Mechanic Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 26, 2023
Mechanic resume example
To have an edge over the competition for the mechanic job, you certainly need a good resume.

Mechanic Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you are gunning for the post of a mechanic in an automobile company or auto repair workshop, then, you need to be able to write a good resume to increase your chances with recruiters.

This post guides you to be able to create a great resume yourself that you can submit to employers when you are applying for a mechanic job.

Learn the key sections to include in your resume and how to create them, but first …

Writing a resume, what to consider:

The first thing to consider when writing your mechanic resume is the job description published by the hiring manager.

The job description is usually provided to guide you in deciding if you are a good fit for the position or not, and to assist you in creating a targeted mechanic resume.

It also assists hiring managers in eliminating candidates whose resumes do not fall in line with the description of the position.

So, you should endeavor to create a resume that matches the requirements of the mechanic job description provided by the employer.

Secondly, you need to decide on the resume format and the formatting style to use. It is important that you choose a format that is simple but will allow you to include all relevant information about you that is related to the mechanic position you are gunning for.

The formatting style should also be clean and attractive to call the attention of the reader to important points on your resume.

Do note that your resume is an official document, so excessive styling and formatting is not necessary. The font to be used in typing must be clean and clear.

Also, make sure that your mechanic resume is not cluttered to make it readable. Each section must be properly separated from the other using enough white spaces to make for easy scanning.

A good resume format for the mechanic job application should bear the four key sections discussed below to give you room to present your skills and expertise as a mechanic in an appealing manner.

Objective Section

The essence of creating an objective section for your mechanic resume is to make a good first impression on the hiring manager.

If you succeed in winning the heart of the recruiter in this section of your resume, then, he/she will read down the document with the intention that you have something to offer to the hiring company.

So, it is important that you utilize this section to inform the hiring manager of your intention to work with the company they are recruiting for in the position of a mechanic, as well as highlight key skills and expertise that you will be bringing to the job. All these should be stated in a sentence or two.

See two examples of resume objective statement for the mechanic job below:

Examples of Objective Statement for the Mechanic Resume

  • Seeking the job of a mechanic with Kia Motors Inc. where outstanding ability to diagnose, maintain, and repair different kinds of vehicles will be fully utilized to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Seeking the position of a mechanic with Auto Care Inc. where outstanding customer care and communication skills, and proven track record of automobile diagnosis and maintenance will be fully utilized.

Like it was stated earlier, to make your mechanic resume effective, it must be targeted at a particular employer, just like the above examples show.

Core Competence Section

Including irrelevant set of skills may immediately disqualify you from accessing the mechanic position you are gunning for as the recruiting manager may think your skills are not a match for the job, or that you do not understand the job description for the position.

Therefore, it is important that you first consider including skills required by the hiring company before making the decision whether to include or not other skills or qualities you feel may be necessary if considered for the job.

Job Experience Section

Some resume experts also advocate the inclusion of accomplishments and quantifying such accomplishments using figures, however, including only your job duties is enough to earn you an interview with the hirer where you may have the opportunity to list those accomplishments.

This section of your mechanic resume must be written to highlight your previous work experience as a mechanic.

The subheading must be highlighted while the key points underneath must be clearly highlighted to call the attention of the hiring manager to them.

Educational and Professional Qualification Section

Understanding the academic qualification demands of the recruiting company is also important.

With this knowledge, you can create the educational qualification section of your mechanic resume to be in line with the demands of the hiring company.

If you have any other professional qualification or training related to the mechanic field, it is also needful that you inform the hiring manager.

Now, after discussing how to create the various important sections you should have in your mechanic resume, we will take a look at an example of a complete mechanic resume to see how the sections are put together.

Mechanic Resume Example/Sample/Template

Berkley David
28 State Street, Atlanta, Georgia
Home: (+1) 897-6777, Cell: (+1) 874-6777

Objective: Seeking the job of a mechanic with Kia Motors Inc. where outstanding ability to diagnose, maintain, and repair different kinds of vehicles will be fully utilized to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Core Competence

  • Outstanding automobile diagnosis, repair, and maintenance skills
  • Outstanding communication and customer care ability
  • Ability to handle and maintain all kinds of mechanic tools and equipments
  • Energetic and good stamina
  • Valid driver’s license.

Job Experience

Auto General Repair Services
2011 – Present

  • Troubleshoot and maintain or repair clients’ vehicle
  • Answer customers’ inquiries and inform them of diagnosis results
  • Assist customers to procure and install new vehicle parts
  • Advise customers on the quality of parts and maintenance of vehicles
  • Test drive repaired vehicles to ensure proper functioning of all parts
  • Assist customers to change engine oil and lubricate moving vehicle parts
  • Maintain record of vehicle repairs
  • Train newly hired mechanics and apprentices.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • City High School, Atlanta, Georgia, High School Diploma, 2010
  • Atlanta Class A Driver’s License, 2011.


To stand out from other people vying for the same mechanic job as you, you will definitely need a good resume.

The tips and template shared in this post will help you to write one and improve your chances of getting the job.

Did you learn something useful in this post to be able to write a great mechanic resume by yourself? Please leave your comment in the box below. And if you have additional tips that have helped you make a resume that worked, do also share it.

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