Working for WellPoint: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | July 19, 2023
Working for WellPoint
WellPoint offers flexible working environment and various training programs for employee development. Image source: D. Kevin Elliott | Bloomberg | Getty Images | cnbc.

This post provides exhaustive information on working for WellPoint, including all you need to know about employment, careers, and jobs with the Company.

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WellPoint Company Overview

WellPoint Health Networks, Inc., a Company established in 1996, operates as a managed health care Company in the United States.

It provides health security by offering a choice of quality well-known health services designed to meet the varying expectations of individuals, families and their sponsors throughout a lifelong relationship.

WellPoint also provides managed care services, such as underwriting, actuarial services, network access, claims processing, and medical management.

The Company boasts of a strong customer service value system and corporate goals that focus on member satisfaction, quality products and services, and corporate financial health.

Why Work for WellPoint?

WellPoint, the health benefits provider in Indianapolis delivers coverage primarily under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield name to about 35 million members.

The compensation package for WellPoint’s IT workers includes the potential for annual bonuses and “on the spot” awards.

A profit-sharing plan is available to all employees.

The company also offers flexible working environment and training programs.

WellPoint Careers and Jobs

There are many ways to make a difference at WellPoint. The passion and skills of thousands come together to create an impressive force with the power to change lives and the future of health care through a lot of careers and job opportunities that the Company provides.

At WellPoint, you have many career areas to explore according to your choice and interest.

Have a look below at different careers the company has and choose which area that interests you:

  • Actuarial

Actuarial careers are centered on contributing to analysis that impacts the financial future and well-being of WellPoint’s customers, stakeholders, and the health care industry.

Through greater risk assessment and the discovering of new market possibilities, you can figure a new way of doing business and achieving success.

  • Administrative and Business Support

Use your outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills to deliver consistent, quality performance that customers expect from WellPoint.

As an administrative or business support associate, you will provide important support and reliable communication to teams and individuals across the Company.

Through an advanced understanding of WellPoint’s corporate structure and procedures, you can facilitate the accurate and timely flow of information.

  • Business Development and Sales

By providing simple solutions that are easy to understand and treating WellPoint’s customers the way you’d like to be treated, you will be the embodiment of the Company’s “Easy-to-do Business With” value.

Your role as a business development and sales associate demands that you focus on providing excellent customer service through WellPoint’s solutions-based sales approach.

You will embody the Company’s core value of being “easy-to-do business with”, bringing their comprehensive range of insurance products to life in engaging presentations to their members, partners, and prospective customers.

Join the team of business development and sales associates and serve as an educator and advocate to consumers, providing skilled recommendations and solutions to meet their specialized health benefits needs.

  • Communications and Marketing

Your communications and marketing skills will enable you to lead the development of new messaging, products and innovations that continuously improve the value of what the Company offers to its customers.

You will focus on developing and executing strategies that build on WellPoint’s industry-leading position, and act as the “voice of the customer” within the Company, ensuring customer points of view drives all key activities.

  • Customer Care

You will focus on becoming the ultimate consumer advocate and share your knowledge to help maximize the value of the tools and resources the Company provides.

As a part of WellPoint’s customer care associates, you will help the team improve the consumer experience and create a simpler, more accessible, and more affordable healthcare system.

  • Digital Transformation and Enablement

Join the WellPoint’s Digital organization and help change the face of healthcare together if you are eager to develop innovative digital products in healthcare and make a difference in people’s lives.

The Digital Transformation and Enablement falls into two categories, such as Digital Technologies and Digital Solutions.

You will join the Company’s Digital Technologies organization if you are passionate about developing innovative digital products and making a difference in people’s lives.

As a leader in the industry, WellPoint’s environment is continuously changing to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Your passion will be supported by the Company’s working with the best-in-class tools and culture, and combining a generous serving of experimentation and leadership coaching.

You can also join a team creating industry-leading digital solutions that make healthcare easier to understand and use.

The team of WellPoint’s Digital Center of Excellence lives at the intersection of digital experiences and business capabilities.

  • Finance

This career area focuses on strengthening the strategic capabilities of a Fortune 50 company and industry leader, while supporting the principle of financial integrity that is fundamental to the Company’s purpose, vision and values.

Joining the team will make you a catalyst for continuous improvement within a department that drives the Company’s corporate performance.

  • Health Care Analytics

You can join this team that focuses on transforming the way data is used within the healthcare industry.

The team provides strategic analysis that impacts business decisions, improves efficiency, and drives innovation.

WellPoint is looking for associates that have a passion for analytics and drive to pave the way in a growing industry, as they are expanding their technology and analytics capabilities.

  • Human Resources

If you join this team, you will focus on developing programs that attract individuals with vision and talent to be the future of their industry, and lead their workforce talent strategies to achieve their purpose of creating a simpler, more accessible, and more affordable healthcare system.

  • Information Technology

You will bring your expertise to lead WellPoint’s workforce and workplace talent strategies, to achieve their vision to be recognized as America’s valued health partner.

  • Metrics and Data

By providing innovative, data-driven solutions that can measure and improve consumer’s health, you can use your talents to make a difference in people’s lives.

Metrics and data associates focus on creating innovative, data-driven solutions that can measure and track progress in the health of members of the Company.

Through collaboration with internal and external professionals, you can develop metrics-supported strategies for improving measurements and processes.

Allow physicians and hospitals to improve care with valuable information that improves care quality and affordability, and help provide tools that will help consumers make better decisions, as the team creates a simpler, more accessible, and more affordable healthcare system.

WellPoint Training and Development Programs

For you to succeed as an industry leader in a fast-changing industry like WellPoint, you need innovation and continuous learning.

WellPoint offers individual, career, and leadership development opportunities so you can continually strengthen your skills and prepare for future growth.

You are encouraged to become better at what you are doing now, expand your knowledge “sideways” into other areas, and acquire new skills.

WellPoint’s Commitment

WellPoint showed much concern in 2017 when the company invested a considerable amount of money in human capital development, averaging 25.5 hours of training and development per employee.

The overall Consumption Hours increased by 8% over the same period the previous year.

This is mainly attributed to increased new hire training across the Company’s Commercial Specialty Business Division (Member Experience) and Government Business Division (Medicaid and Medicare) and new programs such as CARE Service Model, One Anthem Essentials training, and the Inter-plan Compliance suite.

WellPoint’s vision is supported by CARE to create a culture of coaching and improving member experiences. CARE stands for:

  • Connect with the Customer on a personal level and show real interest
  • Always communicate with confidence & knowledge
  • Resolve the question by taking responsibility and presenting solutions
  • End with a lasting idea.

Performance Management

WellPoint’s Performance Management Program engages and motivates employees by setting obvious objectives to improve organizational success and personal development.

The Company’s enterprise-wide program consists of yearly goal setting, quarterly check-ins, and the year-end performance evaluation process—with feedback discussions as the foundation for each component of the program.

Regular, real-time feedback is the “secret sauce” that ensures transparency, empowerment, and improved performance.

Performance management at WellPoint makes sure that all employees are aware of what is anticipated of them and how they are performing, supported by managers who offer coaching, recognition, feedback, and rewards for the employees’ contributions.

This assists employees at WellPoint to deliver results that meet or exceed expectations, and enables the company’s businesses to perform at a constantly high level.

WellPoint Learning Network

People have access to tools and resources that support their professional development from the moment they join WellPoint.

New employees complete an orientation program, which includes a course called “The Cultural Experience” that introduces them to WellPoint’s values and behaviors and underscores being focused on the consumer.

Job-specific training is provided for a lot of employees.

WLN also includes the courses required to prepare for 100+ certifications, as well as those that qualify for continuing education credit to support a diversity of licenses – all free of charge.

Over 550 employees earned professional certifications in 2016.

Leadership Programs

At WellPoint, leadership development is a business that is important to the Company’s success.

The Company provides programs to employees to excel in their current management positions and get them ready for their next roles.

The programs offer an understandable base for career progression and increased visibility within WellPoint leadership pipeline.

Executive Coaching

WellPoint values the perks of executive coaching and has given professional staff members who are responsible for successful implementation.

The company employs certified coaches with extensive experience in talent development and uses a three-pronged approach such as an active pool of internal coaches, strong relationships with external coaches, and the development of coaching skills for managers in business units.

WellPoint is committed to strengthening the coaching capabilities of all managers and supports a high-performing organization focused on serving those who rely on them.

College Resources and Support

WellPoint supports development employees with access to professional certification and continuing-education programs.

Every year, the Company offers up to $5,000 in tax-free reimbursement to cover the cost of tuition, required fees, and textbooks at an accredited institution.

WellPoint has collaborated with nonprofit, fully accredited College for America, designed for working people to help employees obtain college degrees.

This online, proficiency-based education program enables students to display skills and knowledge by completing work-related projects at their own pace.

At the rate of $3,000 per year, an employee can earn college degree that is 100 percent covered by WellPoint’s education assistance benefits at no cost.

Enrollment into the College for America program has remained steady, with an average of 1,200 active students a month since the program has been launched nationwide in 2015.

Two hundred and twenty-five employees have earned college degrees through the College for America program since launching.

WellPoint Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

WellPoint has internship programs in fields such as Actuarial Analyst Internship, Information Technology Internship, Internal Consulting Internship, Next Generation Desktop Internship, etc.

WellPoint offers its interns the unique opportunity to gain experience in the business world while having an authentic impact on the healthcare industry.

The areas interns can specialize include actuarial, finance, sales, information technology, fraud, internal consulting, or auditing.

WellPoint offers flexible internships so that students can work part-time over the school year or full-time over the summer.

Both graduate and undergraduate students all across the country have opportunities available for them.

WellPoint Corporate Culture and Values

WellPoint is dedicated to its purpose, vision, and values. Their employees play a vital role in determining how the Company can best serve their customers.

The various cultural perspectives, experiences, and insights of WellPoint employees help them expand access to high-quality, affordable healthcare.

WellPoint believes there is an integral connection between the health and well-being of their consumers and the value that they bring to them.

An incorporated and inclusive culture for their employees is important to drive a business strategy that will help them meet the needs of those who are reliant on them.

WellPoint’s purpose, vision, and values inform their employees’ encounters with one another, the Company’s consumers and business partners.

An Energized Workplace

WellPoint’s employees take pleasure from an energized workplace. An energized workplace is an environment that supports creativity, excellence, and risk-taking when searching for solution.

It promotes engagement and sympathy, encourages transparency, and emboldens employees to do the appropriate thing.

In this time of advancement and expansion in the industry and for the Company, WellPoint is transforming healthcare with trusted and caring solutions, with a vision of being the nation’s valued health partner and focus of making healthcare simpler, more accessible, and affordable.

The employees at WellPoint reflect the variety of consumers and communities the Company serves, creating an environment where their own perspectives, experiences, and cultural insights are a source of innovation for creative health-benefit solutions to address the various needs of the consumers the Company also serves.

The consumer, being at the center is one thing that remains constant in the evolving landscape of healthcare.

WellPoint ensures their employees focus on how the company can make things simpler and best serve the consumer in their daily work.

Employee Feedback

To help make WellPoint a wonderful place to work, the Company teams regularly survey their employees to evaluate their engagement and identify areas for improvement, such as positions, benefits, and workplace climate.

According to the insights the Company gains, WellPoint’s leaders build action plans and share them with employees at town halls.


For WellPoint, innovation in healthcare is a priority. WellPoint’s employees are creating new capabilities for them that simplify the consumer healthcare experience, progress the quality of care, and lower costs, through knowledge sharing, multidisciplinary teams, and collaborative environments.

WellPoint’s Values

These include:

  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Agility
  • Diversity.

WellPoint Job Application – How to Start a Career (the Hiring Process)

WellPoint job application takes just a few steps which require that you select a position according to your choice or interest, and apply.

You will be contacted for an online assessment, after which if you are selected you will participate in a virtual job tour, and then have a phone screen and a face-to-face interview.

After you apply for a job at WellPoint, it takes 2 days to be asked to take the assessment.

If your status says “Initial Screen”, it means you’re a potential candidate to be hired. And you need to keep checking your email or expect a phone call to be scheduled for an interview.

WellPoint has the candidate care line to call if you are confused regarding your application. You will always get answers to your questions using the medium.

Read more about the WellPoint hiring process.

WellPoint Benefits and Compensation

WellPoint has lots of benefits for their employees. These include Insurance, Health and Wellness; Financial and Retirement; Family and Parenting; Vacation and Time off; Perks and Discounts; and Professional Support.

Have a look at the summary below:

Insurance, Health and Wellness:

  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Vision Insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Health Care On-Site
  • Mental Health Care
  • Retiree Health & Medical
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance.

Financial and Retirement:

  • 401(k) Plan
  • Retirement Plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Performance Bonus
  • Stock Options
  • Equity Incentive Plan
  • Supplemental Workers’ Compensation
  • Charitable Gift Matching.

Family and Parenting:

  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Work From Home
  • Fertility Assistance
  • Dependent Care
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Childcare
  • Reduced or Flexible Hours
  • Military Leave
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Unpaid Extended Leave.

Vacation and Time Off:

  • Vacation and Paid Time Off
  • Sick Days
  • Paid Holidays
  • Volunteer Time Off
  • Sabbatical
  • Bereavement Leave.

Perks and Discounts:

  • Employee Discount
  • Free Lunch or Snacks
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Gym Membership
  • Commuter Checks & Assistance
  • Pet Friendly Workplace
  • Mobile Phone Discount
  • Company Car
  • Company Social Events
  • Travel Concierge
  • Legal Assistance.

Professional Support:

  • Diversity Program
  • Job Training
  • Professional Development
  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Tuition Assistance.

WellPoint Work/Life Balance

WellPoint is getting bigger and better every day and there is a good chance to learn new things at work.

It has a very clean office environment with a room for advancement more than any other company ever seen.

The people who work at WellPoint are very positive and encouraging and will help you succeed.

The Company consistently provides opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

It’s up to you to make the best of what is offered, increase business awareness, and contribute to corporate growth and develop mature individual skills that support company industry competitiveness.

WellPoint has flexible work-at-home work environment, knowledgeable subject matter, great medical benefits, competitive salary, and provision of in-house training courses and opportunities.

At WellPoint, there is great pay, excellent benefits, flexible work arrangements, nice working environment and co-workers, many career paths, lots of opportunities for literal movements, an opportunity to apply for other positions within the company if you desire, and tuition reimbursement, and several shift options.

The bottom line is that WellPoint has good work/life balance and top-notch integrity. Therefore, you can consider a career at the Company with pleasant working environment and colleagues.


If you are planning to start a career with WellPoint and achieve a greater career success, this post will help you get the knowledge you need to actualize your dream.

You will get to know about WellPoint and how you can start a career with the company, using the best career-building methods that the information in this post provides.

If you find this post helpful in learning about careers and employment at WellPoint, kindly leave a comment in the box below.

You can also share any experience you’ve had with WellPoint if you are or had been an employee of the Company.

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