Assistant Sales Manager Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Assistant Sales Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Assistant Sales Managers are usually also involved in the planning and development of sales strategies and goal setting.

Assistant Sales Manager Job Description Example

What Does an Assistant Sales Manager Do?

The assistant sales manager job description entails providing assistance to a sales manager to help meet sales target, as well as ensure efficient sales activities.

Assistant sales managers in facilitating effective sales supervise the activities of sales teams and representatives to ensure set goals and policies are achieved.

They are part of the team in charge of the interviewing, hiring, promotion, and training of sales staff.

In performing their duties, they address issues relating to pricing, customer complaints, delivery of goods/service, as well as the monitoring of inventory to ensure timely supply of ordered products/services.

They are charged with the responsibility of ensuring a clean, safe and organized workplace.

Their work description also involves overseeing the welfare of employees by taking note of their work needs and implementing effective strategies in the resolution of challenges faced by staff.

In fulfilling their role, assistant sales managers maintain an updated knowledge of company goals, vision and values to ensure effective prioritizing.

They collaborate with sales management in the planning and development of sales strategies, as well as in setting sales goals and standards.

They also perform various administrative tasks among which include the recording and documentation of transactions, inventory and presentation of reports.

Assistant sales managers ensure contact is maintained with clients to create a good work relationship that supports sales as well as increases customer base.

In performing their functions, they assist sales managers with the planning of periodic sales meetings.

They also monitor the performance of sales reps and teams to identify areas where improvement is needed.

It is the responsibility of the assistant sales manager to recommend special training for sales staff to improve work efficiency.

Assistant sales managers are experienced in the use of sales equipment and may occasionally be required to operate work instruments such as inventory scanners, computer, telephone, and cash registers.

They ensure adherence to the work ethics, policies, and regulations of a firm.

They are skilled in ensuring the proper display and explanation of product/service features to potential customers in order to influence purchase.

Part of their duties includes dressing up professionally in accordance to company’s requirements.

To qualify for employment as an assistant sales manager, you will need to have a Bachelor’s degree in areas such as business administration and marketing, or in a related field, although some employers may require a Master’s degree.

To effectively perform the assistant sales manager job, you will require good communication, mathematical, and leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Assistant Sales Manager Job Description Example

The various duties, tasks, and responsibilities which assistant sales managers majorly carry out on a day-to-day basis are shown in the job description example below:

  • Supervise the activities of sales representatives and team in order to meet sales target
  • Participate in the interviewing, hiring, and training of sales staff
  • Address issues bordering on pricing, delivery of goods/services, and resolution of customer complaints
  • Oversee the stocking and inventory of goods to ensure timely supply of order
  • Ensure the welfare of employees, and that their concerns are noted and addressed
  • Maintain an updated knowledge of company’s goals, vision, and values to ensure appropriate prioritizing
  • Collaborate with sales management to plan and develop effective sales strategies and to also set goals and targets
  • Perform administrative tasks of transaction recording, filing, and inventory
  • Maintain contact with clients in order to create a good working relationship that fosters increased sales and customer base
  • Assist sales managers in the planning and organization of periodic sales meetings
  • Monitor the performance of sales staff to spot work areas that require improvement
  • Recommend and implement training programs for sales reps and team to improve their work efficiency
  • Dress up professionally according to company’s requirements
  • Display and explain company products/services to potential clients to influence purchase
  • Ensure adherence to the work policies, ethics and regulations of a firm.

Assistant Sales Manager Resume Preparation

If you are seeking an assistant sales manager’s job and need to prepare a resume, the sample job description presented above highlights the functions of the position that are useful in making the work experience part of the resume.

So, if you have worked before as an assistant to a sales manager, or are still working as one, you can adopt the duties and responsibilities of the position given above to quickly create your resume’s job experience section.

Having the section in your resume tells employers you know exactly what is expected of you as an assistant sales manager and can work without or with little supervision.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Assistant Sales Manager Role

If you are interested in working as an assistant sales manager and want to know the skills and qualities employers usually require, here they are:

  • Education and Training: To become an assistant sales manager, you typically require a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, or in close discipline. Some employers may require a Master’s degree. A prior experience in the field of sales also increases chances of securing the job
  • Communication Skills: The assistant sales manager is a highly verbal job that requires excellent communication skills to interact and convince potential clients to make purchase
  • Mathematical Skills: Assistant sales managers deal with a list of figures, therefore having a good number crunching skills is necessary for the job
  • Leadership Skills: The assistant sales manager job is a leadership position that requires a prospective occupant to possess good leadership qualities.

Assistant Sales Manager Skills for Resume

Again, if you are preparing an assistant sales manager resume, then the above mentioned skills and qualities will be essential in completing the skills section of the resume.

Employers look out for the above skills, which are believed to help the individual excel on the job.

Therefore, having them in your resume indicates you will be able to provide excellent performance on the job.


Whether you are seeking a new job as an assistant sales manager, or you are an employer looking to hire the best person for the role, you will need to have in-depth knowledge of what assistant sales managers do.

The details of the assistant sales manager functions and the job description template presented in this post will help you to prepare adequately for the role ahead of your employment as a job seeker, as well as to make effective job descriptions for your new hires as an employer.

Did you find our assistant sales manager job description useful? And have you ever worked as an assistant sales manager? Please, make your comment or share your work experience with other readers.