20 Best Part-time Jobs for Senior Citizens Working from Home

By | August 11, 2023
Part-time Jobs for Senior Citizens
Senior citizens can find part-time jobs they can do from home.

20 Best Part-time Jobs for Senior Citizens Working from Home

A senior citizen is regarded as someone from the age of 55 who is considered to have passed their prime and may no longer be considered for hectic and energy-sapping jobs.

This is because, at this age, energy levels might be down and that is true.

Nevertheless, there are jobs that can still yield some income that a senior citizen can do, especially on part-time basis.

This post provides good part-time job ideas that senior citizens can do from home and be able to maintain their financial life.

20 Best Part-time Jobs for Senior Citizens Working from Home

Here are great work from home jobs for senior citizens:

  1. Locksmith
  2. Grant Writer
  3. Retail Worker
  4. Caretaker or House Sitter
  5. Guest Service Representative
  6. Child Care
  7. Counselor
  8. Nanny
  9. Delivery Man
  10. Fitness Instructor
  11. Tutor
  12. Brand Ambassador
  13. Carpenter
  14. Adjunct Professor
  15. Substitute Teacher
  16. Security Guard
  17. Medical Transcriptionist
  18. Travel Agent
  19. Blogger
  20. Cafeteria Worker.
  1. Locksmith

If you are a senior and you are skilled in the production, maintenance, and repair of locks, then you can consider becoming a locksmith as it will not demand your total time the whole day. You could make do with this job on a part-time basis.

A locksmith produces, maintains, repairs, and offers valuable advice to clients on the best kinds of locks and maintenance practices and what to do in each scenario where a lock does no longer open or lock up.

In addition, a locksmith could offer services to both individuals and organizations.

  1. Grant Writer

Grant writing is another lucrative venture for a senior citizen as it is something that can be done from anywhere and at his/her own pace.

This is a service that is in high demand by many seeking for grants from governmental or non-governmental organizations.

So, there will always be people in need of the services of a grant writer.

Even if you may not be an expert in writing grants, you can still get the needed training on it and soon have people calling for your services almost every day.

So, you could become a grant writer as a senior and still find time to do many other things you want to do.

  1. Retail Worker

A retail worker assists a customer with his/her choice purchases by identifying the customer’s area of needs, demonstrating merchandise, receiving cash, handling cards for payment, recording sales, and arranging goods for delivery to the customer.

A retail worker may also be called a sales clerk or salesperson.

The retail worker job will demand some good level of customer service skills as they are always the bridge between the organization and customers.

So, they will need good level of patience, empathy, and great attention to details to succeed in this job.

The retail worker job can also be done on part-time basis.

  1. Caretaker or House Sitter

Becoming a caretaker is certainly not a bad idea for a senior citizen who may not want to have a stressful job.

You can take up this job and enjoy getting paid just to monitor and ensure other people’s property is safe and in good condition always, while giving proper account of happening with and around the property to the owner.

The property in question could be a residential building or a business area. So your duty as a caretaker is just to ensure that the building is in good condition and to report on time if there is any need to call the attention of the Landlord.

  1. Guest Service Representative

A senior citizen can also consider working in a hotel or guest house as a guest service representative.

The role is a simple one as it could also be on a part-time basis.

Hotels and guest houses are always in need of quality guest service representatives as they represent the value and culture of the hotel.

So, if you think you can do this job, then it will not be a bad idea to apply for it in the hotels and guest houses around you.

Note that your job is to welcome guests, carry their luggage, and show them their rooms.

You may also serve as a tour guide to guests if need be.

  1. Child Care

Do you love children and can help them learn? If you do, then this could be a perfect part-time job for you.

You could apply for this job in big schools and other organizations where child care is a priority.

Providing child care services could be a good way to earn some money while affording you the opportunity to grab some natural happiness that come from children.

The duties you are saddled with include: teaching children, feeding them, playing with them, and cleaning them up when they mess up themselves.

Some other roles could be attached to it but these ones stated here are the main responsibilities of this job.

  1. Counselor

Are you aware that you could be paid to offer insightful and expert advice? Yes! Becoming a counselor is the job for you as a senior if you can give relevant and practicable advice to people in specific areas of their lives, helping them overcome their limitations and live a happy life.

There are many areas you can choose to become a counselor. You can choose to become a marriage counselor, career counselor, relationship counselor, and fitness counselor.

Counselors are always in high demand and this should favor you if you can give expert advice to people in need of it.

  1. Nanny

The job of a nanny is quite an important and intriguing one. This is because it constitutes some parts of a child’s development.

Nannies spend time with kids to take care and nurture them in the absences of their parents.

So, it demands a matured and experienced person to take up this job.

Nannies could be hired on part-time or full-time basis. So, there is an option to choose the hours of work you want to do as long as the employer is okay with it.

A nanny prepares the baby’s meal, clean the baby’s feeding plates and bottles, bath the baby, teaches the baby, and most importantly keeps an eye on the development of the baby.

  1. Delivery Man

If you still have your driving skills and license intact, then you should consider becoming a delivery man.

There are many delivery companies that could be in need of your services and would prefer an older person to a younger one who might be a bit rough.

The job of a delivery man is simple: pick up parcels and deliver to a designated person from within the city.

This could be done using a bike or a vehicle. So, if you can drive or ride a bike, then you could just be good enough for this job.

The delivery man job is a good job for seniors, especially considering the fact that some delivery companies can hire on part- time basis.

  1. Fitness Instructor

If you were once a fitness student or had something to do with fitness in the past, then you may want to be a fitness instructor and work for organizations like gym houses and sports clubs, and organizations that offer fitness programs for their employees.

Becoming a fitness instructor is not just all about dishing out instructions on the spot, but also offering fitness advice to people on how to eat, behave, and coordinate themselves to attain their fitness goals.

Many organizations employ fitness coaches to ensure their staff or employees keep fit depending on the nature of the jobs they do.

So, check out this job and decide what you can do.

  1. Tutor

This is one of the easiest jobs a senior can do today. This is because it is a job that deals more on teaching and talking capacity, though in an expert way.

So, tutoring is a job for you if you are looking for a job you can do as a senior. It could be flexible as it could come on a part-time basis.

A tutor teaches, explains, examines, assesses and takes note of the progress of students as the case might be.

As a tutor, the senior can be employed in a school on a part-time basis or as an independent tutor who offers tutoring services to students in the public for a fixed amount of money.

  1. Brand Ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador will not only give you more money but also increase your profile and personality in the society.

A brand ambassador is always seen as the face of the company or organization and as such are well paid and taken care of by the parent company or organization.

To be a brand ambassador demands a cheerful outlook, fluency in language handling, sociable, and flexibility to different kinds of people.

Above all is great communication skill as the work of a brand ambassador is all about representing the company using communication as a basic tool.

Also, note that you should be ready for frequent travelling if you eventually take up this role.

  1. Carpenter

If you can work with nails and hammer and other carpentry tools, then you can think of doing carpentry work as a part-time job.

You could acquire few basic tools, start a carpentry job and develop it into something bigger in the near future.

Carpentry jobs require good level of mathematical skills, great attention to details and lots of creativity to make good designs for customers, giving them something they will love to have in their houses or offices.

  1. Adjunct Professor

If you are a senior and have the qualifications to be an adjunct professor, you can go ahead to get a job and become one.

An adjunct professor does not necessarily have tenure unlike a mainstay professor in a high institution. So you can choose to work as one and still have some time for yourself.

Adjunct Professors are hired into high institutions to work alongside other professors to help students attain their academic goals, helping out in the lecturing and assessment of students according to the set rules of the institution.

  1. Substitute Teacher

Substitute teachers are employed to act in place of the main teacher who might be absent for a day or longer periods of time.

The substitute teacher takes the place and responsibility of the main teacher – taking attendance, tutoring the students, and giving out assignments and other duties as might be described by the school.

A substitute teacher should possess the skills of a pure teacher – should be able to teach, organize learning processes and assess the performance of the students and hit the goals always.

  1. Security Guard

Most security guards work on shifts or part-time basis and so can be done by a senior. If you are still agile and sharp in your movements, then you can seek the job of a security guard with organizations in need of the service.

You can choose your shifts and get paid to mount the entrance of an organization.

Agility, sheer intelligence, and sensitivity to the environment are some of the basic skills you will need to succeed in this job.

It is a job that requires flexibility and agility in response to daily activities and in some cases emergencies.

  1. Medical Transcriptionist

If you are a good transcriptionist, then you too can work in a hospital. You can work alongside doctors, nurses, surgeons, and lab technicians.

The medical transcriptionist job entails taking down the quotes, references, and order of treatments as stated by doctors or other medical personnel in hospitals.

To work effectively as a medical transcriptionist, seniors should be good at listening and also should be a fast writer.

If you can listen and transcribe correctly, then you should not struggle working in this capacity in a medical home or hospital.

  1. Travel Agent

The beauty of working as a travel agent is that it is not restricted to young people; seniors can do the job too and make cool cash from it.

Another good thing about this job is that you can do it from any location as you may not need to meet face to face with clients.

However, the basic experience of being a travel agent should be there. Studying travels and establishing good understanding and relationship with different airlines within and outside the city and country can help you to be a good travel agent.

  1. Blogger

Being a senior should not restrict you from having your blog and making some money from it.

In fact, every day, more people make good cash from blogging. How? Monetizing a blog is a sure way to make money from it and this is the main source of income for many people that love to stay online.

If you can be a successful blogger, then you may not mind turning it into a full job and you know you are not working for anyone other than yourself.

So you can do it at your own time and determine how you want to monetize it.

  1. Cafeteria Worker

How about working in a cafeteria where you can serve food and snacks in a school or other organizations with such structure?

This job has no business with age bracket, so you can think about it and may consider taking it up on part-time basis as a senior.

If you are not able to consider other jobs listed here, working as a cafeteria is less stressful and should be okay with you.


The age bracket of seniors suggests that it is usually characterized by retirement at most levels, however the jobs above have no regard for age and as such should not prove difficult for seniors to take up.