Security Guard Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Security Guard job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Security Guards ensure a crime-free environment in both public and private properties.

Security Guard Job Description Example

What Does a Security Guard Do?

The primary responsibility of a security guard is the prevention of crime in public and private property.

The security guard job description entails being present at the duty post to deter criminals from invading the environment.

Generally, the responsibility of a security guard revolves around crime prevention, response to crime, and communicating with the public and other law enforcement agencies in case of security threat.

His/her duty post may be at a commercial building, public environment or private building/establishment.

The security guard patrols the exterior and interior of the premises they are guarding to make sure there are no intruders.

He/she is expected to alert the police in a case of emergency or security threat.

A security guard is often expected to maintain daily activity log to record and report daily activities within the premises that he/she secures.

It is his/her duty to screen visitors entering the premises as well as to prevent intruders from entering the premises or from straying to prohibited areas.

After work hours, it is the responsibility of the security guard to receive calls coming into the organization; if his/her duty post is at an organization facility.

He/she checks the organization’s facilities like doors, windows, and heating or cooling systems to make sure that they are secure.

The security guard’s role also includes filing police report, as well as assisting the police in investigating cases of theft, rule violations, and infractions within the facility that he/she protects.

The work description of a security guard also entails ensuring that visitors do not come into the premises with prohibited items and weapons.

In some cases, the security guard is allowed to stow away weapons for visitors and retrieve it later when they want to leave the premises.

They also carry out hourly inspection of security systems and equipment to ensure that they are still in perfect working condition.

It is also the duty of the security guard to maintain orderliness within the premises that he/she is safeguarding.

Also, the security guard may be expected to suggest better technologies or security systems that guarantee optimal security to the employer.

Security Guard Job Description Example

The tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a security guard are listed in the job description example below:

  • The first duty of the security guard is to make his/her presence visible. He/she is expected to report to duty post properly kitted. At arrival, he/she must patrol the work area to make his/her presence known so as to serve as a deterrent to criminals
  • Monitor the exterior and interior of the premises to ensure the absence of intruders or criminals
  • Keep daily record of activities within the premises, especially activities that pose security threat
  • Welcome visitors entering the premises, as well as guard the entrance of the premises and screen visitors to ensure they do not enter the premises with prohibited items or weapons
  • Prevent visitors from straying into prohibited areas within the premises
  • Check facilities within the premises to make sure that they are secure, as well as make sure that windows, doors, and gates are properly locked after work hours
  • Receive telephone calls on behalf of the employer and take down information after work hours
  • Respond to security alarms and distress calls, as well as inform the police of serious security threats
  • Call the nearest fire service department in the case of fire outbreak
  • Assist the police in investigating cases of theft, rule violations, and infractions that occur within the premises.

Security Guard Resume Preparation

When searching for the job of a security guard, you will mostly be required to send a resume to prospective employers for them to be able to effectively evaluate your application.

The information you have in your resume should positively influence the employer to invite you to an interview, otherwise you wouldn’t get a chance to prove your ability to do the job better than everyone else to the employer.

For your security guard resume to be effective, one piece of information you need to put in it is about your experience working as a security guard if you have one.

To quickly do this, the sample job description presented above shows major duties and responsibilities of a security guard that you can adopt. See a complete security guard resume sample.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Security Guard Role

Here are important security guard skills that employers usually require that applicants for the position meet before they are considered for employment:

  • Agility and vigilance: A security guard must be vigilant at all times. He/she must be able to see, hear, and smell pending problems. A good security guard is one who is able to detect problems and react quickly to avert its manifestation. He/she must be able to remain focused whenever on duty
  • Problem solving skills: A security guard must be fast at coming up with solutions to crisis and problems. He/she must be able to make quick but accurate decisions on what to do in the event of any crisis
  • Education: High school diploma is also necessary to be employed as a security guard. In addition, training by an appropriate security agency is mandatory. This will expose him/her to knowledge about security procedures and protocols
  • Clear vision: To succeed as a security guard, good eye sight is necessary so as to be able to detect security threat from afar. You must be able to see things clearly at close range too
  • Honesty: To be charged with the responsibility of guarding someone’s facility or premises, you need be transparent and trustworthy
  • Other necessary qualities are physical strength, maturity, and ability to work day and night shifts.

Security Guard Skills for Resume

The above stated qualities can be applied in making the skills section of a resume for seeking the job of a security guard.

Such resume will certainly be highly compelling because it shows that the owner possesses the required qualities that will make them effective on the job.


Most property owners need the services of security guards to provide adequate security and orderliness in their premises.

If you are aspiring to work as a security guard, you should be prepared to handle a number of responsibilities, and to develop necessary skills and qualities to succeed on the job.