Chemical Engineer Resume Writing Tips and Example

chemical engineer resume example

A good chemical engineer resume can significantly improve your chances of getting the desired job.

Chemical Engineer Resume Writing Tips and Example

The position of a chemical engineer is a very competitive one with many qualified engineers chasing limited vacancies.

So, to be an outstanding candidate and get called for interviews, you need a good resume.

The application process for a chemical engineering position starts with preparing and submitting an outstanding resume while for the hirers the hiring process starts with screening of the applicants’ resume.

So, to get invited for interviews, your resume must be presented in a manner that convinces employers of your qualification, skills, experience, and personal attributes.

Writing a Resume

The first thing to do before writing a resume is to carry out a research to find out the specifics of the job you want to apply for.

If the job is advertised, you can simply pick out the requirements for the position from the job specification supplied by the hirer.

After gathering the necessary information from the job description, the next step is to go about creating your chemical engineering resume to be in-sync with requirements highlighted by the hirer in the job advertisement.

In writing the resume proper, you need to first choose a format that will allow you to highlight your experiences, education, and key strength. Not forgetting the objective section that allows you to have a good first impression on any hirer.

Now, let us look at the best ways to present each of these sections so as to yield the expected result

Objective Section

This section of your chemical engineer resume is where you have the opportunity to impress it on the hirer that you understand the challenges that the position comes with and the skills you have to tackle such challenges.

You should present this section in a manner that excites the hirer and compels him/her to fix an interview with you.

From your resume, the employer can be able to identify if you are experienced in the field or still an entrant. A resume can also be written in a specific or generic manner.

However, specific resume is always the best as it usually addresses the requirements of a particular position.

A generic resume is best suited for unadvertised position, but even when a position is unadvertised, carrying out a research to identify the needs of the organization for a particular position will enable you write an effective specific resume.

If you get it right at this stage, the hirer would likely read down your resume with an open mind. So, make sure you get it right.

Below are two chemical engineer resume objective examples highlighting the difference between the kinds of resume objective:

Examples of Chemical Engineer Objective Statements for Resume

  •  To obtain a position as a chemical engineer with Methylink Inc. where skills, training, and vast knowledge in industrial chemical processes will be well utilized in achieving the company’s long term goals.
  • To obtain a chemical engineer position with a reputable company. Offer vast knowledge in industrial chemical processes, exceptional safety record, and customer service skills.

Core Competence Section

This is the section where you present your skills and personal attributes that are in-sync with the job description.

There are some general qualities expected of any good chemical engineer. So, you are not just expected to highlight any skills, but unique skills and qualities that make you qualified for the particular position you seek.

Job Experience Section

This section is where you highlight your past experiences in the field of chemical engineering.

If you are seeking for an entry-level position, your period of internship can substitute for real work experience.

Educational Qualification Section

The education and professional qualification section is usually the last section to include in your chemical engineer resume.

Though every applicant for this position is expected to be a chemical engineer, this section allows you not only to state your academic qualification, but also to express your class of degree and other additional academic and professional qualifications.

Having stated all these, and to help you learn how to write a great resume easily by yourself, let us now look at the chemical engineering resume template below where we apply the resume writing tips discussed above:

Chemical Engineer Resume Example/Sample/Template

Henry Jack
320 Format Street, St. Paul, Minnesota.
Home: (+1) 666-6666, Cell: (+1) 666-6666

Objective: To obtain a position as a chemical engineer with Methylink Inc. where skills, training, and vast knowledge in industrial chemical processes will be well utilized in achieving the company’s long term goals.

Core Competence

  • Vast knowledge of industrial chemical and chemical engineering processes and principles
  • Vast knowledge in advanced mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • Outstanding research and report writing skills
  • Proficient in XRPD TGA Raman FBRM HPLC AND DSC
  • Excellent organization and problem solving skills
  • Outstanding numerical and analytical skills
  • Safety conscious and attentive
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills.

Job Experience

Mechsyn Inc. Minnesota
Chemical Engineer
2001 – 2011

  • In collaboration with the management, selected plant layout technology
  • Designed and carried out product production processes
  • Suggested and implemented efficient and cost-effective production processes
  • Made sure that plants operations are in compliance with established safety standards
  • Carried quality control to ensure that products reach quality standard
  • Conducted seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions to educate interns and junior chemical engineers
  • Attended interactive sessions and educational activities to keep abreast with current developments and technologies in the field of chemical engineering
  • Ensured that the work areas are always neat and safe from hazardous chemicals and objects
  • Carried out inventory control and restocked supplies
  • Prepared periodic work/project reports and scheduled meetings with management, staff, and stakeholders.

Education and Professional Qualification

 University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, 1997
 University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, Masters in industrial Chemistry, 1999.


Even though there might be tough competition for the job of a chemical engineer, with a good resume however, you can also get the attention of employers to get to meet with you in an interview where you will be able to let them see why you are the best person for the job.

You will be able to create a good chemical engineer resume with tips and sample resume provided in this post.

Did you find new ideas you can use in writing a great resume for a chemical engineering job? Do let us know if this post has been useful to you by leaving a comment in the box below.

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