Product Manager Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Product manager resume
Your chances of getting a job interview for the post of a product manager are brighter when you present a good resume.

Product Manager Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you are finding it difficult to create or sharpen your product manager resume, then, you are on the right page.

Creating a good resume that will convince hiring managers to schedule an interview with you can be an arduous task; especially when the position involved comes with enormous challenges and expectations.

The job of a product manager is one of such positions accompanied by a lot of challenges.

Also, since it is a position mostly reserved for experts in the field of product life cycle, applicants for this role are usually qualified and experienced candidates.

However, having all the qualification does not matter if you do not have a way of convincing recruiters of your capability via a well-written resume.

So, the tips and examples contained in this post are to assist you in creating a great product manager resume that will make your job hunting easier.

The first thing to do when applying for a product manager position is to research about the company and the skills required of an applicant for the position.

To make the research easy, you can just dedicate some minutes to reading the product manager job description written by the recruiting manager.

With this knowledge, you can then proceed with writing your resume for the job to conform to the skills, qualities, education, and experience demands of the company/hirer.

In writing your product manger resume, make sure you choose a resume layout that is simple and attractive, and that allows you to highlight your competences in details.

Your resume should be able to outline your qualities in a manner that allows the reader easy access to vital information about you.

Now, for ease of access and simplicity, it is important that you arrange your product manager resume into sections.

This way, your skills, education, and experience will be placed under different sub-headings.

See how to create the various sections of your product manager resume:

Objective Section

The objective section of your product manager resume is like a concise summary of your profile, skills, experience, and passion.

The section avails you the opportunity to win the heart of the hiring manger by expressing your interest in the job, as well as stating why you should be given a chance to work with the company.

Hiring managers prefer targeted resume objective sections. So, you should create this section using the name of the company and specific skills you have that will benefit the company if you are hired.

See samples of well-written product manager resume objective statement below:

Examples of Product Manager Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking a position as a Product Manager with Alpha Inc., offering outstanding ability to analyze market segments, promote products, and initiate strategies to drive sales and improve product profitability.
  • To obtain the position of Product Manager with AngloX Inc. where strong communication skill, and effective marketing and networking skills will be utilized to enhance product position and increase the company’s profit.

The two examples above were created with the companies mentioned in mind. So, each is written to tackle specific demands of the hiring company. These are the kind of resume objective statements that wins the heart of the hirer.

Core Competence Section

The core competence section of you product manager resume allows you to outline other skills, qualities, and knowledge you possess in addition to the ones earlier included in the resume objective section.

Though you are at liberty to outline as many skills as possible, it is only good that you limit this section to few skills that are relevant to the position.

Job Experience Section

As earlier stated, this position is usually reserved for experienced professionals. So, the hiring manager will be looking to see positions you have held in the past, companies you have worked with, the period you worked for the company, and you job responsibilities.

Some resume layouts also encourage you to highlight your accomplishments by using figures and percentages.

However, a simple outline of you responsibilities can also do the job while leaving your resume simple, de-clustered, and brief.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

In addition to your experience in product management, the hirer will also be expecting to see academic qualifications, professional trainings and certifications.

So, make sure you do not leave out any important information regarding your education and professional qualification.

Now, here is an example of a good product manager resume that will help you to quickly master the act of writing resumes.

It shows how to apply the tips shared above in creating a resume for the product manager job.

Product Manager Resume Example/Sample/Template

Jack Gibson
29 North Street, Miami, Florida
Home: (+2)777-8790, Cell: (+2)777-90987

Objective: Seeking a position as a Product Manager with Alpha Inc., offering outstanding ability to analyze market segments, promote products, and initiate strategies to drive sales and improve product profitability.

Core Competence

  • Outstanding ability to analyze market segments and identify products
  • Proven ability to promote product and initiate strategies to improve product positioning
  • Strong marketing and networking skills
  • Proven ability to lead and manage a team to achieve desired result
  • Superb communication skills, both written and oral.

Job Experience

Corner Stone Inc.
2012 – 2015

  • Managed the entire life cycle of a product line
  • Carried out detailed market research and analysis to identify customers’ current and future product requirements
  • Created a mailing list to keep in constant communication with customers
  • Prepared and presented product launch and marketing papers to the management
  • Organized products launch and promoted company’s products through product campaigns
  • Performed quality check on products before their release for sales.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Florida State University, MBA in Product Management and Marketing, 2012
  • Jacksonville City College, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management, 2010.


Getting a job as a product manager might be competitive, but with a good resume you can win the employer’s heart to grant you an interview.

You can apply the tips, ideas, and examples to writing great resumes highlighted above in making your resume and improving your chances of being hired as a product manager.

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