Marketing Executive Job Description Example

Marketing Executive job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Marketing Executives develop and implement marketing strategies to ensure increased sales of their company’s products.

Marketing Executive Job Description Example

What Does a Marketing Executive Do?

Marketing executives oversee the marketing operations of a firm to ensure profit is maximized.

Their job description entails developing and implementing marketing strategies that promote a company’s products/services.

They carry out analysis of product demand, price, and market competition to obtain information useful in taking appropriate marketing decisions.

They collaborate with customers and manufacturers to determine suitable approach to product/service advert.

As part of their duties, they contact customers to discuss available product or service and their ability to meet desired needs.

Marketing executives scout for advertising opportunities in media channels and subscribe to advert spaces available on radio programs, T.V shows, and magazine columns.

They usually liaise with the design and creative department of an organization to create catchy promotional materials.

In fulfilling their role, marketing executives oversee the distribution of advertising and marketing materials to ensure it gets to the target consumers.

They may be in charge of the proofreading and editing of content for marketing and advert write-ups.

Their work description also includes overseeing the preparation and management of company budget for promotion and marketing campaign.

They also collaborate with marketing managers and other promotional heads to develop and execute marketing plans and strategies.

They are also responsible for the evaluation of marketing campaigns to ensure its concepts are up to company standards and as well meet the requirements of the client.

They supervise and participate in product exhibitions, seminars and sales events. Usually, they produce report of marketing operations and expenditure utilized for a marketing campaign.

They maintain contact with customers to establish good relationship that fosters sales and increases client base.

They oversee the activities of marketing teams and managers to achieve operational efficiency and company’s set goals.

The marketing executive job typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in any course of study but most preferably marketing, business studies, statistics or other related disciplines.

Employers often require marketing executives to have advanced degrees such as a Master’s degree.

Qualities marketing executives should possess for effective performance on the job include planning/organization skills, communication skills, Team work skills, and creative qualities.

Marketing Executive Job Description Example

If you are looking for the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up a marketing executive job description, the following example shows it all:

  • Carry out analysis to determine the demand, price, and competition for products
  • Interact with clients to identify most suitable strategy to employ in meeting their marketing needs
  • Contact customers to discuss available product/services and how such products can meet their requirements
  • Identify advertising opportunities in media channels and subscribe to their advert spaces
  • Collaborate with the design and creative department of a company to produce captivating promotional materials
  • Oversee the distribution of marketing and advert materials ensuring it gets to the desired target market
  • Proofread and edit content for marketing and advertising write-ups
  • Liaise with marketing managers and advertising heads to develop and implement marketing plans and strategies
  • Oversee the preparation and management of company budget for marketing campaign
  • Evaluate marketing campaigns to ensure concepts align with company standards and meet the requirements of clients
  • Supervise and participate in product exhibitions, seminars, and sales events
  • Produce report of marketing operation and utilized campaign expenditure
  • Maintain contact with clients to establish good customer relationship that fosters sales and increased clientele
  • Oversee the activities of marketing teams and managers to ensure operational efficiency and achievement of set goals
  • Utilize social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to promote products/services.

Marketing Executive Resume Preparation

Are you looking to make a marketing executive resume? If so, then the above sample job description lists the duties and responsibilities of the role that you can apply in completing the job experience section of the resume.

Employers generally like to hire people with marketing experience for this position. Therefore, having a section in your resume to highlight the functions of the role that you have carried out will certainly boost your resume and improve your chances of getting the job.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Marketing Executive Role

If you are looking for a marketing executive job, here are key requirements employers would like you to meet to be considered for an interview or hiring:

  • Education and Training: To become a marketing executive, you require a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, statistics or a related discipline. Having a Master’s degree or higher can provide a professional edge in securing the marketing executive job. Certifications from recognized professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing also increases job prospects. Employers usually offer graduate training programs to new employees to bring them up to speed on work operations
  • Planning/Organizational Skills: Marketing executives are able to plan the activities of a marketing campaign
  • Communication Skill: Marketing executives are adept to fluently interacting with clients to promote products/services
  • Creative Quality: Marketing executives are well-versed in creating and overseeing the design/production of marketing concepts.

Marketing Executive Skills for Resume

In building a marketing executive resume, the above mentioned skills and qualities can be helpful in completing the skills section of your resume to appeal to potential employers.


The marketing executive job description provides detailed duties and responsibilities of the position that you should expect to perform if you are interested in working in that position.

Also, employers looking to recruit for the marketing executive position can use the job description template provided above to design one for their new hires.

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