Locksmith Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 15, 2023
Locksmith Job Description
Locksmiths are skilled at opening locks of all types.

Locksmith Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides detailed information on the job description of a locksmith, to help improve your knowledge of the kind of job they do.

It presents the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that typically make up the locksmith work description.

It also highlights the requirements you may be expected to fulfill by employers/recruiters to be considered for hiring if you are applying for the locksmith job.

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What Does a Locksmith Do?

A locksmith is a technician who installs, adjusts, repair, and open locks of all types and makes.

They make keys and adjust/change lock combinations.

They rebuild, change, and service mechanical or electrical locks using special equipment.

In addition to this, they also cut and duplicate keys using key-cutting machines.

Locksmiths literally work with individuals, organizations like banks, corporate offices, etc.

They spend most of their day unlocking and adjusting locks for people and organizations as stated above.

In most cases, some organizations trust them with the duty of issuing keys to the workers and keeping record of the keys issued and those returned.

They could be involved in the installation of security doors and maintenance of important parts of electric door systems.

This could be on a given interval as may be deemed necessary by the organization.

They advise people on the best measure to take in securing their homes and offices/workplaces.

They also sell locks which they recommend to people and organizations.

They also teach their customers on the proper use of locks and keys and what to do if the locks are not working properly.

Locksmith Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Here are the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that majorly make up the job description of a locksmith:

  • Master and interpret Master keying guides; use knowledge of how locks work to interpret and preserve the integrity of an individual’s or organization’s master key system
  • Install, repair, change, and service locks and securities of all types as may be demanded by the individual or organization
  • Repair or change key combinations on safes
  • Construct or duplicate keys from existing ones, patterns, and codes
  • Create combinations for locks where there is no existing combinations or keys
  • Could be in charge of the keys for entrance into corporations or organizations as desired by the organization
  • Service and repair “panic” hardware on security doors
  • Maintain both mechanical and electronic key card systems in organizations. This could involve troubleshooting, repairs, regular maintenance of the lock system
  • Issue keys to members of the organization and keep records of the keys issued and returned
  • Install and fix door hardware systems
  • Replace or service worn out components of a door security system, including the lock, tumblers, springs, and other important parts.

Locksmith Job Description for Resume

If you have worked before as a Locksmith or are presently working in that position and are writing a new resume or CV, then you can apply the sample locksmith job description presented above in creating the professional experience section of the resume.

The professional or work experience section is the part of your resume where you highlight the duties and responsibilities you have successfully carried out or are presently doing as a locksmith.

This would help assure the recruiter/employer that you will be effective in performing the Locksmith’s role in their organization.

Locksmith Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for a Successful Career

If you are seeking to work as a locksmith, here are major requirements you may be expected to satisfy to be hired:

  • Education: The required educational achievement for the locksmith position is a High School diploma or the equivalent
  • Experience: Individuals interested in this job should be able to boast of at least four years of experience as a locksmith in an organization or with notable individuals
  • Knowledge: A good locksmith should boast of having the knowledge of different locks and security systems, and the ability to change, repair, maintain and cut new locks, and create or adjust new combinations as the case may be.

In a case where a locksmith works with a corporate organization, he/she should be able to keep a track record of the master keying procedures, and have the ability to keep record of keys issued and returned by workers.

  • Computer skills: Due to the nature of this work, applicants for the locksmith job should possess some advanced knowledge of relevant computer software applicable to security. This could include networking and hacking skills
  • Have at least a satisfactory knowledge of computer; advanced computer skills will be highly appreciated
  • Basic ability to cut, change, repair and maintain keys, repair and install locks
  • Good recording skills
  • Efficiency in interpreting, implementing, and maintaining predefined master key systems
  • Ability to use the necessary tools to do a perfect job when needed
  • Efficiency in giving good and practicable advice and making sound decisions when needed
  • Ability to read, interpret, and follow basic maintenance procedures of various locks
  • Efficiency in utilizing building security lock systems and their procedures
  • Should possess good written and oral communications skills to be able to relate information to those concerned
  • Should also possess some strong analytical skills to help analyze and troubleshoot lock related issues
  • Coaching skills. This is needful in helping a locksmith to effectively coach individuals on how to use and maintain their locks
  • Customer service skills. This is highly needed to serve the customers/clients well with utmost professionalism
  • Professionalism: The individual should establish a good reputation in this job by being professional in his/her dealings with people and organizations.

This includes doing exactly what is expected of you and doing so within the given timeframe.


This post is valuable to individuals who are interested in becoming a locksmith.

They will gain much knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a locksmith and so will be able to make the right decision about going for the locksmith career or not.

The information on this page is also helpful to recruiters/employers who are in the process of hiring for the locksmith position in their organizations.

They will be able to make a great job description for the available locksmith role, which can help them to attract the best candidates for the position.