Physician Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 27, 2023
Physician assistant resume
You can create a good physician assistant resume by matching your skills and experience with what the employer wants.

Physician Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example

If your aim is to be employed as a physician assistant, then, you need to prepare a good resume to convey your intention, skills, knowledge, and experience on the job to prospective employers in a most effective manner.

This post presents the tips and tricks in making the best physician assistant resume that gets employers’ attention.

To make a great physician assistant resume, steps to take

To prepare a physician assistant resume that can convince a hirer, you need to bear in mind the needs of the hirer before you start writing.

It is important to aim your resume at meeting the needs of the particular employer that you are applying to.

To achieve this, you have to take a good look at the published physician assistant job description, which normally contains the duties and responsibilities the employer will be expecting anyone that is hired to carry out.

The job description also sometimes contains the skills and qualities that the employer is requiring applicants to have to succeed as a physician assistant.

Having the knowledge of the particular responsibilities the employer expects you to perform working for them as a physician assistant, as well as the skills they want you to have to excel on the job, will enable you to emphasize such in your resume.

This will certainly get them to be interested in your resume and greatly increase the likelihood of being invited to an interview.

Furthermore, you need to utilize a writing style and keywords related to the job description given by the hirer for that particular physician assistant position.

This will enable the hirer to relate easily with the information contained in your resume.

Also, you must endeavor to present your resume in an attractive and easy-to-understand format that will sustain the interest of the reader all through.

A good format for the physician assistant resume should contain the four key sections discussed below:

Objective Section

Your resume for the physician assistant job may start with correct personal details that highlight your full name, contact address, phone number, and valid e-mail address.

These details should be followed by the objective section, highlighting your intention to obtain the physician assistant position and the accompanying skills and expertise to perform the job.

See examples of physician assistant resume objective statements below:

Examples of Physician Assistant Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking to work as a physician assistant with Texas Medical Center, offering strong clinical background and knowledge of medical terminology, drugs, and prescription.
  • Seeking the role of a physician assistant with Kerry Medical Clinic, offering outstanding ability to administer OR, pre-OP, and post-OP procedures; write prescription in the absence of a physician and strong communication skills.

Core Competence Section

As a candidate for the physician assistant position, you are expected to possess some exceptional skills and qualities.

However, it is important that you tailor the core competence section of your resume to suit the skill demand of the hirer.

Therefore, only include skills relevant to the physician assistant position you are gunning for.

Job Experience Section

This section of your resume should contain a summary of your work history, highlighting the employers you worked with in a reverse chronological order.

If you have worked with many employers, it is not necessary to state all of them; stating two or three recent experiences related to the physician assistant position you are gunning for is enough to convince the hirer of your expertise in the field.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

This part of your resume should summarize your academic qualification, including graduate degree and any kind of professional training completed from a reputed institution.

You should endeavor to state the certificate obtained, the year, and the institution attended.

The physician assistant resume template below will guide you in creating a proper resume for your job application.

Physician Assistant Resume Example/Sample/Template

John Kelvin
99 License Avenue, Texas, Georgia
Home: (+2) 023-4770, Cell: (+2) 023-47600

Objective: Seeking to work as a physician assistant with Texas Medical Center, offering strong clinical background and knowledge of medical terminology, drugs, and prescription.

Core Competence

  • Strong clinical background and license to practice as a physician assistant in
  • Strong knowledge of medical terminology, drugs, their side effects
  • Strong ability to administer OR, pre-OP and post-OP procedures
  • Strong ability to write and interpret medical prescription
  • Good judgment and emotional stability
  • Outstanding CPR and First Aid skills.

Job Experience

Melinda Medical Centre, Phoenix, Arizona
Physician Assistant
2015 – Present

  • Prescribe drugs and transcribe medical prescriptions
  • Perform physical and diagnostic examination of patients
  • Assist physicians during emergencies and surgeries
  • Monitor patient’ reactions to drugs and their overall progress
  • Provide therapeutic regimens to patients
  • Counsel patients on exercises, diet and dosage fulfillment.

[Please note that if you have one or two past work experience as an assistant to a physician or in a related role, you can highlight it here following the same format as the above.

However, you will have to state the duties carried out in past tense and not in present tense. Example, you will write “prescribed drugs and transcribed medical prescriptions”, and not “Prescribe drugs and transcribe medical prescriptions.”]

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Phoenix City College, Coventry High School, Phoenix, Arizona, Associate Degree in Physiology, 2010
  • State of Arizona Physician Assistant License, 2012.


You will certainly face some competition getting a job as a physician assistant, however having one of the best resumes before a prospective employer will definitely improve your chances of getting it.

The good news is that you can make a good resume for the position if you can study the job description from the employer to understand what their top needs are in hiring a physician assistant.

You can then present the matching skills and experience that you have got in your resume to show the employer that you are a perfect fit for the job.

Did you find what you need to create a great resume for the physician assistant job in this post? Please make a comment or share additional resume writing ideas that you have found helpful in the box below.

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