what you can offer and may be considering scheduling a further discussion with you.

So, you must use this section to convince him/her of your expertise in handling the tasks of the job by highlighting your work history or professional experience. Here, you are expected to list your former or present employer(s), years worked with them and your achievements.

A well presented job experience section can convince the hirer that since you have performed or have been performing in a similar role, you can also perform in the role they seek to fill.

To help you prepare this part of the resume easily with the duties and responsibilities of the position, you can use a copy of the teacher assistant job description posted previously.

And now, the last part of the resume:

Professional qualification

In this section, you are expected to list all your academic qualifications and other relevant trainings and certifications that make you a good fit, and also qualify you to work as a teacher assistant. For this position, a high school diploma and on the job training is usually all that is required.

Teacher Assistant Resume Example/Sample/Template

is an example of a teacher assistant resume written by following the tips that have been discussed above. It can also serve as a template to guide you in creating your own resume for seeking the job of a teacher assistant.

Susan Brown
253 Brookhaven Street. Pittsburgh, Atlanta.
Home: (111) 555-6777, Cell: (111) 999-6777.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking the position of teacher assistant in XYZ School where my exceptional ability to communicate with school aged children, proficiency in preparation of instructional materials and vast knowledge of child growth and development will be well utilized.

Core Competence

  • Exceptional ability to communicate with school age children
  • Proficient in preparing instructional and non-instructional materials for classroom studies
  • Vast knowledge of child growth and behavior characteristics
  • Exceptional classroom management skills
  • Proficient in MS office applications
  • Strong willingness to follow instructions
  • Bilingual: English and Spanish.

Job Experience

Brookhaven High School, Atlanta
Teacher Assistant
2012 – 2015

  • Maintained discipline and orderliness in the classroom in the absence of the lead teacher
  • Assisted the lead teacher in preparing instructional and non-instructional materials
  • Assisted the lead teacher in teaching students with learning disability
  • Performed supportive and clerical duties
  • Kept the classroom and surrounding environment neat and tidy
  • Assisted the lead teacher in developing lesson syllables
  • Coordinate students in recreational activities at school
  • Assisted in the distribution of instructional and non-instructional materials to students and parents
  • Assisted the lead teacher with marking and recording of students’ class work and assignments.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Brookhaven High School, Atlanta – 2008

Did you find our teacher assistant resume writing tips useful? Let us know what you think. Do also share other tips you think will help in creating a great resume for this position. Make your comment in the box below.

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