Realtor Resume Example and How to Make It

By | September 24, 2023
Realtor Resume
Having a good realtor resume increases your chances of being called to an interview and hired.

A good realtor resume example highlights important information you need to provide to the employer/recruiter, such as skills, abilities, knowledge, and training, experience, for them to be convinced that you are the right person for the realtor position for their organization.

This post provides a guide, including an example, to help you learn how to make a great realtor resume and increase your chances of being hired for the role.

How to Write a Great Realtor Resume

If you are looking for a realtor position, then your resume should have what it takes to convince the hiring manager or employer that you are the best candidate for the position to be hired.

You must carefully craft the sections of your realtor resume with the right information, including the objective statement, core competence, professional experience, and the educational qualification sections, to get the attention of the recruiter/employer to grant you an interview.

Now, let’s see how to make the different sections of your realtor resume:

How to Write a Compelling Realtor Resume Objective Statement

The objective statement is the first thing the recruiter/employer will see when they start assessing your realtor resume, so, it’s important to make it really compelling.

A good objective statement starting your resume will help to effectively grab the recruiter/employer’s attention and urge them to read all sections to learn what you are bringing to the realtor position. 

It should show that you have the understanding of the realtor job that you are seeking and the skills, abilities, knowledge, experience, and training needed to succeed on the job.

Now, here is an example of the realtor resume objective statement:

“To gain a realtor job with AXA Inc., to help the company hit its profit goals. Bringing excellent bargaining skills and considerable expertise valuing commercial assets to ensure customer satisfaction”.

How to Write an Effective Realtor Resume Core Competence

The core competence section of your realtor resume is where you list the major and relevant skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities that you are bringing to the realtor job.

These qualities and experience should match what the recruiter/employer has specified in the job requirements, and should help you to excel on the realtor job.

Here is an example of the core competence section of a realtor resume:


  • Demonstrated skills and business languages in translating abstract problems into solutions
  • Strong negotiation and sales skills with proven experience managing a team
  • Excellent lead generation and appointment setting skills
  • Profound ability to ensure all targets is met with a 95 percent success rate
  • Strong ability to determine the best marketing strategies for all properties.

How to Write a Great Realtor Resume Professional Experience

This section shows how far you have gone in the field of real estate. Make sure the experience you list here include both internships and work experience in order to demonstrate your dedication towards the field.

By listing multiple jobs on your resume, you show that you are committed to building a career as a realtor.

You can also add a list of courses, seminars and workshops you have attended in order for you to keep up with new developments in the real estate industry.

The coursework will also demonstrate that you have acquired more knowledge and skills in real estate over time.

Some key points to list when writing the professional experience section of your realtor resume include the following:

  • Name your most recent three positions (or the last 3)
  • Mention the tasks you completed satisfactorily in each job
  • Provide any accomplishments or prizes won while working there
  • Describe any unique training courses you’ve taken.

When expressing the duties or tasks you are carrying out on your present job, express them in the present tense, while duties carried out in a past position should be expressed in the past tense.  

Here is an example of the professional experience section of a realtor resume:


Royal DeFarge, North Caarolina


2019 – Present

  • Responsible for assisting clients in finding new homes and searching existing homes
  • Perform a wide range of duties to assist customers in making the right choices by answering their questions regarding different products and services offered by the company
  • Resolve customer complaints and problems
  • Research neighborhoods to find the best homes available
  • Assist customers in purchasing houses and provide information regarding different areas of residence. 

How to Write Realtor Resume Education and Professional Qualification

This section is where you need to add all the professional qualifications you have. It’s a good idea to start with your most recent qualification and to include progressively older ones too as well.

You also need to include details of the schools you took courses and mention the year they were taken. Don’t forget to list the awards and achievements you made in the courses, such as Dean’s List, Honors, or Majors.

You use the education and professional qualification section to show your potential employer your commitment to the real estate field. That you are mature and can handle the level of responsibility you are applying for.

Realtor Resume Example

You have seen what each section in a realtor resume should contain, it’s now time to see a realtor resume sample


Name: John Doe

Address: 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA

Phone Number: 555-555-5555

E-mail Address:


Licensed and experienced Realtor looking for a career with Harbo Inc., to employ 3 years of expertise purchasing and selling residential properties. Bringing extensive knowledge of the local real estate industry, good presentation and communication skills, and a client advocate approach.


  • Proficient in sales, marketing and negotiation practices
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, both written and oral
  • Highly motivated self-starter, takes initiative without needing direction from others and can be relied upon to perform assigned tasks on time
  • Demonstrates common sense and sound judgment in evaluating situations or problems for which a solution is needed.


Carson Global, Atlanta.


2020 – Present

  • Responsible for sales and marketing activities for a select group of clients
  • Receives guidance and mentoring from senior real estate professionals
  • Expands customer base through increasing marketing efforts
  • On average, sells 2 to 3 homes per month.

Placeex Inc., Atlanta.


2018 – 2020

  • Discovered and documented current local conditions affecting the real estate industry through extensive research and market analysis
  • Nurtured contacts and cultivated professional relationships with customers, clients and business partners, growing trust and confidence in the service provided
  • Provided customers with accurate information regarding real estate industry trends, issues and solutions
  • Documented and made suggestions for effective customer service through the use of a customer service tool book.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (2016); University of Findlay, Findlay, Ohio, USA; Graduated Top of Class, Distinction.
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent (2018)
  • Certified Negotiation Expert (2018)


  • Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Findlay, 2020
  • Employee of the Year, Placeex Inc., 2019
  • Employee of the year, Carson Global, 2020.


This page has provided you with a guide to enable you to write an effective realtor resume, and included an example to enhance your understanding of how to easily make it and boost your chances of getting the job.