Warehouse Manager Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Warehouse Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Warehouse Managers ensure effective coordination of their companies’ warehouse activities.

Warehouse Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Warehouse Manager Do?

The responsibility of a warehouse manager is similar to that of an inventory manager. In fact, in most organizations, the warehouse manager plays the two roles, and in some cases also performs as the dispatcher or may assist the dispatcher.

The warehouse manager job description entails overseeing the smooth operations of the organization’s warehouse and all its warehousing activities ranging from the complicated logistics, to keeping an eye on other employees.

In doing this, he/she schedules work activities, trains junior warehouse employees, and makes sure that they discharge their duties according to established standards.

The role of a warehouse manager would normally encompass working closely with inventory control manager, dispatcher, drivers, and customers.

He/she plans the dispatch and transportation of merchandize, assists the dispatcher if there is any in tracking the movement of merchandize.

His/her responsibilities also entail checking the quality and quantity of inbound goods and ensuring that they are in accordance with the description in the freight documents.

The manager must also ensure that goods to be stored in the warehouse are not damaged.

The warehouse manager work description also involves making sure that goods are safely and securely stored.

He/she carries out routine checks on stored goods to make sure that they are in proper condition.

He/she monitors the stock of goods in the warehouse and keeps a book for accurate recording of all goods – inbound, outbound, returns, and replacements.

H/she is also expected to prepare periodic reports, which are to be submitted to senior managers.

The manager’s duties and responsibilities also involve setting up the warehouse layout in a way that ensures efficient utilization of available space.

It also entails scheduling, organizing, planning, and coordinating the activities of the warehouse to ensure efficient and effective operations of the warehouse.

To succeed in this position, the manager needs experience in warehouse operations and management. Experience in supply chain management or transport and logistics is also necessary.

Good leadership skill is equally necessary to succeed in this role because the manager is to be involved in the coordination of other warehouse employees.

He/she should also be able to make accurate decisions quickly, as well as perform multiple tasks together without burning out or losing focus.

The warehouse manager should be someone with good communication skills who is also a good team player, as he/she is expected to work in tandem with other employees.

To get into this position, a degree in logistics, business or supply chain management is necessary, as well as having a strong math and computer skills.

Warehouse Manager Job Description Example

The functions of a warehouse manager are varied.

Here is a job description example that lists the vital tasks, duties, and responsibilities that constitute the normal day-to-day activities of most individuals overseeing operations of warehouses:

  • Receive inbound merchandize and make sure that they are safely and securely packed
  • Ensure spacious and efficient layout of the store room
  • Assist the dispatcher in making sure that orders are sent in a timely manner
  • Receive orders from the dispatcher, supervisor, or from clients
  • Assist the human resources manager in hiring and training warehouse workers
  • Coordinate the activities of other warehouse workers to make sure they comply with established standards
  • Track the movement of drivers and merchandize
  • Keep accurate record of inbound and outbound goods, as well as keep record of damaged and returned goods
  • Produce periodic reports of the warehouse’s operations
  • Make sure that the warehouse and goods in it are safe and secure
  • Ensure that fragile materials are safely packed
  • Inform the supervisor of stock level and when to replenish the stock
  • Adhere strictly to safety rules and procedures
  • Handle, maintain, and oversee the handling of equipment used in warehousing operations.

Warehouse Manager Resume Preparation

You will be expected to prepare and send a resume to employers if you are applying for a job, including the warehouse manager position.

For the resume to succeed in convincing employers about your ability to do the job, it should have a section that highlights your experience on the job.

The job description sample shown above contains the activities of the role that you can use in making that section, which is usually titled work experience.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Warehouse Manager Job

To gain employers attention when applying for the job of a warehouse manager, you will need to have certain skills and qualities that ensure success on the job, they include the following:

  • A warehouse manager must be educated to the first degree level at least. Normally, a degree in logistics, supply chain management or business related discipline is preferable
  • To succeed as a warehouse manager, hands on experience in any of warehousing, supply chain management, or logistics is very important. So, it is usually required that the manager works in any of the stated fields as an employee or assistant to a manager
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skill is very important as the manager would be handling people and materials. He/she should be able to coordinate the activities of the warehouse workers, as well as engender team play among the workers
  • In addition, he/she should be able to communicate effectively with other employees (both seniors and subordinates). This is also necessary as the role involves regular interaction with other members of the team
  • He/she must be willing to work flexible schedule when the need arises.
  • Excellent numerical skill is also very important as the job involves lots of counting and recording. A good knowledge of necessary computer applications may also be necessary to help the manager discharge his/her duties easily
  • The role entails doing a lot of tasks at the same time. Therefore, the manager must be able to multitask and be quick in making decisions.

Warehouse Manager Skills for Resume

The above highlighted warehouse manager skills and qualities can be applied in creating the skills section of the resume for the position.

Having a section in your resume to emphasize your skills and qualities which can help you to excel on the job will make it more appealing to employers. So, make sure to have such a section in your resume and stand a good chance of being picked for the job.