Brand Manager Job Description Example

Brand manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Brand managers employ creative thinking skills in designing innovating marketing strategies for their products.

Brand Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Brand Manager Do?

Brand managers generally ensure that products and services command a positive public appeal.

Their job description entails preparing and reviewing the publicity messages passed on by advertising and marketing teams to ensure it promotes the image of a company or brand.

Brand managers carry out assessment of market trends to obtain information useful in the production of goods/services that appeal to target market.

They liaise with marketers, product developers, creative teams, and other production departments to develop and implement appropriate strategies pivotal to improving the public outlook of a product or service.

As part of their duties, they meet with clients to discuss their preferences and specifications for brand promotion and publicity.

They also conduct product/service assessments to ensure brand quality is maintained.

Brand managers ensure a cordial customer service that allows for unrestricted consumer feedback.

They carry out analysis of marketing plans to ensure they are in line with brand strategies and target.

In performing their roles, they also oversee the development and implementation of media and creative plans.

Brand managers are responsible for creating a brand image that aligns with company values and standards.

They are in charge of designing and producing the visual concept, packaging and content of a company product.

They utilize information from market survey and customer feedback in taking appropriate decisions as related to brand management.

As part of their work description, brand managers analyze sales records to determine products/services that require brand improvement as well as those which no longer require promotion.

They usually produce reports and presentations on brand management activities and the impact of implemented strategies.

They create brand promotion messages that are memorable in the minds of consumers and as well fosters sales and brand dependability.

It is the responsibility of a brand manager to ensure every company production unit is familiar with brand concept and goals.

They may play a part in the selection and purchase of materials for a product brand. Brand managers carry out research to identify new marketing opportunities that can be easily aligned with brand strategies to improve company image and generated revenue.

The brand manager job requires a Bachelor’s degree in Business studies, marketing and other related disciplines.

Some employers may require advanced degree in the same disciplines. Skills required for the job include communication skills, listening qualities, research skills, and creative thinking skills.

Brand Manager Job Description Example

Brand managers perform various functions in their quest to have their products or services in the minds of its target audience.

Here is a brand manager job description example showing typical responsibilities, tasks, and duties you may be asked to perform by most employers if hired for the role:

  • Carry out assessment of market trends to obtain data useful in producing high quality products
  • Liaise with marketers, product developers and R&D teams to develop and implement strategies effective in promoting the appeal of a brand
  • Meet with clients to discuss brand specifications and preferences for a specific product/service
  • Conduct assessment of products/services to ensure consistent brand quality
  • Ensure company customer service operations allows for effective customer feedback
  • Analyze marketing plans to ensure they are in line with brand strategies
  • Oversee the development and implementation of media and design plans
  • Create brand image that aligns with company values and standards
  • Design and produce the packaging, visual concept and content of a company product
  • Utilize information from market survey and customer feedback taking appropriate decisions relating to brand management
  • Analyze sales records to determine products that require brand improvement
  • Produce report and presentations on brand management activities and outcome of implemented strategies
  • Oversee the creation of products with lasting impression such that fosters sales and increases customer base
  • Ensure company production and marketing employees are familiar with brand concepts and goals
  • Conduct research to identify new marketing opportunities that align with brand strategies.

Brand Manager Resume Preparation

To build a brand manager resume, you need to highlight relevant work experience.

The duties and responsibilities listed in the above sample job description are among the key functions performed by brand managers, and having them in your resume will increase its effectiveness to gain potential employers’ attention, as well as the chance of you securing the job.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Brand Manager Role

Are you seeking to work as a brand manager? If so, here are the major requirements from recruiters that you will need to meet to be accepted for an interview:

  • Education and Training: To become a brand manager, you require at least a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business studies, advertising, and in other related disciplines. Some employers may require an advanced degree in the same disciplines; therefore, having a Master’s degree increases job prospects. Cognate experience in the field of advertising, marketing and sales is also vital for securing the brand manager job
  • Communication Skills: Brand managers possess strong communication skills; they are able to employ the skill in creating a captivating and interesting content for a brand
  • Listening: Brand managers are inclined to consider the opinion of consumers and clients to obtain information that serves as an indicator for the outlook of a brand
  • Creative Thinking Skills: Brand managers are adept to coming up with innovative approach to the design and technique of marketing a product
  • Research Skills: Brand managers are able to carry out internal and external evaluation and analysis of production and market trends.

Brand Manager Skills for Resume

In making an effective resume for the role of a brand manager, you need to highlight your skills and qualities that will help you to excel on the job.

If you have any or all of the employments requirements shown above, you should cite them in the skills section of your resume; this tells the employer that you have the capacity to handle the responsibilities of a brand manager.


The job description of a brand manager entails several responsibilities, which you need to know if you are applying to work in that position, so that you can adequately prepare for the job and excel in it.

A recruiter needing to hire new brand managers will find the job description template provided in the post highly useful in getting the best person for the job.

Did you find our job description for the post of a brand manager useful? Do let us know what you think about this post, and also share your work experience as a brand manager if you have any.

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